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  1. Oh aye not much quality but we had far more chances than Leeds who supposedly best team in league... Christ our supporters are strange...
  2. But he hasn't has he... Or do you know something we don't... Sheeple
  3. Words.. That's all.. Don't think Mr Chansiri knows enough English to flannel
  4. Perhaps they are happy where they are... Have you thought of that
  5. Any chance you could go instead of him..
  6. Bottom feeders who are they can you enlighten me please... Mind just seen your user name never mind..
  7. ability to neg, but not reply, shame.

  8. Our labour council is incompetent beyond belief...go work for them you would be utterly amazed at the level of incompetance
  9. Oh dear..the places folks try to trash Trump... pathetic
  10. Will Derby get promoted...surely they must with that line up...remind me again who the pigs had
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