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  1. 3 hours ago, poite said:

    This is one of the questions I want asking at the fans forum.


    I would like chansiri to explain that statement and clarify what exactly he means by 'big trouble'


    Such a broad statement that could mean anything.


    I think it was DC's way of getting the fans used to the idea that we'll have to sell our best players to comply with FFP

  2. 2 hours ago, steelcityowlsfan said:

    With the derby looming I think it's fair to say in recent times the underdog has mainly faired the better in these fixtures. Taking a look at the recent derbies only strengthens this argument.


    The last derby at the stain finished 0-0. We were massive underdogs due to league position, the result of the first derby, away from home and our horrendous injury record. We managed to save face with a 0-0 draw. Cast your minds back to the earlier encounter and one might argue they were the underdogs? Sure they had started unbelievably well but most expected we would be too strong for them at home.....well we all know what happened there.


    Other notable results in the derby where the underdog did well include:


    1-0 Wednesday O'Grady. The game they could afford to lose, 5 points clear 2 games in hand........MIND THE GAP!!

    The league cup triumph with Ekoku grabbing the winner

    The derby double in 90/91 they took 6 points off us but surely we were favourites for both games?

    The 1-0 win where Steve Watson scored

    The biggest of all is probably the boxing day massacre. We were underdogs on the day but triumphed and now have a song because of it.


    My point is are we the underdogs in the upcoming derby and might this bode well for us? We seem to do better when we are the underdogs and that's fine by me.


    Fixed it for you. :tango:

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  3. 3 hours ago, matthefish2002 said:

    I saw the Channel 5 show at the weekend where the Wednesday girl did the selfie video thing saying we are staring relegation in the face. 8 points clear is not staring relegation on the face to me.

    The club on and off the pitch has been like Fred Karnos Circus this season but get a couple of wins and re group in the summer.


    I'm sure that was Victoria who used to be a regular poster on here.


    To be fair to her she was probably feeling a bit negative after reading the matchday thread during the game. lol

  4. 2 minutes ago, Matt_1 said:


    He knows something but he can't/won't say is my guess.


    He's normally really level headed and stops the site being a haven for negativity and unsubstantiated rumour.


    He's stoking the rumour mill at the minute.


    I agree, he's good at it though, I'll give him that.


    I mean, one tabloid headline & BOOM!!! ............ 25 pages.

  5. 15 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:

    No tabloid title mate - it's the truth

    And the press/radio haven't got back from the press conference yet

    Watch their articles as they're posted I bet they're more critical than I am


    Not having a go Neil.


    It's just that "banned" seems a very emotive word to use to describe a situation that has been ongoing all season.


    Still, It's good for the advertisers. WTF:

  6. 4 minutes ago, alanharper said:


    That's that then, if some fans on a forum say that it's definitely going ahead (despite a red 'danger to life' weather warning for south-west England for the incoming storm and blizzards) then it's going ahead.  


    I wonder where they think all that snow's going to disappear to, given that it's not forecast to get any higher than freezing.




    Fans forums are hardly reliable sources of weather info. 

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