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  1. I hope chansiri isn't logged in and seeing you dissing his new manager. You're all cretins
  2. Who do you want. Normally you seem impartial buy you scoff at Pearson and you don't want Pulis? Maybe you fancy another unknown like Jos?
  3. Looks like megson is coming back has pulis No2 Surely no one can be unhappy about this. Gary is Wednesday through and through and Pulis is no mug.
  4. All the fans don't rate Pulis but everyone in the game does.... He's achieved more than any other Wednesday manager we have had and its has simple as that, Pulis is in the Steve Bruce category for me.
  5. Why did Mourinho get sacked by Chelsea/ManUtd ALL MANAGERS GET SACKED
  6. Well this seems to have always been the biggest reason putting him off the job. Danny Wilson arguably did tarnish his legacy with us but that as more to do with going to United as manager if anything although his management of the team back in 98/99 was woeful. I think the time is right now for Pearson, he lives in the city, he's had a bad case of Covid and still recovering so travelling wont be an issue for him and we desperately need a strong minded no nonsense manager with a proven track record. I think the fan base would be appreciative that he stepped in when need
  7. Look at my great timing. Seriously I think we already know who we want given the timing.
  8. Although if Pearson is trully interested and we can agree a deal before sacking monk... Its a no brainer for me
  9. If anyone at the club thought Bullen could trully do a better job he would have the job. Bullen is a good coach who is lucky to have been retained by a number of managers. We are going to attract no one better at the bottom of the championship. I think we will finish 16th or above and given the circumstances that would be an achievement and Monk will deserve credit. Given the injuries and sending offs coupled with loads of new signings it's obvious that we are going to be inconsistent.
  10. I don't want Monk sacked, in fact I almost fear it happening. The reason for this Is I do not think we would have anyone lined up and it could take months to get a replacement in a lockdown/pandemic world and that tells me that Bullen would be given the job until someone was appointed. Now that does scare me!!! I like Bullen but only when he's not managing the team. I don't think we will go down under Monk and don't think we will go up under Monk but giving him time and the world time to settle down might just benefit us loads more than sacking him and making things worse.
  11. WOW So we only won cos we got 6 points taken off.... what about the other results we have got this season? Just be Happy for Fuchs Sake
  12. It did, he also started playing a different formation every game, he'd lost it by then.
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