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  1. Paxo??? Well we are well stuffed.....................
  2. It can be sorted. Look at the mess we were in when big Jack rocked up at Hillsborough!!!!! Right chairman right manager and a bit of patience. Unfortunately we have none of the above
  3. At least Dave Allen stood by his words. Good or bad. No idea what this blokes words mean!
  4. I refer to my earlier post. It is vitally important for the club to have a good chairman/owner. The time and words being spent on the subject I fully understand. But it's boring.................it's evident he has "lost" the fans, without who no professional football club exists, even in these days of TV money. Put us up for sale or into administration. One or the other. At least we know where we are then instead of wondering aimlessly around "no mans land"
  5. He sometimes knows his way home................
  6. I just think its sad. I'm 66 and have been going to Hillsborough since i was 6. It's the first time i've felt like this about the chairman. Questioned others along the way yes. But he's the first one thats "lost" me completely. On that basis, go now.
  7. Well thats me. I know there are lots of things to discuss and sort out but Chansiri fatigue has set in. That initself is a very very sad indictment of where we are....... Always Wednesday till I die!
  8. It's been on hold for three years at least down at Sheffield 6 Waiting a bit longer for it to "start" won't hurt too much.
  9. You You wish!!!!! Years and years of it with plenty more to come.
  10. I'm glad someone knows where we are. I aint got a clue................
  11. Loved him, a nightmare for defenders whatever you think his skill levels were. Current crop are a defenders wet dream. Without the right players you never get back onside financially, it's called risk. You just have to manage it!
  12. Looks like Andy Booth to me. But without his skill...................
  13. Agreed........... Would have suited TP to the ground
  14. I must have missed the "team" bit. I see a lot more running around to be fair, but that wasn't difficult. Don't see a team though.
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