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  1. Had a brainwave whilst taking a poo, we should just appoint Michael Hector as player manager. Kills two birds with one stone and couldn't do any worse than 99% of the current shortlist.
  2. Totally agree, but I'd find it hard pointing the finger at DC if he does go for someone off this list and it doesn't work. He's in this position through no fault of his own and won't please everyone with the next appointment. Take Hughton out of it and for me, there isn't one stand out candidate.
  3. Never a truer word spoken! Personally I'd like to see his name banished from this forum like some of the swear words. I'd love to see his name replaced with The Snake! As someone else pointed out earlier, you can't get a Visa for China that quick, so this would have been in the pipeline for a few weeks at the very least.
  4. On the basis that we're unlikely to get Hughton, I'd rather Holloway over anyone else on the list. It would be a poo or bust season and certainly wouldn't be a long term appointment, but he could just be the man we need to keep building on a team spirit.
  5. Preferred method of transport.
  6. I’d rather Holloway on a poo or bust basis. We clearly have some talent in the squad and someone like that could be just the person to bring it all together. Although I think we’d get a season at the most out of him. Unless we’re going for a young manager with a long term view, I’d take Holloway over any of the current available crop.
  7. I might have been wooshed here but I'm still going to point out that setting up a Ltd Company with WAWAW in the title, is completely different to registering it as a trademark. I personally wouldn't be overly impressed at having my details posted on a forum where a thread has descended into people assuming that any use of WAWAW is behind the delays in launching out new kit. Yes, I'm aware that the Directors details are in the public domain via Companies House, but fail to see what relevance they are to this particular thread.
  8. I know a few people at Hastings United and was told over the weekend that we’ve agreed a deal to sign their 18 year old midfielder - Adam Lovatt, who has also attracted interest from Leeds, Crystal Palace, Watford, Sunderland and Brighton. No doubt for the development squad but he’s a very good player and certainly one for the future.
  9. Couldn’t quite work it out myself, and I’m guessing the other three lads were thinking the same.
  10. Wednesday esq performance from Leeds
  11. Wilder running on the pitch at full time kicking off with the ref! Ha ha
  12. Got a nagging feeling United will end up going for him, if the inevitable happens and they get promoted.
  13. Great little video, even better seeing Kieran Lee on the Treadmill.
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