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  1. Sir David Hirst. He had everything (except luck).
  2. Alan Brown, so thats 23 for me. Where has all that time gone? I feel very old now
  3. I had a nice chat with John Harkes in the old club shop (the one the size of a phone box).
  4. I noticed this too. Megson used to answer questions by starting with "Its not a case of..........."
  5. He will definately score against us. 5-1 to the MASSIVE so it wont be an issue.
  6. 3-1 to us. Madine x2 Antonio x1
  7. Definately a missed opportunity tonight but we've just got 4 points from last 2 games........same as the pigs.
  8. I know but I just like to stay positive........like
  9. If we had drawn 2-2 at Notts County & won 2-1 tonight we would all be saying:- WOOOOOHOOOOO only 2 points behind the pigs now! Just sayin like.
  10. When you say "leaky at the back" we have only conceded 3 goals in the last 6 games. Its up front where we've struggled ................. until DJ came along. We'll be fine.
  11. I think Stevenage may start to suffer from "Big time Charlie Syndrome" while they play catch-up. It sometimes happens when small clubs do well in the cup, like when L**ds beat Manure at Old Trafford.
  12. Why hasn't anybody said "SPECULATE TO ACCUMULATE" Somebody always says this in money threads ALWAYS!!! Very disappointing
  13. According to that set of results Charlton will only concede 2 more goals all season.........I dont think so.
  14. Just ordered my tickets (still 30 left) so weather will be sunny 5 deg C.
  15. No offence taken mate. Someone put a video of it on here a couple of months ago.......foooookin hilarious.
  16. You can add Bostock to that list after tomorrow.
  17. If it snows during the game.............I hope Pat Jennings is playing in goal for Yeovil.
  18. I think they were refering to his previous business interests in USA. (but nice to dream)
  19. Maybe I heard it wrong, my hearing is crap.
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