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  1. Anyone else read the last bit in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.
  2. Ah..... I missed that bit. My brain automatically went into Peter£££££££££borough mode.
  3. No chance at that money. Over the years Peterborough have sold plenty of gems...... always for several milllion.
  4. I can't claim it as mine, I just joined in when I heard it
  5. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Kadeem song we had at Cardiff on Friday. To the tune of "one man went to mow....went to mow a meadow" Chansiri went to Wales..... In his purple Yaris..... He came back with a superststar..... KADEEM F*****g HARRIS!! Well I like it anyway.
  6. I think Reda made his debut away at Bristol City when we beat them 3-0. We should’ve been 5-0 down at half time
  7. I think difference in class between Prem & Championship showed in all the games tonight (except Spurs). Only Swansea scored against a Prem side & the rest were all 5-0, 4-0 etc. I fully expect 14 of the 16 teams left after tomorrow’s games to be Prem teams leaving no Championship or league 1 sides left in the competition. Who says Prem clubs don’t take the league cup seriously?
  8. No chance, they are doing well now......... 10 mins without conceding
  9. This^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ When he gets t'bi-line there's another 4 defenders in't box.
  10. I agree.......just check out his handywork at Reading.
  11. Reading 1-2 Wednesday Fletch Reach Borner og
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