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  1. 2 minutes ago, ItzzOwl said:

    Not he biggest fan of Jones, but tonight was sort of pleasantly surprised, although still left confused. 


    His is ability to stop the opposition getting through is stupidly good, the amount of times he nipped in with an interception was great. 


    However, is it just me or does he then look a bit confused as to what to do with the ball. It always seems to get stuck, and it drops the tempo an awful let when we are on the attack.


    Not saying he played terrible tonight, far from it, made some crucial interceptions. Just trying to figure out why the ball looks lost at his feet.


    if he had the ability to pick out an attacking pass, he would provide some real competition to Hutch.


    Errrrm....... Didn't he slot the ball through to Wallace for our goal?

  2. 22 minutes ago, Flat Owl said:

    Not mad Southie...I agree with you.

    I suspect that has been the plan all the way through and is wider version of what he does in games to conserve energy.

    i.e. Maintain a steady position for 2/3rds of the season and accumulate points by being workmanlike and then gamble to firstly catchup and then breakaway over the last 5 or 6 games or so...

    Its risky but who dares wins.


    Exactly this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  3. 13 hours ago, TotalSWFC said:

    With all the money flowing into football the system has changed attitudes, loyalty and power bases...many would say for the worse. The vast majority of fans today yurn to hire a loyal, passionate and eloquent manager. We might not always agree with him but Chansiri found him where no one saw him coming. Let's not contribute to this negative spiral in the system and embrace what a cracking personality he is at the Club so we can robustly rebuild a club fit to fight in the future.


    He talks to the media..."this is Sheffield Wednesday". How many other managers have embraced us in this way? He is our first foreign manager (I believe?). We want Carlos for the long hall...to build the team, training facilities, the culture...he has a dream so let him get on with it. How are the players talking about him?...


    Ok...some signings have been disappointing so far but let him do his job...it's a process and he is showing his loyalty all the time. A better atmosphere at home games really drives the team on...it gives players even more belief. Some fans are like spoilt brats who don't remember our darker hours years...


    My worry is some fans will have the "oops" moment if they end up driving CC and some of the top players away. They really don't know how good we have it right now...even if we don't make it up this season...Carlos should still be given more time. It's not just the 1st eleven that needs building...a sustainable Club does.


    Carlos Had A Dream so let him try to live it with us.




    Great post but needed some fine tuning.

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