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  1. Pretty sure Bolton are back in the poo .
  2. Junglejay

    FUP not FFP

    Completely agree. Whilst it's under the disguise of stopping clubs going out of business, which lets face it is a good thing. In my view it's there to ensure the elite remain the elite and prevents anyone with a wealthy owner from gatecrashing their party.
  3. Over the moon we got through and would love us to go all the way. However, would I take this over a promotion for Wednesday? Not a chance.
  4. Junglejay

    George Hirst reveals new shirt

    We're all missing the most important point regarding this. Is he holding up the Athletic fit, or standard £59 shirt?
  5. Junglejay

    Hirst Snr

    Spot on. Unfortunately it's the fans who feel the most hurt out of a disagreement between the Hirsts and Chansiri.
  6. Bannan looks to have had a hair transplant over the summer. Perhaps that's why he's acting like such a diva.
  7. Totally agree, in fact he's likely to be more realistic than 99% of suggestions in this thread RIP Fletch!
  8. Might not be much use to us. Didn't he get pinned up against the changing room wall and one of the pegs went through his head killing him?
  9. Yes, the exact same Wolves as stated above. I wouldn't believe all you read about them bringing in world superstars. As it stands, their highest paid player is on £25,000 (Costa), with the majority of the squad on around £15 - £18k per week (including Neves) - which is decent for Championship level and will all increase from July 1st, but they have a business plan not to go crazy on wages - even in the Premier League. But hey, what the fizz do I know.
  10. Wouldn't be surprised if he ends up at Wolves
  11. I completely understand where you're coming from but where you've pointed out that there is no loyalty to "your club", this is reciprocated by most clubs and their treatment of loyal, home grown players. The harsh reality is that irrespective of you being from a Family of Wednesdayites, this would have absolutely no bearing on the clubs decision to drop you like a stone. We've all seen it before, a new manager comes in, doesn't like a player and that's pretty much that. If they refuse to move, it's not out of the question that they could end up training with the Youth teams - no appearance/win/goal bonus. It's perhaps a sign of the times. I don't agree with it or like it, but I also wouldn't blame any player (fan or not) who opted to move on to secure a better future for them and their Family. Would I have done the same? I'll never know, but being brutally honest, there's a strong chance I would. Regarding England, I couldn't agree anymore, players appear to see it as some kind of chore to represent England, rather than an absolute privilege.
  12. Spoken like a true fan. However, the big issue is that you'd struggle to find any player Today who would put their loyalty/affinity to a club before a chance to earn potentially life changing money elsewhere. Especially as it's been demonstrated at numerous clubs that irrespective of your service, when you're deemed surplus to requirements, the club rarely shows the same loyalty in return. The basic reason why players like Hirst and others make significantly more than the vast majority is that they can do things with a football on a more consistent basis than the rest of us. God given talent/pure hard work and dedication during their Youth? who knows, but either way, they're a tiny percentage of the people who play Football through out the world who can make a living out of it and are rewarded as such. Like most, I'd happily play for Wednesday for a fraction of what these players are on. However, I'd be naive thinking that seeing other players turning up in better clothes/cars, living in bigger houses than me, whilst I'm playing at the same level as them, wouldn't get to me after a while. Take George Hirst for example. Turning up for England duty with his record at Youth level and finding out what some of his team mates are being paid at Premier League clubs. It's not right and it's a hypothetical situation but I'd challenge even the most ardent Wednesday fan honestly say they'd be content with this.
  13. Looks strangely like Wayne Lineker
  14. Junglejay

    The Ipswich Free Kick Goal

    Step forward Mr Nigel Worthington
  15. 30th June is the date for loyalty bonus payments - irrespective of any first team appearances.