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  1. Either way, it's a poo free kick to concede. He curls it in the top bins, take your hat off, fair play. This was just like the kind of shots I give our keeper when I'm warming up pre match on a Sunday Morning - VVank!
  2. It looked like two people playing FIFA who had never even picked up a controller before, let alone played the game. Button bashing and hoping someone scores.
  3. Two horrendous performances, we made Colchester look like Brazil 1970. If I’m right the Leyton Orient game saw debuts from Madine and Reda.
  4. I’d agree, although as we’re all aware, getting rid of potentially bad apple footballers on decent contracts isn’t overly easy. Meanwhile, if results and performances on the pitch are going backwards, our notoriously patient and understanding fan base are going to be gunning for someone. I’m not for one second sticking up for Jos but I’m guessing he tried to stick to his methods and fell out with the likes of Westwood and Hutchinson. There is a substantial difference in players egos the further up the leagues you go and this is my biggest worry. That said, I’d much rather we went down this route compared to the likes of Pulis.
  5. Mate, if you want to stay in a job the results matter. If the players down tools, you’re then one staring down the end of a barrel. So either way, it’s a potential no win situation. The best managers (in all walks of life) adapt their management style based upon the different characters they’re required to deal with.
  6. This is exactly my concern, although you’d expect any half intelligent coach to realise this and tailor their approach accordingly. Time will tell, but it’s clearly something Jones is up against at Stoke.
  7. It's obvious isn't it? DC did this purely to wee wee off Steve Gibson.
  8. Totally agree, we'll all end up sounding like Alan Irvine going on about coaching badges.
  9. I know, although the original poster who threw in the 55 years didn't follow this up with "Those who support Bullen have not much of a football brain or do not understand football or go to games three sheets to wind". I didn't necessarily disagree with his position on Bullen, I was simply trying to point out that experience counts for nothing when it comes to personal opinions regarding football. The personal opinion of someone who has just started watching football is as valid as someone in their 70's who has devoted their life to the game. On a daily basis I see views on here I completely disagree with, doesn't mean to say I should question that posters football brain, or insinuate that they don't understand football - it's their personal opinion.
  10. I don’t disagree with your sentiments and I can’t imagine they’ll be anyone on here overly happy with the last couple of performances. It’s a game of opinions and you’ll find people far more qualified than you, I or anyone else on here who perhaps have different views regarding Bullen.
  11. Considering Bullen probably has 30odd years experience within professional football, I’d suggest your 40 years in “sport” isn’t really comparable. Especially when supporting your argument that you’re right and Bullen and anyone else who supports him is some kind of clown. I’m not saying he’s the right Man and you clearly don’t think he is, but you can’t go round having a dig at anyone who actually supports Bullen like your some kind of football Messiah.
  12. Quite simple for me. Firstly, from what I can see, he's got the support from key players in the dressing room - Bannan, Hutchinson, Fletcher and Westwood. If you've got these on your side, then the rest of the team are going to follow. It's early days, but if the Snake was still in charge and we were in this position, we'd all be bouncing off the walls. The same if it we'd appointed any of the Managers on the list, such as Rowett,Hughton or some random foreign coach - thinking we'd discovered the next big thing. As someone else has mentioned, this weekend will be the biggest test, if we can get through this then I'd be scratching my head why anyone would be questioning his position. Then again, I think Bullen will always be up against this, not receiving enough credit for winning games but having any loss scrutinised. We will lose more games this season and I can guarantee we'll have some terrible performances but for as long as I've been watching us, this has always been the case - irrespective of who is in charge. I keep seeing "experience" being mentioned, granted he's no Sir Alex Ferguson but conversely he isn't someone who has gone from playing last week to falling into the top job.
  13. fizz Bruce and those two weasels that followed him to Newcastle. Wouldn’t want any of them anywhere our club ever again.
  14. I am. Top of the league and players appear to be behind Bullen. Well aware it can change just like that but not really much I can do about it.
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