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  1. Used to love watching this team in the Europa League. Loads of goals and many good players started out there like Papu Gomez and Taison.
  2. Expect him to go in January. Not sure he is of use in L1. Too slow.
  3. I'm sure Bannan will now hand over penalties to someone else as he is that sorry.
  4. Ipswich fans were calling for Cook to go amidst talk of needing to gel still. Big win today for them. They'll be hoping for a dreadful away side next to keep that momentum going.
  5. This game absolutely ready for Shrewsbury to win with all that has happened.
  6. A home win means little really, it's the dread of away games we need to finally put an end to. Not handing sides on bad runs a win would be a great start for the club.
  7. Parachute payments and FFP are not compatible.
  8. The chaos and motivation destroyed by the hassle probably makes it worth most sides just taking the -6 indeed. Give us -6 at the start of the season and we stay up probably.
  9. I wouldn't lose too many in a row, Mr Chansiri won't be pleased.
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