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  1. No but I bet he will...you just wait and see
  2. I agree...some of our fans are despicable..
  3. Really ?...I don't think he's giving him enough....
  4. Questions that didn't need asking ...
  5. Might have been something to do with Di Matteo spending 55million don't think much was left for Bruce ..
  6. Oh for Christ sake give it a rest...pc gone mad ...
  7. How would he have an upturn in form before. He's been injured for yonks...being sceptical is not the word I'd use I'm sure you could think of something far more negative than that
  8. I think they are right and you are wrong ...simples!
  9. Mine is ...thought all fans were...you support who you support end of...
  10. Can someone tell me what I need to do to get this... Cos ageing and being a bit thick it would be great if someone could tell me exactly how to do it... Thanks
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