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  1. I'm considering it, loved that shirt! Waiting to receive the 98 Home shirt I preordered so I can check quality etc before ordering anything else from them though.
  2. Mark Bright - Intelligent guy, must know something useful for the situation. Jose Semedo - Keep everyone happy and motivated. Stephen Bywater - Handy with a sword.
  3. Yeah in my purchase history there's 4 games, 40 TPP. Pretty sure I went to more than 4 last season but whatever :-)
  4. Well because I'm a season-ticket-less scumbag who only goes now and then (can't afford, busy with kids, working, blah blah blah) I want to get my TPP up to 50 so I can buy tickets for Sheff Derby on Monday at 9am, so I was going to buy a ticket for Brentford and go on own. Mate I usually go with already has 50 TPP but I'm on 40 so I'm letting the side down.
  5. Sorry if this has been asked already but upon purchasing a ticket how long does it take for Ticket Priority Points to be assigned to the buyer? Is it instant or don't they get assigned until the game purchased for has actually taken place?
  6. Anyone tried this with Chrome and the Hola VPN extension? Rather not have to install Opera if I can help it.
  7. I'll buy this instead: https://www.toffs.com/shop-by-team/football/championship/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-1978-1981-bukta-cotton-football-shirt
  8. Ended up having to do quick seats as I forgot Chrome doesn't support flash! Two seats in block AA in South...
  9. Yeah but he did have to retire in 2012 with a pretty nasty illness...
  10. Same happened to be, block 551 was split with the right all standing and the left sitting. Everyone in front of me standing, old woman behind nagging me to sit but those in front wouldn't sit so I had no choice but to stand. I was right on the edge of the standing area which made it even more awkward. Kind of spoiled it as I felt bad for the old lady behind.
  11. Block 551, one inflatable banana. I feel inadequate :-(
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