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  1. FF should be looking at the Fletcher injury and thinking this is my chance! play him up top and if he's got a brain he should smash it and give himself some options in the summer!
  2. Fletch is great player and having is best season in years but the lads got a long history of injuries and he was never going to play every game this season. Without him we have looked rather pardon the expression “Blunt” selling Joao was regrettable but we got good money for him but not replacing him was the true crime. we need a striker in this month that can push us on to next level and a creative central midfielder to take the pressure of Bannon. ideally a no nonsense CB would be delightful as well as Lees is not what he once was.
  3. Danny Wilson Terry Yorath Chris Turner Alan Irvine Paul Jewel Peter Shreeves Brian Laws 7 for you and before you say Laws did the double remember the last season he was in charge.
  4. There are at least 6 managers worse than Jos in last 20 years
  5. Too many short memories on here.... here's my list of Worst to Best in last 20 years. Danny Wilson Terry Yorath Chris Turner Alan Irvine Paul Jewel Peter Shreeves Brian Laws Jos Luhukay Stuart Gray Dave Jones Paul Sturruck Gary Megson Steve Bruce Garry Monk Carlos Carvahal if you don't agree take a look at there records before replying 21 Danny Wilson Northern Ireland 6 July 1998 21 March 2000 80 23 40 17 28.75 22 Paul Jewell England 21 June 2000 12 February 2001 38 12 21 5 31.58 23 Peter Shreeves England 12 February 2001 17 October 2001 31 11 11 9 35.48 24 Terry Yorath Wales 17 October 2001 31 October 2002 56 16 25 15 28.57 25 Chris Turner England 7 November 2002 19 September 2004 96 29 36 31 30.21 26 Paul Sturrock Scotland 23 September 2004 19 October 2006 104 35 40 29 33.65 27 Brian Laws England 6 November 2006 13 December 2009 154 52 60 42 33.77 28 Alan Irvine Scotland 8 January 2010 3 February 2011 59 24 22 13 40.68 29 Gary Megson England 4 February 2011 29 February 2012 62 28 22 12 45.16 30 Dave Jones England 1 March 2012 1 December 2013 81 29 30 22 35.80 31 Stuart Gray England 1 December 2013 11 June 2015 68 26 19 23 38.24 32 Carlos Carvalhal Portugal 30 June 2015 24 December 2017 131 56 38 37 42.75 33 Jos Luhukay Netherlands 5 January 2018 21 December 2018 48 16 13 19 33.33 34 Steve Bruce England 1 February 2019 17 July 2019 18 7 8 3 38.89 35 Garry Monk England 6 September 2019 present 16 7 6 3 43.75
  6. Our best hope is to tie them up in litigation and somehow get promoted. Once we are a Premier League club EFL have no jurisdiction. This is exactly what happened to Tony Fernandez at QPR they where on for points deduction several years ago but got promoted and that was the end of it. well until they got relegated.
  7. Take a bow Jordan Rhodes that's the best first half I've seen a Wednesday player have in 20 years!
  8. I don’t think I’ve ever been more happier for a Wednesday player to score. He looks possessed right now.
  9. 2 quality goals as well which no one can deny!
  10. Craig Burley - Sep -7 1996 My Birthday we lost 2-0 to Chelsea but stayed top of the league. Wednesday have been breaking my heart all my life and ruining birthdays.
  11. First time I have logged in since posting and was expecting a wall of negs and posts but it seems pretty balanced. Its clear mistakes have been made but its easy to point that out after the fact, it seems to me that buying the stadium was Chansiri's last roll of the dice at avoiding PS sanctions, he more than likely wanted to avoid it but realized it was his only option albeit too late by the looks of it. Player sales where never going to fill the void partly because of how PS works and also he would have had to sell every player worth a few bob and given we still have to play matches and to stay up that clearly wasn't going to happen so he sold a couple. let some high earners go in the summer and played by the EFL rules (unlike Birmingham buying players when told not to) I think he thought or was advised given the fact we have cooperated that the EFL would let it slide given stadiums sales had happened already with no issues and whats several months delay between friends.... personally i think we would have gotten away with it too! Well until Steve Gibson started kicking off and trying to sue Derby and slagging us off every chance he got. He who also 3 years ago broke FFP rules but used a "accountancy trick" to get round it and then has a gumption to go after who others who do the same. At the meeting called because of Gibson last season where all the chairmen sat down with EFL it was pointed out to Gibson that he himself had used one these tricks to cheat FFP and his answer was.... it was allowed within the rules of FFP.... Well so is stadium selling you simpleton or it was but will very likely not be very soon. He drew too much attention to Derby and as a result us too and knowing us we will come of worse for it although its fine for a betting company to pay for clubs players and wages... I.E Wayne Rooney.
  12. Its a fact though, he gave us the money to build a team that twice finished in the Playoffs and twice bottled it, now you can blame Carlos and I do for the Huddersfield game but ultimately as any gambler knows, there's a risk to everything. I fully expected half the team to be sold in the summer and I think its a miricle that we still have a capable team today given the doom and gloom that was forcasted at the end of last season.
  13. I have heard a lot of Chansiri bashing and also read a lot given the recent news but lets not forget that the gamble he made in his big spending almost came off when we lost in the playoff final, if we had won that game all this would not exsist. We rolled the dice for the first time in almost 15 years and now we are paying the price but it could have all been different. for me personally I still can't get over not beating Huddersfield the following season, we would have easily beaten Reading at Wembly as they where a very poor team fortunate to find themselves in that position. So blame Chansiri all you want and of course he should be held accountable but if that 90 mins @ Wembley had gone differently the gamble pays off and its happily ever after.
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