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  1. Who actually makes the decision? Because if you leave it up to Bristol City they will just say "we've cleared the pitch so game on" Who assesses the conditions around the ground? Who takes into account the safety of travelling fans?
  2. Agreed Fans forums are hardly reliable sources of weather info.
  3. 96 minutes away from home in a very competitive game in one of the toughest leagues in the world..........you only commit one foul. Really!!! Impossible without the help of the ref.
  4. Just me I think! Not sure how many Owls but attendance was 11254. The reverse fixture at Hillsborough in May was a bit more memorable though. Over 31000 saw us get promoted
  5. I don't know how I made it to that game. Had to battle my way across the Severn Bridge. Its must be be at least 10 miles from my house
  6. Agreed. He may be past his best but he's given us some great moments with some tremendous goals. He deserves a bit more respect.
  7. Too early for a "perspective" thread. People haven't even got home yet, they are still angry mad.
  8. They probably get paid monthly tbh. It's the media that talk about weekly wages because they think that football fans are too thick to understand monthy or yearly salaries. Really gets my goat.
  9. Up date on broken nail..............back in training in 2 weeks
  10. Get well soon Jordan, hope you make a full recovery.
  11. Ageed, it is worrying, but my point is that Jos is getting flack for not playing a recognised striker but that's wasn't the problem tonight. The problem was playing Loovens.
  12. He tried something different, give Jos a break ffs. It wasn't lack of strikers that cost us (we scored) it was poor defending.
  13. Maybe you are thinking of the Klinsman game.
  14. You mean like McBurnie did on Barnsley's pitch?
  15. Used to get the train from Penistone to Wadsley Bridge in 1966 when I first started going to Hillsborough. We had to leave the match early to get the last train home.........never left a match early since.
  16. I'm sure there was a thread on this a couple of days ago but voted again anyway.
  17. Amazing set of results. Just checked the archives & Ipswich conceded 121 goals that season. Needless to say they were relegated, we finished 6th.
  18. I hope he does well as I genuinely like Carlos but I just can't see him keeping them up.
  19. Thanks for the memories Carlos but it was time to go. All the best for the future & enjoy Christmas with your family.
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