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  1. Junglejay

    'i dont wear red'

    Have you ever thought about writing a Romance Novel?
  2. Junglejay

    'i dont wear red'

    Never wear red, there is generally always a Blue theme with clothes, cars etc. An Everton Fan I work with ordered a car at the same time as me, but went for Red, with Red Leather seats? He couldn't grasp why I'd never entertain this and what the issue were. It's not like he's an out of towner either, he's lived in Liverpool all his life.
  3. Grew up in Hastings, but my Dads side of the Family are all from Sheffield. My Dad's Cousin was a United Fan, but thankfully his Wife was a Wednesday Fan having grown up near the ground. She would always buy me Wednesday related things and send me articles from the local papers. (this was back in the 80.90's) Like someone else has said, I was the only Wednesday fan in a School surrounded by the usual Manchester United/Liverpool/Arsenal/Spurs fans and I loved the fact that most of these fans didn't have a clue who Wednesday were. Used to make the odd home game whenever we visited the Family but in the early years, due to my location, I went to far more away games and absolutely loved it.
  4. I personally think a number of Wednesday fans aren’t able to enjoy our results because of Yoounited being above us in the league.
  5. Junglejay

    The Star - Were after a CB

    My first though was Danny Batth, which has already been mentioned. Don't like going back in for ex-players, but he's proven himself at this level, has already been told his appearances will be restricted in the Premier league and is in the last year of his Wolves contract.
  6. I've got it on Tunein. Pretty sure you can also listen via their own app
  7. Said it all when one of their "experts" said that looking at our squad, it was bottom half of the Championship at best.
  8. Junglejay

    A Quick Look at SWFC's Finances

    Some great detail there and well explained - but wow that's depressing. Given the loss in 16/17 was circa £20m, I can only assume the 17/18 loss will be at least this figure, if not substantially more. On the back of that our rolling loss over three years is likely to be in excess of £50m! Also, as you've rightly pointed out, that's only going to get worse next year when we can't use 15/16's lower figure of £9.7m loss. Holy poo!
  9. It's not really rubbish though is it. Neils point is that you can't compare a footballers ability/inability to play 2/3 games per week with the likes of you or I doing normal jobs. I don't think anyone is making excuses, nobody knows what kind of side we're likely to play Thursday for starters - That said, I think we'd still lose to Brentford, even with a weeks rest. Other teams have done it this season (Blunts v Boro) and others will going forward - we've just got to get on with it. However, you can't deny that Brentford will mentally/physically better prepared for this game than us. I'm not talking by a huge amount, but they will be fresher. We're likely to have a light training session Friday and then travel down to Brentford on Saturday, hardly the ideal preparation.
  10. Stop listening to so called experts? You might want to look in the mirror. You're the one listening to "so called experts" who claim (with absolutely nothing to back it up) that players would be better off playing 90 minutes everyday instead of training. Try taking your own advice and think for yourself.
  11. Hang on. So you ignore the medical experts but chose to put your faith in other "experts" regarding their untested views of paying 90 minutes everyday instead of training. Makes perfect chuffin sense.
  12. Junglejay

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    I know it’s only a minor point but from memory when we launched the new Kit, I’m sure Westwood was the one showing off the Keepers shirt. Why would the club allow this if they genuinely had the arse with him?
  13. I agree but on the other hand I’d bet my life savings and more that if ever a club did receive a points deduction and/or suspension from the league it would be nailed on to be us.
  14. Junglejay

    Quick win Clare

    I’d remove the current offer and replace it with a new one on worse terms. Sends out a message to players who feel they can use us as a negotiation tool when looking for other options. I don’t know his situation but if he can’t find another club to better what’s currently on the table, or what his agents have promised he’ll get elsewhere, then we’re clearly offering too much.