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  1. 1 hour ago, slinger208b said:

    Extract from The Star talking to Borner.

    “I went up and I slid a little bit and twisted it,” said the 28-year-old.

    “On Monday I will have a scan. I hope that by next week or at home against Swansea I will be back.”




    Anyone else read the last bit in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice. lol

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  2. 50 minutes ago, frastheowl said:


    Marcus Maddison from Peterborough.


    I banged the drum in the summer, and I'll keep banging it until he moves to a Championship club. 


    Still hasn't signed a contract at P'Boro, so he's a freebie in the summer. 


    Eight goals, six assists in 14 games this season. 10 goals and 23 assists last season. 12 goals and 23 assists the season before that.


    He's an output machine. Can play left wing, right wing and as a number ten. 


    We could get him for £600k-800k. Potential bargain.



    No chance at that money.


    Over the years Peterborough have sold plenty of gems...... always for several milllion.

  3. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Kadeem song we had at Cardiff on Friday.


    To the tune of "one man went to mow....went to mow a meadow"


    Chansiri went to Wales.....

    In his purple Yaris.....

    He came back with a superststar.....

    KADEEM F*****g HARRIS!!


    Well I like it anyway.


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  4. 4 hours ago, sweetsheri said:

    I think there lies the crux of this.

    Gibson's beef is with the EFL for allowing it. Therefore the EFL are bringing in Lawyers (at whose expense?) to cover their

    arses from Gibson. 

    If they are in the wrong then Gibson has a green light to sue them. Nothing to do with us. We did as we were told within the EFL rules (assumption)

    so if the EFL rules were not applied correctly then Gibson will sue.


    Exactly this.  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  5. I think difference in class between Prem & Championship showed in all the games tonight (except Spurs). Only Swansea scored against a Prem side & the rest were all 5-0, 4-0 etc.


    I fully expect 14 of the 16 teams left after tomorrow’s games to be Prem teams leaving no Championship or league 1 sides left in the competition.


    Who says Prem clubs don’t take the league cup seriously?



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