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  1. Too many Coaches

    do we actually have an english man on the coaching staff bullen scottish andy rhodes scottish the rest portugeese
  2. nervous taking penalty

    if big dave had refused (which he wouldnt have) god help him half of owlstalk would of run him out of town
  3. but you just get on with it, thats what huddersfields winning penalty taker said, NOT that im not confident. in the interviews after the game all that came across was how they all stuck together as a team we dont have a team just individuals
  4. i for one sit in the south and im getting fed up with this stupid rule. going over that bridge with that amount of people is a disaster waiting to happen i am now thinking of switching next seasons season ticket to the north 1 i can leave the ground where i want to( leppings lane) 2 its cheaper on the north. i wonder if more people did this the club would relax the rule due to lost revenue
  5. Reach

    turn up find out