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  1. No issue getting behind our younger players but if it's to support them playing continually at a level they can't cope with then it becomes a bad thing for the club and everyone concerned.
  2. A striker who can play wing-back Not very prolific then.
  3. The stats do back up Neymar as 3rd best player, I was surprised how good they were actually. He'd get 60 league goals in a top L1 side, sign him up!
  4. Decent L1 striker but surprised anyone higher would have interest. I think Smith and Gregory might turn out to be too slow together so wouldn't be that bothered.
  5. Went to the 0-3 vs Hartlepool. Horrendous competition.
  6. There is a save he made that always stuck in my mind for Brighton, think it was from Hooper or Fletcher on the break heading across goal.
  7. Decent enough keeper for a season. Things like the BPF Ipswich farce don't happen with him and the defence might feel more assured too. They looked nervous in big moments with BPF.
  8. Lucky enough to be at the match, looked in as soon as he hit it.
  9. Average L1 striker with no pace. Happy to have him for another year and hopefully keep him fit for all of it but not fussed if he went.
  10. Carbon neutrality ranks as high as will they sell Bovril on my list of concerns.
  11. My pal in Scotland has been raving about him for ages, can play both sides but a LB really. Says he is just unlucky they have Robertson and Tierney at national level , incredible depth there. I imagine Tierney and Hickey could overlap at Arsenal.
  12. £10m in fees minimum. Spendageddon 2 has arrived.
  13. Thought he'd look a class above in L1 but think really he is a L2 player who has just done very well for himself so far. If he was on a Joe Wildsmith wage I wouldn't be bothered but he isn't.
  14. Paterson will be a nice wage to get off the books.
  15. Dawson would be fine for us at L1, no point paying crazy loan fees and wages.
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