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  1. 30 minutes ago, robowl4life said:



    Dear Andy,


    I would like to apply for the position of groundsman at The Massive. 

    I believe I have the required qualifications and experience for the job at hand and certainly have the required passion.

    I have heard of NVQ2 and even NVQ3. 

    I have more than 2 years experience playing 5 a side on sports turf and know what it is.

    I have experience as a grounds person as I used to pick all needles up off pitch before playing Sunday mornings.

    My dad always used to say I was safe but threatened to spray pesticide on me when cutting grass as a little un.

    I know Desso, he’s a sound lad and heard him say sumat about fibre-optic broadband once.

    I can manual handle, I often spar and love to rear naked choke my opponents.

    Although I haven’t worked with football pitches at a professional level I have been on a few, they were reyt good.

    I also know how to fertilise things.


    I would require £5k per week and an Audi R8. Failing this I would settle for a bicycle and free sausage rolls. 


    Ta mate.


    You mean a 2 seater bentley, surely.

  2. 5 minutes ago, SiJ said:

    I watched us lose the derby (3-2 when Esajas scored) in a bar in Dublin. 


    We were so sh*t at the time that I claimed a moral victory for almost turning it around in the second half. 


    Didn't have that excuse this season :duntmatter:


    I watched that same game in a bar in Turkey.


    Got really excited at the prospect of a draw, then meh.

  3. 1 hour ago, Utah Owl said:

    If it were modern day format with 20 clubs I'd go:



    Aston Villa







    Man City

    Man Utd


    Notts Forest

    Sheffield Utd

    Sheffield Wednesday




    West Brom

    West Ham Utd



    If it were old school 22 team format I'd probably add 2 from Burnley, Bolton, Stoke and Birmingham

    That's spot on for me.

  4. 32 minutes ago, Mr. Wednesday said:

    Why do anyone listen to anything Nixon says? He's as reliable as TransfersXI :ghoulguy: Plus how many times has he stirred and said negative things about Wednesday and Chansiri without any fact? :columbo:Yet many of us hold his word as gospel truth... :duntmatter:


    I thought you were talking about Owlstalk for a minute :ph34r:

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  5. 1 hour ago, Himble said:

    Need to keep all our strikers happy.  Play a 1872 type formation :)









    Can't believe you left Rhodes out. lol

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  6. 1 minute ago, markowl said:

    Gotta love this site.


    Thread after thread going on about Liverpool's victim mentality then people moaning that we don't get mentioned on Channel 5.



    Isn't being a victim the opposite to being ignored?

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  7. 1 minute ago, WalthamOwl said:

    I know I'm slightly getting ahead of myself but if we have already qualified for play offs when we play Fulham would you play a lot of the fringe players and rest the key players? 


    We did last season & our players were fresh for the Semis.


    But having bought my ticket for the Fulham game & traveling 400 mile round trip I would like to see a decent game.

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