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  1. 23 minutes ago, BowOwl said:

    Post Poll Prezzer:

    I must say, we were up against it, but credit to the lads they stuck in.


    @Bourbon pick up a finger strain, should be back in 2 weeks

    @flying owl Broke a nail - we will have to wait on the assessment


    Tactically i felt we caught Bristol out, they will be disappointed to come away with nothing


    We have a rest until the next poll, but we will keep building this momentum


    Up date on broken nail..............back in training in 2 weekslol

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  2. 4 minutes ago, ramone said:

    Then thats even more worrying given the fact we played 5-5-0 and still conceded 2 goals from inside our on 6 yard box


    So many people have their head in the sand at the moment. Its clouded their judgement seeing a getting rid of Carlos was priority number 1, not what was best for Sheffield Wednesday 


    Ageed, it is worrying, but my point is that Jos is getting flack for not playing a recognised striker but that's wasn't the problem tonight.


    The problem was playing Loovens.


  3. 5 minutes ago, Pulsar said:

    Went to the away leg and the atmosphere in the Walter Fritz stadium was brilliant, will post photos sometime.

    Was stood right at the front of the kop for the home game and atmosphere was even better.

    I have told my mates over the years that some fans held up diving score cards for that two hat who got Hirsty sent off but they don't believe me.

    I'm sure i saw this but am starting to doubt myself.

    Anyone else see it?


    Maybe you are thinking of the Klinsman game.

  4. 3 hours ago, OwlInCardiff said:

    Train from Penistone used to stop at Wadsley Bridge on match days, maybe other days too


    Used to get the train from Penistone to Wadsley Bridge in 1966 when I first started going to Hillsborough.


    We had to leave the match early to get the last train home.........never left a match early since.



  5. 30 minutes ago, robowl4life said:



    Dear Andy,


    I would like to apply for the position of groundsman at The Massive. 

    I believe I have the required qualifications and experience for the job at hand and certainly have the required passion.

    I have heard of NVQ2 and even NVQ3. 

    I have more than 2 years experience playing 5 a side on sports turf and know what it is.

    I have experience as a grounds person as I used to pick all needles up off pitch before playing Sunday mornings.

    My dad always used to say I was safe but threatened to spray pesticide on me when cutting grass as a little un.

    I know Desso, he’s a sound lad and heard him say sumat about fibre-optic broadband once.

    I can manual handle, I often spar and love to rear naked choke my opponents.

    Although I haven’t worked with football pitches at a professional level I have been on a few, they were reyt good.

    I also know how to fertilise things.


    I would require £5k per week and an Audi R8. Failing this I would settle for a bicycle and free sausage rolls. 


    Ta mate.


    You mean a 2 seater bentley, surely.

  6. 5 minutes ago, SiJ said:

    I watched us lose the derby (3-2 when Esajas scored) in a bar in Dublin. 


    We were so sh*t at the time that I claimed a moral victory for almost turning it around in the second half. 


    Didn't have that excuse this season :duntmatter:


    I watched that same game in a bar in Turkey.


    Got really excited at the prospect of a draw, then meh.

  7. 1 hour ago, Utah Owl said:

    If it were modern day format with 20 clubs I'd go:



    Aston Villa







    Man City

    Man Utd


    Notts Forest

    Sheffield Utd

    Sheffield Wednesday




    West Brom

    West Ham Utd



    If it were old school 22 team format I'd probably add 2 from Burnley, Bolton, Stoke and Birmingham

    That's spot on for me.

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