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  1. it seems you used a thread about the great signings we made to have a pop at Bruce which made no sense. Also any manager would leave a Championship club for a prem one so i dont hold any grudges, Bruce and co steadied the ship and cleared the dead wood and replaced them with very capable players.
  2. da fizz as all the above got to do with his signings? all the signings are paying dividends
  3. How is this thread still going? the guy was abusive to a Steward at 2 separate matches who regardless of there gender (female) doesn't get paid enough to deal with that sh!t. He deserves his ban and should think long and hard about his future involvement with Wednesday as when you become a attraction for the wrong reasons that not good.
  4. From my seat looked like he was bolloking him and but you never know. Don’t know how winnall kept it together I would have took boots off and battered him with em. C0ck
  5. Did anyone see him and Winnall going at it and then the dirty tackles he put in straight after. Parker called him over and had a right go at him for it he was doing everything he could to get one of our players sent off the mug.
  6. Winnal showed the sort of the passion when he scored that you would expect a lifelong fan to when scoring for Wednesday and long may it continue, that goal and his performance should at least get his foot in the door now. What we fail to understand as fans is he's what 28? and barely played in 2 years, he must be worried for his career and it showed in his celebration, you can't buy passion like that, some footballers couldn't give a to$$ if they ever played again (Abdi, Jeffers) he clearly wants to play and score.
  7. If thats the case where did Sky pick up the story... there's been lots of mis information in this saga. Someone as deffo pocketed and i don't just mean the bookies.
  8. no but Andy Giddings and the new kid on Radio Sheffield due hold some gravitas
  9. According to Doom Howson and Radio Sheff, the players, playing staff and senior management did not know until lunchtime.
  10. Uddersfield thinking they had a chance of getting Cowley is embarrasing. they will go down again in my estimation. Sometimes going up can have BIG repercussions.
  11. Its interesting Chansiri told no one at the club until today that he was being appointed. Scared of more leaks?
  12. Chansiri was quite honest when asked if Monk was first choice and said we had spoken to people previously. I'm guessing we spoke to in this order 1. Chris Houghton - Turned Down 2. Tony Pulis - Turned Down Break - Give Bullen a go 3. Cowley - Turned Down 4. Monk - Accepted Do we think anyone else may have been offered it, Im shocked Bullen as been made the assistant in all honesty, I would much prefer a fresh coaching team as they can make there own mind up as Bullen clearly as his faves. In regards to Cowley he will very likely get promoted with Lincoln to Championship and at that point will probably get a premier league job, would have been mad for him to leave that especially when top of league.
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