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  1. I think difference in class between Prem & Championship showed in all the games tonight (except Spurs). Only Swansea scored against a Prem side & the rest were all 5-0, 4-0 etc.


    I fully expect 14 of the 16 teams left after tomorrow’s games to be Prem teams leaving no Championship or league 1 sides left in the competition.


    Who says Prem clubs don’t take the league cup seriously?



  2. 16 minutes ago, handworth52 said:

    im getting sick of all this ,link to him then to him ,about 10 different favourites ,hughton,then zola,coleman,bullen rowett silva then hughton going back up in the betting its like some kind of horse race and the only winners are the bookies ,the longer this fiasco continues the more they will make. chansiri make a statement regards new manager , we don't care about the snake bruce and how much compo u will get that's your business . just announce a manager ,rowett will do others are either unrealistic or far too risky. we got a risky appointment in carlos and he blew 100 million in wages and transfer fees whats totally screwed us .a new manager is needed now ,he gets a week to work with them before season starts and then can see what we need by transfer deadline day . 


    So you want Chansiri to announce anyone, because you’re sick of all the speculation!!



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