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  1. Wednesday or England

    Used to love England but have absolutely Zero interest in any of their games, perhaps it's an age thing, but I look through the current squad and compare it to players from 20 odd years ago (when we still weren't anything special) and it depresses the life out of me. The FA are rotten to the core and Southgate is hardly an inspirational figure, Aidy Boothroyd as England U21 Manager? Come on, is that they best we can offer. We might as well get John (long ball) Beck involved.... Oh hang on. It might be different if we had a player or two in the Squad/Team but that won't happen if if/when we get promoted. They'll always look to pick mediocre London based players, he might be a good prospect but Harry Winks in the full England Squad? Not having that. I wouldn't outright support them, but I do find myself showing more interest in Scotland games at the moment with Bannan & Fletcher in the squad. For me it's Wednesday all the way.
  2. Wednesday 3 : 0 L**ds United OMDT

    Would it have been Adam Proudlock against Salisbury in the FA cup?
  3. Leon Clarke dominating both our centre backs in the air and on the ground! That just about sums up this performance! Absolute testicles!
  4. flip tactics and team instructions, if the players have got anything about them they'll sort this out at half time and come out showing. You never know one of the fookers might actually win a contested header!
  5. CC v Wilder

    Without any shadow of doubt, this will be the biggest game of Wilders managerial career so far. As we saw last week, doesn't look like he handles pressure very well.

    It's Owlstalk mate, nothing should surprise you.

    In my uneducated opinion, this will eventually happen. I think it will have a negative impact on crowds, especially for midweek games. Perhaps not so much now but during the winter months, or in and around Christmas when cash can be tight for some fans. We don't know how much clubs will make in the long run over this type of deal, but your average club will lose vital match day income in the club shop, executive boxes, bars etc - excluding us of course as we don't appear to be fussed about this side of things.
  8. Joost the right man

    What a great nickname that'll be
  9. Liam Palmer

    Not really a relevant argument though is it? As a professional footballer, you'd expect him to be better than anyone on here and as such earn accordingly. No offence to anyone of Owlstalk but we're not exactly a great yard stick for measuring a professionals footballers ability or earning capacity. I'm with you in that good luck to him but I don't feel he really has a long term future here.
  10. Perhaps that's what Carlos should have said to him.
  11. Genuine question but how do you know he didn't have the "guts" to take a penalty? When a game goes to Penalties, often Managers will ask the team who feels confident enough to take one - bigger players than Jordan Rhodes have shied away from taking key penalties for their clubs/countries. The last thing anyone wants is a player feeling pressured into taking one when their head isn't right - I'd say it takes more "guts" to admit you're not confident enough to take one at any particular time. The level of a players wage has absolutely no correlation to their state of mind and nor should it. I might be wrong here but didn't he miss his last penalty for us against Leeds? Perhaps, just maybe, this along with a drop in form was playing on his mind at the time? It shouldn't as he's a professional footballer, but guess what, he's also Human like the rest of us.
  12. DC restricted by FFP to sack Carlos

    Exactly, although I've got my own theory. DC has his hands tied at the moment with Carlos until Elev8 get their act together and provide the team with training gear and tracksuits for the players to travel in. Considering his association with Lacatoni, should Carlos be sacked, he'll surely take all of this kit with him as a protest. This is a risk that DC can't afford to take.
  13. FF to Brighton

    Or it could be that FF is the only one of the two who has facial injuries from the incident. I'm sure if it wasn't leaked, he'd have been out with an "injury" I haven't got a clue, just trying to put another side forward.
  14. ifollow Alfreton feed

    Ah, so was I.
  15. Forestieri

    He purchased a new house in Watford around 6 months after joining us. Whilst he has a place in Chapeltown, the Watford address is his Family home - so I can't really see anything unusual about him being there out of season.