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  2. No chance, they are doing well now......... 10 mins without conceding
  3. What does the “C” stand for Bob?
  4. This^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ When he gets t'bi-line there's another 4 defenders in't box.
  5. I agree.......just check out his handywork at Reading.
  6. Reading 1-2 Wednesday Fletch Reach Borner og
  7. So you want Chansiri to announce anyone, because you’re sick of all the speculation!! Reyt!
  8. You're in cloud cuckoo land mate.....pure fantasy.... There's no way Brentford will finish 4th......
  9. Bruce waited until the 97th minute then said..........hold my beer!!
  10. Neves 35% McGinn 34% Reach v L**ds 18%
  11. Such a broad statement that could mean anything. I think it was DC's way of getting the fans used to the idea that we'll have to sell our best players to comply with FFP
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