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  1. if Wednesday is to be compared to any song or Album its surely Tublar Bells by Mike Oldfield
  2. can't remember who it was but a player said that Mark Hughes is non existent has a man manager, he doesn't get involved in training at all and leaves it to coaches and not very approachable for players.... Just what we need.
  3. if anything his comments ruled him back in! it seemed to me that it was a warning shot saying look if you don't offer it me this time thats it.
  4. For once in a long time we have time to appoint the right man. we haven't dropped any points and the next game is suspended. no need to rush at all.
  5. Pulis walking out (Sacked) should have been our death nail after a season with point deductions, Covid and horrific results against the likes of Rotherham, Wycombe and Luton and so on. We should be like United in the Prem are absolute TOAST. but we aren't 3 wins out of 4, 4 unbeaten and 9th in the form table. we've been given another chance and the players should be applauded for it and whoever comes in..... whether you think they're a bed wetter or a top manager it doesn't matter, we have to get behind them. UTO
  6. Transfer embargo was the result of a gamble. if it pays off where in premier league. just like Wolves, Villa and pretty much every other club who broke FFP but went up. we didn't go up and paid the price. The signing of Jordan Rhodes is probably the worst transfer deal in the history of SWFC. he's not the worst players i should had but the deal was terrible. Boxholder thing - 50k per box isnt it - misguided Club 1867 - if people have money and prepared to pay why not.
  7. signing players who weren't good enough. Appointing managers who weren't good enough. paying ridiculous wages so on and son
  8. You can criticise him for a number of things that are factual but no one knows what's going on at the minute its all just rumour and speculation.
  9. I have no idea about the Chairman's relationship with his Dad and that's how it should be. you seem to be rattled when all I'm trying to do is make observations. We are in a terrible league position in the middle of a pandemic where a number of clubs are likely to go bust so what's the best thing we can do... all jump on owlstalk and slag the club off to its core. that's what this website has become.
  10. look at this slander, when did is Dad abandon him? too many ill informed opinions on here.
  11. Well I'm not but your posts above clearly show you dislike the owner and in your position would it not be best to try and be impartial and try stir debate.
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