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  1. I completely understand where you're coming from but where you've pointed out that there is no loyalty to "your club", this is reciprocated by most clubs and their treatment of loyal, home grown players. The harsh reality is that irrespective of you being from a Family of Wednesdayites, this would have absolutely no bearing on the clubs decision to drop you like a stone. We've all seen it before, a new manager comes in, doesn't like a player and that's pretty much that. If they refuse to move, it's not out of the question that they could end up training with the Youth teams - no appearance/win/goal bonus. It's perhaps a sign of the times. I don't agree with it or like it, but I also wouldn't blame any player (fan or not) who opted to move on to secure a better future for them and their Family. Would I have done the same? I'll never know, but being brutally honest, there's a strong chance I would. Regarding England, I couldn't agree anymore, players appear to see it as some kind of chore to represent England, rather than an absolute privilege.
  2. Spoken like a true fan. However, the big issue is that you'd struggle to find any player Today who would put their loyalty/affinity to a club before a chance to earn potentially life changing money elsewhere. Especially as it's been demonstrated at numerous clubs that irrespective of your service, when you're deemed surplus to requirements, the club rarely shows the same loyalty in return. The basic reason why players like Hirst and others make significantly more than the vast majority is that they can do things with a football on a more consistent basis than the rest of us. God given talent/pure hard work and dedication during their Youth? who knows, but either way, they're a tiny percentage of the people who play Football through out the world who can make a living out of it and are rewarded as such. Like most, I'd happily play for Wednesday for a fraction of what these players are on. However, I'd be naive thinking that seeing other players turning up in better clothes/cars, living in bigger houses than me, whilst I'm playing at the same level as them, wouldn't get to me after a while. Take George Hirst for example. Turning up for England duty with his record at Youth level and finding out what some of his team mates are being paid at Premier League clubs. It's not right and it's a hypothetical situation but I'd challenge even the most ardent Wednesday fan honestly say they'd be content with this.
  3. Looks strangely like Wayne Lineker
  4. The Ipswich Free Kick Goal

    Step forward Mr Nigel Worthington
  5. 30th June is the date for loyalty bonus payments - irrespective of any first team appearances.
  6. For me, it all changed last January away at Brighton. 1-1, them down to 10 men and us with a Penalty - the rest being history, whilst also being so typical of Wednesday. I genuinely believe that had we scored and gone onto win, automatic would have been achieved -thus Huddersfield would never have happened along with all the poo since then. What a sad state of affairs we find ourselves in.
  7. Pathetic! Really feel for the Fans who travelled. I can’t even be arsed listening to it on the radio it sounded that bad!
  8. BBC pundits tonight

    Im waiting for the “my complaint letter to BBC” thread to appear Tomorrow.
  9. Letter sent to the FA

    Dont agree with that. I wouldn’t class myself as being in any Clique but I’m embarrassed seeing someone has written to the F/A about Yesterday’s game. Its fair to say that nobody is happy about it, but writing to the FA and publishing it on here? I don’t even buy the theory that it’s better than doing nothing but moan on here. Fans must complain to the FA after each and every game - all it does is smacks of sour grapes. Surely nobody seriously believes the FA will do anything about it. We’d all be weeing ourselves if this was the Blunts and quite rightly go on about it for years. One thing most fans will agree on is that the sooner this disaster of a season ends the better.
  10. We're an easy target at the moment given our form both on and off the pitch. People like to kick others when they're down as it makes them feel better about their own inadequacy. I just hope that like a wounded animal, at some point we'll all come out fighting.
  11. FFS, it's that bad that I'd take 0-3 now. The way this is going they could end up doubling that.
  12. Neither player deserved a red, but if you were going to book anyone it would have been the Brum lad. Pathetic sending off.
  13. Frederik Nielsen

    You're miles out, well according to the OS. They have his year of birth as 1901!
  14. I stand to be corrected but I thought all previous cards were disregarded after 19 games.
  15. If Forestieri is fit....

    I'd be interested in Scrams view on this. In my experience it's the players who have the final say on whether they play or not (obviously ruling out the serious injuries). If Carlos did what some are suggesting then he certainly won't have been the only manager out there to lean on the odd player who has a niggle and has been advised to rest.