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  1. Stop being aggy and trying to Mug him off in front of his pals you Si.
  2. Like I said, it's not a problem and lets be fair it wouldn't really matter if it was, what you or anyone else does is entirely your decision. I don't approve or disapprove, I've just never managed to get my head around it. Just asked a simple question without trying to sound like a ******** as I never have understood the purpose of things like this, although I have always suspected it was more of a public statement to show everyone that "I care", even more so with the NHS clapping and people feeling the need to film themselves in the act. Again, each to their own I wouldn't look down on you or anyone else for doing it, the same way I wouldn't expect someone to question why I wouldn't get anything out of doing something like this on a football forum. .
  3. Thanks for the response, I completely understand the background and associated politics I do completely agree that the views of different countries and major corporations will no doubt make a difference. Various sanctions, no matter how small will not have gone un-noticed by some in Russia, whereas plunging Russia into an immediate recession is certainly going to hurt Putin and also unfortunately severely impact their population. I still don't see how people on football forums etc changing their avatars will make even the smallest difference. To some extent I'd get it if we had Ukrainian players/owners etc. That said, it's certainly not hurting anyone so ultimately what's the problem?
  4. I don't want to sound like a ********, although I appreciate I probably will come across as one by asking this. I know you generally can't do this online without it coming across as aggressive or it turning into a slanging match. However, I want to ask a question out of genuine curiosity, rather than mocking you or anyone else but I've always wondered exactly what people are trying to achieve with things like this. Granted it's not doing anyone any harm and you'd have to question anyone who is offended by this. However, other than self gratification, is it really doing any good? or is it going to make any difference? You'd have to look pretty hard to find someone who isn't aware of the terrible situation in Ukraine and certainly someone in the western world who isn't disgusted with the whole situation, so I can't see it would be to raise awareness. I don't know you or many other people on here, so for all I know you have family links to Ukraine, which makes perfect sense. Like I say, I'm not having a dig at you or anyone, I just wonder if I'm missing the point as I'd have no intention of changing my avatar or putting a flag in my window without understanding what it's likely to achieve.
  5. Bit harsh to accuse him of stealing a living IMO. Any club signing Wickham with his injury track record, should know exactly what they're getting. The real shame is that when fit, he's a really good Championship/lower Premier League player.
  6. This is the way to go. Little tip though, they’ve opened a new part of the A14 which now takes you around the back of Huntingdon. Rather than turning off the A1 just south of Peterborough, you will now carry on south and automatically join the A14 - you can’t miss it. You can’t get past Huntingdon, so if anyone does try to turn off like they would have done a year or so back, you’d have to drive through the middle of Huntingdon which isn’t great at the best of times.
  7. Surprised the keeper didn't start moaning about it. Always used to tickle me when a keeper would flip during a shooting session when someone had the audacity to lob them.
  8. It’s one where I’ll happily put my faith in Darren Moore. Sounds like he’s maintained contact with Berahino and he’ll know deep down if he stands any chance of getting a tune out of him or not. Being honest I’d completely forgotten he was still playing.
  9. Knee and Wembley Lee Gregory, Gregory He'll score with his head or knee He'll take us to Wembley Lee Gregory, Gregory.
  10. They all come round to their senses in the end. If Gregory does well here and the fans get behind him, he'll be a lifelong Owl.
  11. No, I mean that Derby, like others, including Wednesday, rolled the dice and opted to gamble on a promotion charge, which outright wasn't sustainable. However, it was done with a view to sticking two fingers up at FFP and paying what would effectively be a small fine whilst in the promised land of the Premier League. It clearly didn't work for either of us and this forced both clubs to go down the route of creative/clever accounting, or looking for loopholes to cover losses. You've rightly mentioned we all suffer as fans but it still stands that if neither club had tried to cheat the system in the first place, we wouldn't be in the current financial mess we both find ourselves in - I'm afraid that this simply doesn't happen by accident.
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