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  1. Oh well, you kept us entertained for a couple of hours. You should do stand up.
  2. Its ok, Mr Daltry said “You won’t get fooled again”
  3. DBowl tends to come out of the woodwork when there is takeover news. Not sure if she is ITK but certainly claims her husband is.
  4. You've put that tune in my head now, I'll never get rid of it!!
  5. Didn’t we have a Danny Williamson once upon a time? 1970’s maybe?
  6. To apply this method, one must find explanations and eliminate them one by one. However, to draw a logical conclusion from this is fallacious, because both steps require omniscience: Find every possible explanation. Correctly disprove every possible explanation, except the true and undisprovable one. Star Trek's Spock even uttered a version of it in Star Trek VI — The Undiscovered Country.[ Maybe Doom is Omniscient? Well blow me, I didn't know that
  7. I hope you have the relevant Badges to post that picture
  8. Monk needs to get some Ibuprofen into the players at HT. Works wonders that stuff........... apparently
  9. Agreed, atmosphere was incredible, still got nervous when they got a goal back to make it 4-1 on aggregate........nothing has changed
  10. I was at the Kaiserslautern game & always said it was the best ever atmosphere, even though it became a bit subdued after they scored the 2nd equaliser. The games in the last 10 years that matched it for me were: Brighton playoffs & Wycombe game. Both 90+ minutes of pure joy.
  11. Rhodes has the shirt because Nuhiu was poor in last game. Borner is still on bench because Iorfa & Lees are playing well. Simple really.
  12. 6th place is great, but an added bonus is......... We’re above Preston (the kings of diving)
  13. Ive thought this for a while now. Efl could put a club out of business by using rules designed to stop clubs going out of business. Ffs
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