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  1. AughtonOwl

    Season Ticket

    Not got mine.. lads has come (same address). Rung the ticket office on Tuesday, told me to wait till Thursday. Still not come.
  2. AughtonOwl

    Buzzing but gutted too

    I feel your pain, we booked last year and made sure the season was finished. Didn't even think about the play offs! We fly out on Sunday morning. Staying at Rosen Inn on International drive. The hotel say they'll have it on but would much rather meet up with some Wednesdayites and have a few beers.
  3. Booked to go to Florida this time last year, we fly out on Sunday. Always make sure we go on holiday when the seasons finished,due to having season tickets, never even thought we'd be in the play offs! Looked at flights last night to see if it was possible, £1560, guess not. Watched it in the pub last night and it was buzzing! Walked home gutted.
  4. AughtonOwl

    Latest odds

    I had £40 on us @16s to win play offs. £680 rtns.
  5. AughtonOwl

    Recladding West Stand

    Happy Cladder
  6. Both good friends of mine, known Carl since we were kids. Absolutley awfull news.. had the chance to meet her once and she was a cracker. Having a little lad myself I cant imagine what theyre going through. Ive just come on here to see if anybody had posted anything and im choked. I understand some people saying that we cant be doing this for everybody that paases away and I agree. But for some reason I feel this is different. Lets hope we get her a result on Saturday.
  7. Whos that handsome fella with the flat cap on laughing with joy?
  8. AughtonOwl


    Me, Banch and 2 more. Cant wait!
  9. AughtonOwl

    Videos and Pictures

    Even at the back of the Kop, up all them steps?
  10. AughtonOwl

    The equaliser SWFC FANS REACTION

    Cracking video. We were sat 3 rows behind our dug out, thanks to tickets from a mate. To sit all game next to that lot crowing because they were winning wasnt good, so when we scored we just jumped up through sheer adrenaline. Then realising where we were quickly sat back down. Looking to my left and seeing all them Wednesday fans bouncing around, for what seemed like ages was one of the best moments ever! Normally your in there with everyone and sometimes dont see how good it looks when you score. I did on Sunday tho.
  11. AughtonOwl

    My favourite photo from yesterday

    Im not angry just relieved and emotional.
  12. AughtonOwl

    MK Fan in peace ...

    Wasnt it 1988?
  13. AughtonOwl

    Best away day

    I know it was once for definate because i spent the entire day in my Uncles car while he was working in Bimingham only for it to be called off about 5ish.
  14. AughtonOwl

    Best away day

    When i first saw the title of this thread you always have 4 or 5 games in mind that you remember. Then after reading the thread you realise that theres too many to mention. Some fantastic days/weekends following Wednesday. Obviously the Semi against the pigs, the first game at Ipswich, the 7-2 win at Burnley all crackers. But Swindon in the sun always sticks out along with the Cup win at Aston Villa when Efon Ekoku scored. What a celebration behind that goal! Also the cup game at Coventry on our way to winning it. We were sat in their end surronded by Wednesdayites.