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  1. So ended up getting this on PC as Cdkeys had it at £29.99. Looks and plays so much better than on the xbox one. Proper getting into it now and only issue I’ve had is a few trees despawning and respawning on occasion.
  2. Should I send back my Xbox one copy and get it on PC instead?
  3. He’s a luxury player, we can’t play a 442 with him in the middle as he doesn’t track back or get stuck in enough. This is why Carlos stuck him out on the left. We’ve played these last few systems with a 3 in midfield to fit him in. He just spends the game dropping to deep and we end up with 3 centre half’s, him and 1 or 2 defensive midfielders all in our own half. No wonder we can’t score..
  4. Rhodes hasnt played well, but Nuhiu has been absolutely bellcap. Get winnall on and lets play it on the floor..
  5. I can run it but at £34 it can wait a while. Ive got so many games on steam I havent touched yet!
  6. Played it at at an EGX event in Birmingham last year and it seemed very interesting indeed. Had it on my steam wish list waiting for the release. i think it said next week. Is that right?
  7. I just wish Vince would fizz off now. I’m the least interested I’ve been in WWE for years. i fed up of his short term “throw poo at the walls” booking. The reason your ratings are tanking is because your not investing us in any storylines. You’re not creating any new stars with your 50/50 booking and burials of popular wrestlers you don’t like (rusev, revival, etc). oh and stop shoving reigns down our throats constantly. He’s a good wrestler but not the panacea for all your problems. Ah that’s better now. Rant over
  8. My time at Portia. Very Stardew Valley in the fact its got that “oh I do one more day” structure so a quick go ends up being hours. Bought it to get the kids off fortnite but they haven’t been on it yet!
  9. This was the only match that I popped for, the rest I thought was just meh
  10. For me Fallout 3 was the best as it was the first Fallout game I tried. It was unlike anything else I’d played at that time and just the sheer size and interaction you could have was amazing. yes the ending was a bit poo but for me it was still better than new Vegas and defo fallout 4. I wouldn’t say the quality of the fallout games has moved on that much that a remaster would be worth it though. I’d rather they put there efforts into providing a new single player game with the dialogue and karma system of fallout 3 and new vegas
  11. Got my dispatch email from Base at 11am today so this better be on the doormat when I get home tomorrow!!
  12. Anybody had a dispatch email yet?
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