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  1. Home Brizzle game is 7th match......3-2 Away one is missing.
  2. Great analysis. You missed out Bristol City away tho.
  3. It was, but now the transfer window is shut Carlos is gonna use it on the pitch.
  4. Exactly this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  5. Not long ago some people said we had too many midfield players
  6. We could do with a band on the Kop to improve the atmosphere.
  7. St James Park, Exeter. Been twice Lost 5-1 Lost 2-1
  8. Great post but needed some fine tuning.
  9. No worries. Reda hat trick for Eastleigh will knock Brentford out.
  10. Got same as Paul, even got the same one wrong......Christmas game one....... I said Charlton. I was also rubbish at general knowledge
  11. Ah, so he plays for Eastleigh now......... Why didn't someone say this earlier?
  12. Don't take it too seriously pal. He's a cult figure because he compensated for his lack off ability with guts & determination. Nobody is saying he's Messi.
  13. Why do people keep saying this? We finish 5 points ahead of 7th place with a 19 goal better GD. We cemented 6th place by smashing our closest rivals 3-0 in the last home game. We even had the luxury of playing our 2nd team against Wolves on the last day.
  14. I only remember one. First game of season at Wolves.......13 seconds (i think)
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