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  1. What makes you think a pint only costs 40p - the duty alone a pint is significantly more than that on its own (around 50-60p per pint), Cost per pint is around £2 (ex vat) https://www.eipublicanpartnerships.com/Documents/publican-price-list.pdf
  2. Its actually called SWFC Holdings Limited (despite it saying "Sheffield Wednesday Holdings Limited" in the accounts.
  3. What a shambolic bit of journalism SWFC have published their accounts on www.swfc.co.uk but they are still not showing as filed or received at Companies House! And they are not for a year but for the period ended 31 July 2019. (14 Months The EFL deadline was 31 March 2019 for accounts to be with them , no one knows if accounts were with EFL by that date. Why a journalist would write "The embargo could be lifted soon because on Thursday, more than two months after the EFL deadline, Wednesday finally filed their accounts for the year ending July 2018. " without checking any of the facts is beyond me
  4. In respect of Sheffield Wednesday Holdings Limited , it is not registered in Thailand either. The accounts (when published) should show the parent company and its place of registration
  5. None of this affects P&S losses and whether we have breeched the rules. However it may be a request from EFL to convert some of the loans due to Mr Chansiri for money ALREADY spent into share capital. That way the borrowings are reduced,
  6. The Sheffield 2 is part of the trademark plan to stop Jennings advertising scaffolding services in Sheffield 2, Sheffield 3 …….
  7. If we sell the plans for £13m will this solve P&S. ;) Gibson should keep his nose out of other clubs affairs, it apparent form their accounts that the have they have the parachute payments and also being able to sell premiership players, has meant they can spend a lot more on wages and transfer fees than we could ever imagine! Shows the playing field is on a big slope!
  8. see this - it has been on official site since January - https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/january/get-involved-with-owls-in-the-park/
  9. SYP are wanting to improve. Together with supporters and safety officers from all South Yorkshire clubs they have helped set up an Independent advisory group. Twitter @sypiag Neil from OT was invited to attend but never did. The group has met four times since its formation in February, these meetings are aimed at improving the overall fan experience and the policing of games. At SWFC some of the group observed the egress of fans from the away end at the Aston villa , with a view to see how this could be improved. It is very early days . The chair of the group(elected by the non police members) is Martin O'Hara (deputy chair of FSF) and a Donny rovers/England fan. As you may be aware Martin and the fsf operate @fsa_faircop . If you want to send any messages to the group then please do so on twitter @sypiag
  10. That car park is owned by the club and is used by media and disabled . Ask at the ticket office about availability
  11. Nothing is registered at Land Registry - still owned by Sheffield Wednesday Football Club Limited. (as at 17 May 2019) Registration of transfer should be made within 30 days of date if transfer, If you look at the title for Pride Park it was sold to Gellaw Newco 202 Limited for £81,100,000 on the 28th June 2018 and registered on 30th July 2018. A lease for 20 years to Derby County was granted at the same time. So it is unlikely our ground was transferred before 31 July 2018 (accounts period end), It would also be quite costly with stamp duty of 5% of the sale price payable, (so £50m would be £2.5m stamp duty) plus another say £400k stamp duty on the grant of a 20 year lease at £1.5m rent per annum. I also don't understand how this helps P&S any impact from the sale/purchase or deprecation of fixed assets (except players) is excluded from the calculated P&S losses, Amazing that speculation in The times has lead to 36 pages here,
  12. Departure time of 1pm looks a bit late. This company charters coaches in from other operators, they have no fleet of their own
  13. The website was launched 30 September 2011 , according to their twitter page
  14. That website has been there since just after MM outsourced the stadium catering to Lindleys. (must be 3-4 years ago)
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