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  1. Wednesday could win the league and cup double and lose both derby's to United and people would only talk about losing both derby's
  2. Hows he been so far? its hard to believe he cost 3 million 3 years ago and came with a BIG reputation... Always wanted him to come good and hoping he finally is?
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    Happy 60th Chris Turner

    Never saw him play for for Wednesday but I saw him manage us..... He was the drizzling SH1TS But if wasn't for Turner we wouldn't have had Sturruck and for that I will wish him a Happy Birthday
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    Bored at work

    I know this post is aimed at me due to the fact I encompass all the great attributes you have mentioned above. But nobody likes a brown noser pal so your attempts at flattery have failed.... plus you ain't got TIG AL BITTIES and thats what the Dotty Man is all about
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    David Hirst, home or away?

    The OP is going to feel a little bit silly if David Hirsts family home does get burgled after this, I mean what the F*** is this thread meant to achieve.
  6. Well you’re so informed you should be our chief scout pal. tell you what if he does ever play again I will feel much better knowing it’s Jos who’s decided he’s good enough and not some bloke on a forum referring to players as “crap” there’s. big difference between being injured and crap. At Wednesday we have seen our fair share of players who have had by injuries but the amount of stick they get from fans is quite disgusting. Any player can suffer a serious injury at anytime it’s not there fault and if Abdi wasn’t up to scratch when we signed him that’s our medical staffs fault not Abdi.
  7. Well firstly he was class for Watford and secondly no one knows how good he is now as no one as seen him play consistently for Wednesday injury free. He could could play a big part tie season or could break down again and retire but to say he’s crap is both rediculous and tedious
  8. 14 Jack Charlton England 8 October 1977 27 May 1983 269 105 77 87 39.03 15 Howard Wilkinson England 24 June 1983 10 October 1988 255 114 73 68 44.71 16 Peter Eustace England 28 October 1988 14 February 1989 18 2 9 7 11.11 17 Ron Atkinson England 14 February 1989 6 June 1991 118 49 34 35 41.53 18 Trevor Francis England 7 June 1991 20 May 1995 214 88 58 68 41.12 19 David Pleat England 14 June 1995 3 November 1997 102 32 40 30 31.37 20 Ron Atkinson England 14 November 1997 17 May 1998 27 9 11 7 33.33 21 Danny Wilson Northern Ireland 6 July 1998 21 March 2000 80 23 40 17 28.75 22 Paul Jewell England 21 June 2000 12 February 2001 38 12 21 5 31.58 23 Peter Shreeves England 12 February 2001 17 October 2001 31 11 11 9 35.48 24 Terry Yorath Wales 17 October 2001 31 October 2002 56 16 25 15 28.57 25 Chris Turner England 7 November 2002 19 September 2004 96 29 36 31 30.21 26 Paul Sturrock Scotland 23 September 2004 19 October 2006 104 35 40 29 33.65 27 Brian Laws England 6 November 2006 13 December 2009 154 52 60 42 33.77 28 Alan Irvine Scotland 8 January 2010 3 February 2011 59 24 22 13 40.68 29 Gary Megson England 4 February 2011 29 February 2012 62 28 22 12 45.16 30 Dave Jones England 1 March 2012 1 December 2013 81 29 30 22 35.80 31 Stuart Gray England 1 December 2013 11 June 2015 68 26 19 23 38.24 32 Carlos Carvalhal Portugal 30 June 2015 24 December 2017 131 56 37 38 42.75 33 Jos Luhukay Netherlands 5 January 2018 Present 27 11 8 8 40.70
  9. Jos League Record Won 11 Lost 8 Drawn 8 Win percentage 40.70
  10. 2018 - 2019 W 3 - L 1 - D 1 2017 - 2018 W 8 - L 7 - 7
  11. Are you talking about the same manager who started crying in a BBC Radio Sheffield Interview becuase they had lost and stated several times he was ready to quit even though they where having the season of a lifetime. Wilder is a terrible loser,. if we had won the first derby there season would have gone very differently but we lost and it gave them the boost they needed, it better be different this season. If we beat them convincingly I can see them really struggling afterwords, if he was as good as they think the bubble wouldnt have burst so badlly last season, up until this recent run they had won 3 games in 20 and had relegation end of season form. But don't let statistic stand in the way of your love affair with our biggest rivals manager and a manager who takes very chance possible to have a dig at us, any Wednesday fan defending Wilder needs to give there head a wobble, at least Warnock did it tongue in cheek this idiot means everything he says, he hates Wednesday and by default we should hate him like i do.
  12. It’s true he worked minor miracles the last 9 months. Its time he he started getting same appreciation Carlos got in year 1 and 2 Wilder is nothing special but the United fans would have you think he’s jess reincarnated so I think it’s time we stated praising our jos more
  13. You have to applaud Jos whi would have thought when he joined we would be seeing Nuihu, Joao and Matias playing regularly and it shows just how poor Carlos’s man management was to just write certain players off and play his faves every week. Matias at 29 still as plenty in the tank and Joao at 24 we’ll the sky’s the limit for the kid... I’m no big Nuihu fan but he’s clearly proved his worth and now it’s yimr for the biggest return of all.... Abdi if he comes back 80% the player he was at Watford and we’ve got a quality player on our hands and I don’t doubt he will.
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    Adam Reach

    Bet your one of those lads that constantly said he was crap and now hate the fact he’s one of our best players.... got a similar kid at work who thinks he’s a waste of a shirt and I don’t know why he goes to games as he’s clearly re tar ded
  15. ...

    The Club's Strategy

    All of the above are great idea's and I truly wish we could reduce the ticket prices and make the improvements to the ground you want but here are the facts of the situation. I will start with easy ones The training facilities have been improved since the arrival of DC and this as been mentioned mentioned by the coaching staff and playing staff many times. If you are DC there is absolutely no point reducing ticket prices. we make more money with 20k in the stadium than United with 30k and the thought of that may upset some people but its true, if you look at our accounts the revenue we get from ticket sales dwarfs United and most clubs in the division, also you have the issue of when the tickets are reduced there's never been a big reaction and a 30k plus attendance unless its a cup game/playoffs. Regarding accepting bids for certain players, we had a £9 million bid for Reach last year and various bids this window no doubt but the reality is DC bought this club to get to the Premier League not to give it a good go and then sell the crown jewels, the vast majority of the squad is still very much up to a top 6 finish, hopefully with the new signings it will push everyone on but if we sold the likes of Reach, Bannon. FF and so on you go from a team who will finish top half maybe playoffs with a bit of luck and hard work to a team that could easily be in the relegation mix if things dont go our way. As for being a sustainable club, its a great ambition but Wednesday as never been a sustainable club, the only way to get Wednesday making money is getting promotion and then you can look at reducing ticket prices as when you have the TV rights suddenly the loss of 50/100k per game doesn't hurt so much. Ground improvements are always the last thing on the list of things to do, lets concentrate on getting that lick of paint and posts removed when we are back in our rightful place in the Premier League. Lastly you mention moving away from this all or nothing approach.... when we signed all these players a 2/3 years ago at that point it was not a all or nothing strategy it was a lets get promoted straegy and we where 90 mins and 180 mins away from that 2 seasons in a row, DC gave CC the tools, he had final say on transfers he gave the go ahead for Abdi/Fletcher and so on and he must have know the money we where paying them would seriously reduce our budget.... he even signed off on JR although it appears he soon regretted it as we all saw straight after losing to Hudddersfield when he used him a as a scape goat and hung him out to dry. We only have a all or nothing approach now as if we don't have the approach we could lose half our squad next year so we have to retain the best and ride out what ever punishment the EFL give us and considering our FFP situation will be a drop in the ocean compared to Villa and other clubs if they don't go up i'm certain DC is banking on a fine and no other punishment like points deduction as that as never ever been implemented and we are doing our best to comply... ever heard of a reduced sentence for time spent and good behavior?