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  1. I’d let him come back for an interview, tell him and the two gimps he works with that we’ll take them back on board and then withdraw the offer when they’re expecting to sign contracts. But then I am a petulant child.
  2. Sure I read somewhere that he was training with Swansea first team but by his own admission, struggled. Hence he's now training with Newport.
  3. Personally I wouldn't leave a paper round to manage us at the moment.
  4. Would I agree to play Football if I was out of contract and the club weren't extending it? Absolutely not, I don't like it as a supporter but I'd be doing the same as Fletcher, protecting myself from injury and the possibility of ruining my chances of a contract elsewhere. Is that greedy? To some Yes, to others it's sensible.
  5. At Notts County away, someone stood behind me started screaming at Darren Purse whilst he had a mouth full of Pie. Wasn't best pleased when 50% of it ended up in my hair and let him know, we had a bit of verbal but I shut him up with a comment about how his Mum would never speak when she had her mouth full - not my proudest moment but hey.
  6. We’re so bad that I’m 100% confident Sheffield United would draw 1-1 with us.
  7. I saw it and it was rank to say the least. A quick google and I managed to find it was “allegedly” a lad from Mexborough, even finding out what school they attend. I’m sure their defence will be that someone “hacked” their account but you’d like to think that if I can find this out, the Police should be able to follow up on it. I’ve emailed the school head teacher with a screen shot suggesting she takes it up with said student, especially as they have various mentions of his name on their Facebook page. The alarming thing is that I suppose there is a chance he could ha
  8. A number of years back, someone on here tipped Brian Laws to be the new manager of Burnley after we’d sacked him, he was 30/1 at that point, I put a few quid on him not believing it would come true. Couple of days later he was appointed.
  9. Cut the lad a bit of slack, his actions are an unfortunate side effect of small club mentality. A season finishing above us in mid table is the equivalent of us winning the Champions League.
  10. Whenever I see Ramsdale/Rammers/Ramo, he just looks like the kind of bloke who would be out in town on a Saturday night wearing Lonsdale trainers and a Henleys t-shirt.
  11. I’m still waiting for his statement as to how, as a professional footballer, he was committed a foul throw.
  12. No excuse for looking disinterested. (Not saying you justified that). Pathetic display from all of them, just a crying shame we can’t be there to tell them exactly how we feel.
  13. If I was already set for a living and wanted to protect a “reputation” I’d be off first thing in the morning. Granted it’s all hypothetical but still.
  14. Never thought I’d say this but in hindsight I was far more positive about our chances under Monk with -12 points. Jesus what a sobering thought.
  15. Out this Morning, currently listening to it. Not much about Wednesday so far, although he did say he was desperate to sign for us, but no bid ever came in. Reckons this was one of the reasons why Megson got the sack.
  16. I was thinking exactly the same, I’d love us to play at 50% of their intensity
  17. Based upon nothing but personal opinion, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Pulis walks at some point in the next 4/5 weeks.
  18. The only slight positive for me regarding COVID is that I didn’t miss football at all during the first lockdown, in fact, I quite enjoyed not having my weekends ruined. Annoyingly I was slightly excited by the start of the new season, but that soon evaporated after a couple of games. I’m kind of numb to the whole thing now.
  19. Jesus, you wouldn't want to play a drinking game watching that based on the number of times someone said "erm" I remember that video last year when the big unit was on there salivating over the digestives. He got absolutely hammered on here and unsurprisingly the video was removed a few days later.
  20. One of the saddest things about our current plight is that I genuinely believe both Craig Gardner and James Beattie could come back from retirement and make us a better side.
  21. My worry is that we've had the new manager bounce and it's all downhill from here.
  22. We're so broken, I can't see anyway it can be fixed - well short of getting a whole new squad.
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