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  1. Just searched for this image and Google thinks it is Javier Mascherano, not sure how that's working???
  2. Credit where it’s due. I can’t see it catching on but this is a very good effort. Well done Essex
  3. It's a NO from me. I retain enough hope that he can turn it round
  4. Surely an oblique reference to Simon Fish, died 1531 who was a 16th-century Protestant reformer and English propagandist. Fish was eventually arrested in London on charges of heresy, but was stricken with bubonic plague and died before he could stand trial. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Fish ..but strangely not from Blackburn.
  5. When I was at an impressionable age I was listening to Radio Hallam and got hooked that way. It was many years later before I actually got to see a game, no one else in my family was bothered.
  6. Some bright spark in this pub has just started Got to be startin something by Michael Jackson. Let's hope they're right.
  7. Need this. Don't want the playoffs again next season
  8. They can't find a shot for the tv without a Wednesday scarf. Even when they're presenting the trophy
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