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    Talk sport 2

    Yea why would you want to pay a meesely £4.50 a month and support the club.
  2. Its sh!t or bust time people we either invest in the team now knowing its the last chance we will be able to do for the next 3 years or we carry on not spending and just hope for the best and still be in a very negative position next year and not able to sign anyone.... I know what i would do
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    Let's fill the ground for Wolves.

    Great idea i will have a ticket on south please.
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    Did I hear right?

    It was said very confidently that is for certain, DC as been in constant contact with the EFL as we know from the Fans Forum, its likely what got us put on an embargo revolved around ELEV8 and D taxis so either a 3rd party as bought these and this removed the link to the club or something else as come up. Either way its good news... lets get the players signed up as we if the likes of Bannan and other leave it needs to be on our terms and also get some decent loans in.
  5. Just read this piece from the daily mail the day before the playoff final, just shows you the optimism that was around the club and the great position we where in. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3613261/Sheffield-Wednesday-come-toxic-period-internal-strife-cusp-Premier-League-Dejphon-Chansiri-Owls-happy-again.html Its not over yet, where there is a will there is hope.
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    I just go

    You see this is what a fan looks like, he's not a happy clapper he's a supporter and by the very definition all supporters are happy clappers. Credit to you, I've been following the Owls 25 years and its mainly been the drizzling sh!ts but still supporting more than ever!
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    Sheffield Wednesday Ladies FC

    OK well there will be plenty of equality when there isn't a men's team or womans team. What a pathetic thing to say, jeez
  8. Call me Daddy if you want as long as I get a cuddle after!
  9. See this is what late nights do to you... Butland is the player I meant. Thanks for pointing it out. please take this free upvote and shove it where the sun doesn't shine
  10. Listened to most of it last night while falling asleep. Selling Westwood obviously going to cover the 12 million deficit for next year but it shows the right intentions to the EFL. I'm certain the glimmer of hope Chansiri was talking about was the prospect of selling Westwood to Stoke to replace Foster but that never materialised.
  11. Maybe its becuase we need to sell him.... like DESPERATELY need to sell him to come out of FFP Embargo and 1. he probably doesn't want to go and 2. We can't risk him getting injured.
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    Joey Pelupessy

    I remember this been said every week about Reach.... now he's one of our best players. Patience is a virtue and all that
  13. Given the fact Fletcher needs 4 chances on average to score and Nuihu roughly the same I would imagine this is bad idea.... alsot it would be the most immobile foward line ever.... should be either one with Joao/Hooper
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    How about this for an Idea

    Some people are starting to think that he's skint. He's not and let's not forget that.