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  1. Got a feeling FF will end up back at Watford or even Brentford if they lose one of their front three.
  2. Exactly that, they'll know the chances of getting this overturned are minimal to say the least. However, the chances of some compensation would be relatively high.
  3. Charlton talking about legal action now. It was obvious to everyone that this would happen with any club who went down on the last day, we'd be the same. What I don't understand is why they couldn't delay going public with this for an extra couple of weeks. To announce anything other than a "not guilty, case thrown out" before the official season is over is strange to say the least.
  4. I'm sure it's old news, but I've just noticed on Twitter (his own account) it appears our QC Nick De Marco is currently on Holiday in Italy
  5. 100% agree it’s predominantly man management and being able to deal with big egos. However, your man management is less likely to be questioned the better reputation/track record you have. Silly comparison I know, especially as I despise the bloke but It kind of emphasis my point. Wilder and Danny Cowley could tell the same group of players that if they drank their own pee before games they’d stand a better chance of winning, using the same language, tone etc. I genuinely think more people would question Cowley than Wilder over this. Revert back 3/4 seasons when Wilder was still at Northampton I’d hazard a guess less players would be inclined to believe him.
  6. Some good points but I've seen it myself in non-league and it only takes one or two players to have some doubts before the majority of the team have the same opinion. It's a fair assumption that you can amplify this the further up the leagues you go. You've only got to listen to some ex-pros talking about when a new manager was appointed. Genuine question but do you think some of our team over the past few seasons have paid the same level of respect to Steve Bruce/Jos and Monk? I can't see it myself and I could see it being the same with the Cowleys at a certain level. Bruce would have got that respect due to his man management but also the fact that he's been there and done it. Didn't Paul Hurst have similar issues when he went to Ipswich? I've also read some bits regarding Eddie Howe having similar issues with some of the more established Premier League players, Jermaine Defoe being one of them.
  7. I'm not suggesting they are any different and I certainly wouldn't want them anywhere near us. I was glad we got Monk over them, which might tell it's own story regarding my opinion of the Cowleys They've clearly had some success at Lincoln which they built up over time and perhaps under less pressure. They aren't going to come into a new club higher up in the league and have the immediate wow factor and gain players respect. Medals on the table if you like. Yet some on here would be happy with them taking over and rebuilding the squad knowing that we'd all be in meltdown after the first couple of losses.
  8. The one thing the Cowleys need is something we and many other Championship clubs could never provide them with. Time and patience.
  9. Just about the perfect sentence to sum us up. It's right up there with "Sheffield Wednesday, ending other teams bad runs since 1867".
  10. It's absolutely nothing to do with Connor McGregor but this tail is clearly a fan, that said, I'd love to see McGregor calling the lad out.
  11. FFS, what on earth makes someone sit there and think those kind of things, let alone think it's a good idea to put it in writing and send it to someone? No doubt their account will have been hacked or they're a good lad who had a "moment". This kind of thing stays in the press for a couple of days then disappears. You can't really attribute this kind of bile to any clubs, or even football in general, it's a societal issue. This kid has been taught by someone, either a Parent or a "mate" who has equally been taught it by one of their parents. In my view, clubs, footballers and other sports professionals should make a stand against the likes of twitter and boycott the platform. It surely can't be that difficult for the like of twitter to only allow verified accounts to send messages to others. As it stands, this person will surely be able to set up an new e-mail address and a new account going forward.
  12. It’s all ifs and buts (well it is from my side) but if we lost and only received a 6 point penalty, I’d fully expect some kind of legal action from one of the relegated clubs. Which I suppose wouldn’t be our problem. One thing which is for certain is that it’s all one big mess.
  13. Considering the likes of Barnsley and Steve Gibson have apparently threatened the EFL with legal action, I personally don’t think this is as “independent” as it’s claimed to be. I’m no expert but I can’t see them taking legal action against the independent panel if they’re not happy with the outcome.
  14. I personally think they’re delaying it so they can give us the maximum points deduction that will not relegate us. This way, we won’t appeal and cause them even more headaches. Far fetched I know, but this is the EFL so who knows.
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