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  1. The only restriction is about 45 mins from 4:30 to 5:15, (23 days out of 365!)the site has entrance /exit onto Herries Road as well
  2. it feels like a lot more than that each season!
  3. The planning permission for this was finally granted on 3rd February 2020. The intention was then to start groundworks in late spring, The key tenant is Aldi, Costa plan having the drive through in front of the aldi, https://planningapps.sheffield.gov.uk/online-applications/files/0D832CF4C60EA44FA228044CD367BAD4/pdf/20_00717_ADV-13622-B-710_SITE_LOCATION_PLAN-1453331.pdf
  4. Both me and Grandson have 3 year left on our 5 year season ticket I think it depends if games are played behind closed doors , if so I would accept the ability to watch, free of charge, both home and away matches on iplayer, perhaps they could also mail a matchday programme to every season ticket holder. I doubt if they could do Free cup games going forward when we can return due to how income is split with the opposition and the current rules requiring both teams to agree/accept pricing structure and pricing for both home/away fans to be the same. I personally cannot see us getting back to Hillsborough to see games until 2021
  5. Apologies it was the yellow and red of Mainline from late 90's these are "new colours" of SYT from mid 80's until Mainline colours came in
  6. That must have been mid 90's - colours of Mainline, - replacing the coffee and cream of SYT. (came in early 70's !) We should go back to the Sheffield corporation colours of cream and blue (think some 51 buses are in this livery)
  7. Following MM's takeover and us relinquishing our 10%+ of shares we decided to become non political,- supporters trusts by their definition and rules are political in nature and should under the FSA rules seek share ownership and representation on the club board, we know from past experience that hare ownership causes more issues and division than it solves. Wednesdayite became very much a supporters group, arranging away coach travel to every game (and being the largest carrier of passengers - regularly taking more than the clubs ICO), running the car park on Penistone Road until the developer needed the land back, sorting a deal to have match day car parking at the college. From our income we make regular donations to SWLFC, SWFCCP(£5,000 per annum for last 4 years), as well as supporting the club via player sponsorship. We also continue to run and fund our Primary schools coaching scheme in association with Tricky wingers , which give free sports coaching in curriculum time to Primary schools near to the ground. Up until Dec 18 we had a good relationship with the club and Mr Chansiri being part of the fans forum and also being invited to other meetings on ideas etc. Despite our request for fans forum meetings on 3-4 times since all we get is "a meeting will be arranged soon" We also have representation on the South Yorkshire Police independent advisory group , who are trying to help change football policing Wednesdayite are members of the FSA , but aren't a supporters trust. Whilst we wish the new trust luck in their ventures , we will not be getting involved for several reasons Some of the people involved (ex WISA, WOTM ) We don't believe they can or should replace the wider fans forums the club should be operating , which has representation from all sorts of fans , from all groups , from stands etc. Share ownership and board representation , which is a primary aim of all trusts. https://thefsa.org.uk/our-work/supporter-ownership/ is not always an answer and we don't believe its and answer for SWFC, The remaining board - 3 members - do not have the time that you need to dedicate to being involved in a trust (minimum of 10 hours per week on average
  8. What makes you think a pint only costs 40p - the duty alone a pint is significantly more than that on its own (around 50-60p per pint), Cost per pint is around £2 (ex vat) https://www.eipublicanpartnerships.com/Documents/publican-price-list.pdf
  9. Its actually called SWFC Holdings Limited (despite it saying "Sheffield Wednesday Holdings Limited" in the accounts.
  10. What a shambolic bit of journalism SWFC have published their accounts on www.swfc.co.uk but they are still not showing as filed or received at Companies House! And they are not for a year but for the period ended 31 July 2019. (14 Months The EFL deadline was 31 March 2019 for accounts to be with them , no one knows if accounts were with EFL by that date. Why a journalist would write "The embargo could be lifted soon because on Thursday, more than two months after the EFL deadline, Wednesday finally filed their accounts for the year ending July 2018. " without checking any of the facts is beyond me
  11. No - the access cards have not been despatched yet, I was supposed to be collecting them yesterday from the college but due to a bereavement they will not be collected until net week and then posted before I go away on 24th July. Which should be in plenty of time for the first home game
  12. In respect of Sheffield Wednesday Holdings Limited , it is not registered in Thailand either. The accounts (when published) should show the parent company and its place of registration
  13. None of this affects P&S losses and whether we have breeched the rules. However it may be a request from EFL to convert some of the loans due to Mr Chansiri for money ALREADY spent into share capital. That way the borrowings are reduced,
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