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  1. 29 minutes ago, Inspector Lestrade said:

    So on the word of a small time poster (no offence meant) who offers no validity of his claim, we are waving goodbye to DC and ordering pizzas and pasta.


    Got to love OT

    DBowl tends to come out of the woodwork when there is takeover news.


    Not sure if she is ITK but certainly claims her husband is.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Nero said:


    That's the Holmesian Fallacy

    This fallacy usually occurs when someone uses the Holmes Method without being a superhuman genius. The Holmes Method is illustrated by the quote from "The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier",[note 1] a 1926 Sherlock Holmes short story:

    "When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." —Sherlock Holmes

    To apply this method, one must find explanations and eliminate them one by one. However, to draw a logical conclusion from this is fallacious, because both steps require omniscience:

    1. Find every possible explanation.
    2. Correctly disprove every possible explanation, except the true and undisprovable one.

    Star Trek's Spock even uttered a version of it in Star Trek VI — The Undiscovered Country.[


    Maybe Doom is Omniscient?


    Well blow me, I didn't know that lol

  3. 12 minutes ago, Watto said:


    What about Chelsea league cup semi 2nd leg. 1991 got to be the best Hillsborough atmosphere in recent times that I remember , Kaiserslautern was close as was Brighton in the play offs.

    Agreed, atmosphere was incredible, still got nervous when they got a goal back to make it 4-1 on aggregate........nothing has changed



    I was at the Kaiserslautern game & always said it was the best ever atmosphere, even though it became a bit subdued after they scored the 2nd equaliser.


    The games in the last 10 years that matched it for me were:

    Brighton playoffs & Wycombe game.

    Both 90+ minutes of pure joy.

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  5. 24 minutes ago, McRightSide said:

    I would still judge Westwood as our overall #1 but right now Dawson has done enough to keep the shirt.


    Still think he needs to play the majority of the games for the remainder of the season and I have concerns if he’s quite ready to do that for us. 

    If he does and performs well - great. But he definitely should be signing a new contract then going out on loan if not. Zero value in sitting on the bench.

    I also wouldn’t trade the #1 shirt for a contract. It needs to be earnt not negotiated.

    Exactly this^^^^^^^^^^^

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