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  1. Rhodes

    Which embarrassment of riches do you mean ...sorry not being sarky...nuhiu Rhodes Lucas nando...Hooper never fit Fletcher same and Winnall...
  2. Fernando Forestieri

    Why wouldn't he?
  3. Venancio

    They think stearman is crap ..so no thanks ..
  4. Todays Referee

    Thought exactly the same...didn't blow for niggly fouls if only they were all like that...
  5. You just don't like him do you?
  6. Nowt wrong wi Mr Trump...wish we had him
  7. Run of the mill...really?when has it happened before? Where?
  8. hirst to united

    That's not the story that was around at the time it happened...Hirst said he didn't want to go back then...I heard it on the radio at the time that he had decided against it...but course can't prove that now but can remember being very happy when it came on sport report on the radio...if he had wanted to go even back then he would have gone ...but time changes stories ...
  9. hirst to united

    Do you think it could have been avoided... because I don't....David Hirst didn't go to Man UTD it was his choice and I think that was a lot to do with the drinking culture back then ...only my opinion... listening to folks now you would think he didn't have a choice back then ...I'm sure he did...so he wants George to do what he didn't ..good luck to the lad but one wonders if it's the right choice this time ...

    My lad is playing
  11. End of season clear out

    Check how many he played before this season ?
  12. Sunderland tho..

    Thank God they voted for brexit at least they got something right...
  13. He's played thirty odd games each of last 2 seasons I believe...not bad really is it?...just succumbed this season like a lot of others