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  1. Junglejay

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    Good points, although I'd suggest that most people (me including) are rightly or wrongly thinking he must be able to do a better job that Jos
  2. Junglejay

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    Nailed on that someone like Stoke or Reading will sack their Managers, appoint Jokanovic and turn their seasons around.
  3. Junglejay

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    100% I'd take him.
  4. I must admit, I’m actually quite glad he’s like this. It didn’t feel right not being able to passionately hate the likes of Clough and Adkins. I want overly fond of Colin but at least he was a good pantomime villain.
  5. The only thing that surprised me was that he didn’t have a pop at our Coach Driver.
  6. That was beautiful to watch
  7. Junglejay

    3 words

    Have some pride
  8. Or, it means he's experienced hostile atmospheres with bigger crowds, knows fully what's at stake for the fans and won't get swept up in the emotion during the game, ensuring he keeps a calm head and makes the correct decisions. You can look at it either way. It's all very well Wilder coming out with all the cliche stuff which fans love and I'd love to see someone like Megson on the side kicking every ball, but when things aren't going their way in a game like this, emotion has a tendency to take over rational thinking. Whereas someone who is calm and collected when the pressure is on can be equally important in games like this. For the record, I don't think Jos is the right man and I'm thoroughly pissed off with him, but I don't see any real issue with what he's said here.
  9. Junglejay

    Press Conference LIVE NOW

    Alan Irvine would love you. With insight like that, I can only assume that you've got all your coaching badges.
  10. Junglejay

    Bannan can't wait

    If that's the case, switch it to Hillsborough. If we continued with our recent pathetic performances against this mob, there would be far more hatred from the home crowd compared to the stain.
  11. Junglejay

    new manager

    I’d prefer a duo of Chris Turner and Alan Irvine over Lennon
  12. Junglejay

    Press conference live now

    I know nothing but to me it stinks of Jos being told he can't play certain players and he's making it out to be his decision. Either way, the problem for Jos is that whilst the results continue as they are, more and more people will start to question him personally. My biggest concern, alongside the current run of results, it the possible negative impact this could be having throughout the squad. Big characters not playing (some will be very close to those in the current team) unfortunately their voices will become louder and louder after each and every poor result/performance.
  13. I tend to agree. I'd bet my house that they'll be under instructions to "let him know you're there".
  14. Junglejay

    Reach to Wolves ?

  15. Junglejay

    We need Westwood back

    Exactly, there is no way we'd have conceded that goal with Westwood in between the ....oh hang on, we did. I find it strange when people comment that this keeper wouldn't have been beaten from there. I like Westwood and would feel more comfortable with him in goal, and I suspect a few of our players would also agree. However, like every other keeper, he didn't get it right all of the time and let's face it he's never going to play for us again.