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  1. I thought he was from Thailand not Taiwan!
  2. That went fine until 1997 when Richards introduced venture capitalist Charterhouse) got involved charterhouse - Sheffield Wednesday Matchday - Owlstalk | Sheffield Wednesday News for SWFC fans https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/131649-charterhouse/#comments
  3. Would a scheme like the CPO be a better way forward to secure the ground for the purpose it is intended , CPO
  4. Sheffield Wednesday football club LTD have a 30 year lease from Sheffield 3 LTD so does this protect the club more than your ACV does ?
  5. Is this irrelevent? As we all know the property is held in a Company , what is there to stop the Company being sold , and therefore no actual sale of the property.
  6. The ticket office/ ticketing system normally handles away ticket sales of over 2,000 every couple of weeks. Amazed we can't handle 10,000 refunds in 6 months! Get the customer to claim their refund by entering onto a secure site their bank details and then refund by bacs. At wednesdayite we issued Bristol City coach refunds before the game was due to take part back to the card used by the purchaser. We also issued partial refunds to 90% of our car park season ticket holders in about 7 days in June, with most getting refund same day as they gave us bank details .
  7. Is this the BIG issue? Do we need to change our philosophy not the manager !
  8. Little Jane (blond hair) in club shop deserves a mention too, and of course Alastair,Wilson what a great family man, always gives honest answers and takes time to listen
  9. That will be Chris (hanky) goes to alot of away games too, top lad!
  10. It's only £9.99 in club shop https://www.medocmall.co.uk/cgi-bin/live/ecommerce.pl?site=theclubshop_sheffieldwednesday&state=item&sub_dept_id=12&product_id=GLB2001&dept_id=96
  11. George will be happy to get some championship points, his aim has to be to be close to Bottas in qualifying and hope to have a clean race,
  12. Please don't do the profession down, the auditors will be charging a few hours for that. Perhaps they intend filing 31/7/19 and 31/7/20 at the same time Hence the delay.
  13. Thanks Neil , saved over £60 per month and now have faster broadband, sky cinema for first time ever and netflix, Mrs now wants to watch The crown , told her she''ll have to wait until tonights game is finished, She responded can I watch it if you(swfc) are down 3-0 at half time
  14. Mine has too. Just got to dust off the dvd player , not used in a few years!
  15. Put Milan up against them two and you then get a decent vote
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