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  1. When they put the board up to show 4 mins of injury time, Stoke City were 4 mins from a league cup semi final.


    They were 2-0 up and in total control of the game.


    You could have heard a pin drop it was so quiet.







    Our fans won 12-0 tonight...............well done everyone.

  2. I'd be exceedingly interested to know which players Roeder has recommended. I've got a feeling he's pulled out the likes of Sasso and Lachman rather than Joao and Bannan.


    Based on what?


    Give the guy some credit, he's the only committee member that DC has kept on, so he's doing something right.

  3. Found a reyt good stats site the other day.


    Thought it may be relevant as we are playing the team who top the table in terms of %shots resulting in goals.



    We are mid table when sorted by average shots per game - 13.52.


    And we are actually above Derby who average - 13.29 shots per game.



    However, we are bottom of the table when sorted by shots on target


    We manage to get a measly 25.54% of our shots on target.


    Derby get 35.68% of theirs on target.


    But the killer.


    Of those shots on target only 21.5% result in a goal for us. (We're bottom of the table in this one as well).


    Derby - 41.5% of their shots on target results in a goal.


    So I predict we'll have 13 shots on Saturday and Derby will have 12.


    We'll get 3 on target and Derby will get 5 on target.


    And we'll lose 2 - 1.



    Unless there's been some serious shooting practice been done this week.


    Does the minus sign mean we are shooting in the wrong direction???  lol

  4. With Semedo, Melo and Hutchinson in the middle, how often are the opposition going to get that far?


    Westwood can field the odd pot shot from miles out. No danger!



    - - - - - - - - - - Westwood - - - - - - - - - -


    - - - - NO DEFENCE NECESSARY - - - -


    - - - - Semedo - Hutchinson - Melo - - - -


    Maguire - Baker - McGugan - Maghoma


    - - - - - - Keane - - Nuhiu - - Bus - - - - -





    That would work nicely.........but only if you replaced Maghoma with Helan!!

  5. I really don't make a habit of slagging player's off but for maghoma I'll make an exception. I hate seeing his name on our team sheet, he offers nothing, leaves whoever is playing at lb totally exposed and to top it off costs us goals. I can put up with any other player as they actually try and play to the best of their ability but maghoma is a lazy, lazy footballer. Not fit to wear the shirt. End of rant.


    This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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