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  1. Panic over. Finally got though & they'll put me on duplicate list. Lets hope the match goes ahead.
  2. Ordered tickets for Exeter match & they haven't arrived yet. Now they might turn up in the morning, but if they dont i'm buggered. As i live in South Wales I cant pick them up from Hillsbro. I tried ringing 0871-995-1867 option 2 but cant get through, (just keeps ringing). What is the normal proceedure when tickets dont arrive on time? Can anyone suggest an alternative as im running out of time???
  3. September 1966, lost 2-0 to West Ham, I was also 10 years old & I now live 200 miles south west of Hillsborough.
  4. Me and my lad will be there........only 15 miles for me.
  5. Yeah, I know Blackwood. If you're in Newport any time, call in at South Wales Superbikes & ask for Brian.
  6. hahahahahahhahahah On sky sports news now FRANCIS JEFFERS INVITED TO TRAIN WITH BLACKPOOL TOMORROW
  7. Hi Robster. I live in Chepstow & work in Newport. Born in Penistone a very long time ago, been an Owls fan since 1966 & still get to a few games every year, home & away. Where in Gwent are you?
  8. The rh drop down menu "BLOCK" isnt working. It only gives one option & thats "Choose pricing band" which is on the other menu. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAArrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh
  9. Checkout the highlights (lowlights) Their second goal started with a throw in. From that throw in to the ball hitting the back of the net took 15 seconds. In that time our players made 6 challenges (count em) & Reading players won every single one of them challenges. Tells you eveything really.
  10. Im not far away, just over the severn bridge in Chepstow.UTO
  11. From Penistone, living in Chepstow ....... only just wales, but hey!
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