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  1. Just what I was thinking. I can’t stand Wilder but I agree with his stance. He’s got to look out what’s best for them, as have other managers without the squad depth of the big boys. I can only imagine something came out when they were all on this call that peed Klopp off. Last season, Wilder was blowing smoke up Klopp and Liverpool after their games.
  2. If only the BBC had been this sensitive when senior management “allegedly” turned a blind eye to the likes of Savile.
  3. I think it was someone looking for a virtual pat on the back for saying Monk should never have been appointed.
  4. I remember thinking he was a world beater after his first appearance, pretty sure it was when he was on loan from Wolves. Perhaps shows how poo we were at the time that he really stood out, or I'm just a clown thinking he was a really good player. Likely to be a combination of both if I'm honest.
  5. The delay will due to Elev8 having to develop their new baseball hat range. Available from the online shop Monday onwards at a bargain £125
  6. Random question, you don't happen to live in Fenstanton do you?
  7. Let me guess, he'll be "allowed" to resign
  8. Groundsman will be happy though, they won't have to spend that much time maintaining the middle of the pitch.
  9. We'd never get him and to be fair, we're not exactly a great catch at the moment. However, if there was even a slight chance he'd be interested, I'd be busting my balls to get Thomas Frank in on a 3 year contract.
  10. Jesus, I thought we were fickle. Just been reading about how some of their fans have turned against Wilder, suggesting he should be sacked. I can't stand the bloke personally but given what he's achieved over there, especially last season, you'd think he'd have a bit more credit in the bank. Granted some of his signings have been poo to say the least but still. That said, I'd love nothing better than to see that lot go down with him in charge.
  11. More chance of him becoming our next manager than our next number one. I still think he's the best keeper we have on the books, but that probably says more about my views on Wildsmith and Dawson than anything else. Either way, I'd be amazed if he ever pulls the shirt on again.
  12. You do realise you're talking about Sheffield Wednesday here don't you, it's in our DNA to end another teams/players bad run of form.
  13. I took a crumb of comfort seeing the players reaction to Monk after the game. Everyone associated with this club has been let down in one-way shape or form and I include Monk in that. Although, like the players and Chansiri, they've all been culpable, so he also has to take some of the blame for where we are.
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