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  1. Letter sent to FA

    Dont agree with that. I wouldn’t class myself as being in any Clique but I’m embarrassed seeing someone has written to the F/A about Yesterday’s game. Its fair to say that nobody is happy about it, but writing to the FA and publishing it on here? I don’t even buy the theory that it’s better than doing nothing but moan on here. Fans must complain to the FA after each and every game - all it does is smacks of sour grapes. Surely nobody seriously believes the FA will do anything about it. We’d all be weeing ourselves if this was the Blunts and quite rightly go on about it for years. One thing most fans will agree on is that the sooner this disaster of a season ends the better.
  2. We're an easy target at the moment given our form both on and off the pitch. People like to kick others when they're down as it makes them feel better about their own inadequacy. I just hope that like a wounded animal, at some point we'll all come out fighting.
  3. FFS, it's that bad that I'd take 0-3 now. The way this is going they could end up doubling that.
  4. Neither player deserved a red, but if you were going to book anyone it would have been the Brum lad. Pathetic sending off.
  5. Frederik Nielsen

    You're miles out, well according to the OS. They have his year of birth as 1901!
  6. I stand to be corrected but I thought all previous cards were disregarded after 19 games.
  7. If Forestieri is fit....

    I'd be interested in Scrams view on this. In my experience it's the players who have the final say on whether they play or not (obviously ruling out the serious injuries). If Carlos did what some are suggesting then he certainly won't have been the only manager out there to lean on the odd player who has a niggle and has been advised to rest.
  8. Appoint before or after The Derby?

    Appoint ASAP but if not possible then just before next weeks game with the Blunts. The new man watching the game from the stands having been in the dressing room beforehand and told the players what he's expecting to see and that they're all fighting for their futures with the club.
  9. Megson

    I'd take him now and would love nothing more than having him steam into the players and give them a bit of fight, I'd love to see him screaming from the side lines at the Sty next Friday trying to squeeze every last ounce of effort and pride out of the team. Even if we lost, you'd still get the feeling that we'd have gone down fighting. My one reservation is that I can't help thinking that his style of man management isn't necessarily cut out for the modern day footballer, I don't know Megson but get the feeling it's his way or nothing and he sticks to what's worked for him in the past - why wouldn't he. However, whereas some players genuinely need a rollicking and kick up their arse to get them going, others will simply curl up into a ball and disappear. For some reason, it tends to be the match winning, more skilful players that fall into the latter category. Heart ruling my head tells me that I'd love 11 Players on the pitch willing to die for the club, but logically that team would stand little chance of really succeeding in this division without the flair players. It's a stupid point I'm about to make but it does kind of emphasis what I've been trying to say. Considering Leon Clarke can be a lazy bugger with possible attitude problems, would Megsons typical approach have resulted in the same output Chris Wilder has managed to get out of him? I don't think it would and it pains me to say it as I despise the pair of them If Megson can tailor his approach to players by finding out exactly what makes them tick, then I'm all for him.
  10. Mark Hughes New Manager??

    Yet he's been "standing" for the current performances put in by Stoke players this season.
  11. Dean Smith

    Not really sure anyone on here genuinely thinks that way though do they? The reason someone like Smith would leave Brentford for another job is the same reason he left Walsall. (Where he was also building a decent side) A club with a bigger budget came calling offering him bigger wages. Like it or not, money talks in this game.
  12. Next manager odds

    I don’t know if he’s ever considered getting back into Managment but the first call I’d be putting in would be to Glenn Hoddle. He could command a much bigger Job than Wednesday so it would be ambitious or delusional depending on what way you view it.
  13. Interesting comments.

    Is anyone really that surprised about this? It's not right, but to think that Carlos is the only manager to rush players back before the physios give the "green light" is a tad naive. Im not happy with the bloke and would like to see him gone but certainly won't single him out for this.
  14. Keith Andrews

    Anyone would think he'd had a quick browse on here for some research.
  15. Never knew that, I left as soon as the 4th goal went in - total shambles. From memory it was Reda and Madine's debuts, or at least one of their earlier games.