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  1. Our friends at the EFL are carrying out a survey on what we think about ifollow and also options for next season
  2. It wasn't even Wednesdayite back then it was the Owls Trust!
  3. Can I ask one of the board members of the Trust Are you actually registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as a mutual society yet, as you are not showing on the public register. How did the launch go , how many members have signed up and paid? I wish you all the luck in the world but as we found out you can only represent the supporters who are actually members.
  4. Leeds finished 12 points above Brentford ! (Just saying) profit from sale will now fall in 18/19 and cannot be punished again for 17/18 and prior . so may give us a bit to spend (but keeping within 13m loss per season )
  5. The extension for filing accounts by 3 months has absolutely nothing to do with the EFL. Its the |UK government who have allowed ALL companies due to file accounts a 3 month extension https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-companies-etc-filing-requirements-temporary-modifications-regulations-2020/temporary-changes-to-companies-house-filing-requirements
  6. This is a great read which considers the legal arguments behind ours and dcfc case :- it is complex to read but better than anything offered by so called football experts https://www.footballlaw.co.uk/articles/the-owls-and-the-rams
  7. Because filing of the accounts has nothing to do with FFP or the charge against us (which is on the 2017/18 accounts)
  8. We/ our auditors may decide the uncertainty surrounding the EFL charge to be so great that they/we may not want to sign off the accounts as showing a true and fair view until settled.
  9. Just to remind you these accounts will be 12 months old to 31/7/19!
  10. Agree absolutely , given the hearing was on a Zoom call can't see this having lasted more than a three days (one of which will have been spent with technical getting it to work.) Or perhaps they were using the "not paid for option" and getting disconnected every 40 mins! The members of the IDP will also be annoyed as they won't have had a free three course lunch each day or been able to claim first class rail fares. No doubt they made up for it by having to have new laptops each!
  11. No season tickets are currently on sale . that is probably so they can limit the attendees post October to only those who have committed (or been committed) so far !
  12. That’s the biggest load of bull I have heard ! what equipment when ? Golf cart for academy ?
  13. Can I ask if the new trust is actually registered yet as I can’t find it on the mutuals register at the FCA?
  14. The owls trust was affiliated to supporters direct and had political aims . Wednesdayite don’t they are a supporters club
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