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  1. Errrmmm that happened about 15 years ago but thanks for caring pal
  2. No problem but can’t ride your luck forever
  3. Used to be, kids killed me... still got one good night out left in me though. me you Dempsys?
  4. Top of the League and won 3/4 but it’s not pretty. If we play like that against the top teams in the division we will struggle. that could easily have been a draw without the keeper howler. I still think we need to appoint a manager that isn’t Bullen, he’s done a great job a brilliant job but nows the time.
  5. Oh and I told everyone my old username ad people thought I was some kind of demon
  6. Refuced myself to what? I think people are misunderstanding my title of this thread, I didn’t mean the team was struggling I meant Bullen. Is it so controversial to say I dint think Bullen should be given the job and we need to appoint a manager.
  7. No chips here mate just the norms having there pops and some people who owt to log out every once in awhile holding grudges because I robbed a load of people apparently.
  8. I’ve been on here 2 years longer than you and you’re telling me to get to the lane? What is is your major malfunction?
  9. You know what @ash76 I was really worried you’d forgot to beg me but just like all the great super heroes you arrive just in time to beg away. All we need now is Pitsmoor Owl and the natural order is restored.
  10. I want a manager I believe in that I feel can take us to the next level! What do want?
  11. I don’t want pulis but continuing with Bullen in my opinion is a massive mistake.
  12. The problem is I won’t conform like the more “well established” posters on here just because you have thousands of upvotes means nothing to me. I will I’ll say what I feel is right and if you go back 3 weeks I have been anti Bullen taking over full time from the start.
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