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  1. Hi Flying,

    Apologies about not replying, I'd forgot totally that I'd put a post in here *my bad*

    I'm 20 mins northish of Newport, a place called Blackwood... well a small village outside it but all the same lol.

    Yeah, I know Blackwood.

    If you're in Newport any time, call in at South Wales Superbikes & ask for Brian.

  2. In a relagation battle, surely you fight for everything, 50/50's etc

    You need to win individual battles all over the pitch...

    You need to be strong and fair...

    Yet we are in a huge battle and pick up NO YELLOW CARDS!!!

    That say's it all really for me.

    Checkout the highlights (lowlights)

    Their second goal started with a throw in.

    From that throw in to the ball hitting the back of the net took 15 seconds.

    In that time our players made 6 challenges (count em) & Reading players won every single one of them challenges.

    Tells you eveything really.

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