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  1. I think we should let him go & watch the cricket for as long as he likes.
  2. Turner Palmer Sheridan Worthington Roland Pearson Wilson Francis
  3. Singing “Merry Christmas — Brian Laws” for most of the second half at Ninian Park. I have no idea how close to Christmas it was but it’s a fond memory.
  4. The way I see it is this...... (sorry if someone else has posted this) The Club pay a fixed amount to players (rumoured to be £7k per week) For players contracted to earn more than that, DC pays the difference from his own personal funds at a later date. So players get their contracted amount but the club benefits by having a smaller wage bill & therefore less expenditure counted against FFP limits. Now DC could be complimented for this as it’s a clever way of staying within FFP limits. But as we all know, every time DC tries to get
  5. Late 1966 I started going to Hillsborough on the train from Penistone. I was only 10 years old but went with the big boys.....they were 12 We walked from Wadsley Bridge station to the ground, sometimes alongside away fans, which could be quite intimidating at that age. I have fond memories of that station but the only downside was having to leave the ground early to make sure we got the last train back to Penistone. I missed a few late goals back then so never leave early now.
  6. One of the best ever players despite his flaws. RIP
  7. Saw the thread title & thought it was this guy
  8. He's gone.................let it go.............move on.............get behind Pulis!!!!
  9. Can’t think who you mean when you say “ Dark side of the force” But DC does seem to have had a right stuffing when it comes to advice!!!!!!
  10. Or just that Monk’s sacking happened on Monday & is now old news. Ffs
  11. Well I enjoyed that, a genuine guy from a working class background who comes across really well. He'll still get judged on results though.
  12. That'll be it!! We can expect many more.
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