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  1. The home club advise SWFC which order the blocks should be sold in and they are generally released block by block, For Bolton I could have bought on day one but waited until the top tier went on sale (wednesday evening) but it means checking the ticket site every couple of hours
  2. They do have a full page in the programme each match day . Do you get a programme ?
  3. Madri, Cold river cider, lager, not sure which bitter, all draught.
  4. The problem with that is that our fans will say I want a fresh pint not one that's been stood around!
  5. I would advise you email alastair.wilson@swfc.co.uk Just looking back I last made email contact with him on 30/11/20 regarding this and was advised that Covid restricting access to archives from March 2020 onwards had delayed its production.
  6. My understanding is the book has still not been published , yes it was an integral part of the scheme benefits and was designed to give the club a VAT advantage, From an accounting point of view the income should not be recognised until the book has been published and distributed, I have spoken at infrequent intervals with Alistair at the club re this and he is aware of the situation. You should have either been getting a cheque or a credit to your ticketing account each year for the relevant discount (between 5% and 15%) off your current year season ticket, You should have also received a bonus 230 ticketing points for between 1 and 5 years. Then WHEN we return to the premier league you get free season tickets for the next x years (x = 1to 5) depending on the level you bought at,
  7. I believe they are only part way through the process of removing points from 2019/20, it looks like they have to upload a file for each away game to remove those points, they will then add your season ticket for this season. So you should end up with 230 x2 for 21/22 and 22/23 season ticket plus 10pts for each away game or home cup game you attended
  8. Don't forget they go on sale on Monday 10am, expect big queues onto Penistone Road
  9. Sock colour is more important than shorts to referee's. Shorts clashing is not a problem
  10. Its not beyond the Human brain to agree kit colours in advance with the opposition having regard to kit clashes and the away team travel with an alternative kit. All teams know the colours of the home team so not difficult to ensure no clash Are there specific colours which clash for people who are colour blind? Or does it depend on daylight conditions etc?
  11. Do you get ticket priority for away games?
  12. If you have a table of ten , ask people to nominate themselves on here and then do a random draw from those who want to go. If you start just randomly selecting members many won't be able to/ or can't go.
  13. I would suggest you take a letter from your wife agreeing to the transfer over to make sure you don;t have a wasted trip together with this seasons card./ Or better still take her with you,,.
  14. no thats only the second block that has been on sale - not sure where the away season ticket holders are , but expect around 50% left
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