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  1. Because remainers like to roll over just like May...it's same on here ...oh just let him go.. dont bother negotiating just give in to Ashley and Bruce...pathetic
  2. Change your name to Theresa May...she rolled over as well
  3. Takes one to know one Daveyboy...right back at you...another one who listens to the lying media
  4. Trump an idiot? ...yeah right .. You a clown by any chance?
  5. The solution is do what Chelsea did pay the get out clause ...Bruce knew what it was Ashley does now it's up to him
  6. If there is a get out clause and it's 4 million then that's what should be paid..he must have agreed to it same as Mr Chansiri agreed to his wages...can't believe you want to let Newcastle walk all over us pathetic...Lampard 4 mill no arguements...what's the difference please explain...
  7. What would you like them to say really at this point?....it's on ...no it's off.. oh hang on its back on....bloody hell have a bit of patience
  8. Spoke to Bullen he said he took training this morning Bruce that is I kind of got impression he thought he would go...Bullen was very upbeat about season ahead I have to say ...
  9. Why?...it won't make him any more liked ..how can we get behind him now ...the pillock
  10. This is the third chance he's had to manage them...tuned em down twice already
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