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  1. Rhodes hasnt played well, but Nuhiu has been absolutely bellcap. Get winnall on and lets play it on the floor..
  2. Who can forget Micky Quinn saying that Hillsborough should be bulldozed..it's just a typical north west and London centric Radio Station.
  3. The main issue I have is that they have brought this beautiful catalogue out and then you go online or to the megastore to find that many of the products are out of stock. I went last week after seeing the catalogue with the intent to spend a sum of money, however I left disappointed and with only a kids polo shirt in my bag. In the short space of time i was there I heard a few people say "have you got this?" "Are there no extra large?" etc only for staff to say "No sorry, we should get some more in March" Its just disappointing as there are so many people who want to buy but the club seemingly dont want the business...
  4. Proper commercial Bean 2 Cup machines cost in the region of 8 grand for a decent one and the serving times wouldn't be any quicker either. You cant win really as my company sold some hot drinks machines to Notts County and the fans still complained about the quality of drinks.
  5. The hot drinks they serve are bought in bulk and as you know they just add hot water to them. For an average cup cost for the catering company your looking at 20p at the most.
  6. Just been in. Got loads of shirts in stock without logo on. Bloke behind counter told me they had 2000 shirts with logos yesterday and sold them all.
  7. Just left. Thought they could have set up some tills outside and dished them out for cash buys. Would have took pressure off the shop then. Glad the club are getting the coin in though.
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