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  1. How many times have they lost at home?
  2. Well it's a bloody damn site more healthy than it was ...
  3. I think you are wrong
  4. Was Matias in red cos it's the player in red that drops his head
  5. Have you got your eyes painted on?
  6. Joey D How did he play?

    They are not negative they are just used to talking out of their arse....eyesights crap as well ...
  7. Dave n Marco

    Nuhiu was in the team reguraly the first two seasons and we finished in top six...this season he's hardly played and look where we are...so I reckon he's done enough don't you ?
  8. He will be Spencer...he's a good lad is Trev ....
  9. I have seen most teams this season and most are no better than us to watch...a few yes maybe but only a few...you have no idea what the finished team might look like ...why so negative??
  10. Jones

    You would think fans would be a little more on his side knowing he's a Wednesday fan as well...
  11. You want a good reasoned debate?...and yet you post a reply to someone saying fox had a good game...the reply being"haha what game was he playing"...I think you are the one who can't debate reasonably....