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  1. I think you’re right about staff wages/NI/income tax but with the administration I was involved in, HMRC had to get in the queue with everyone else for VAT. This was 6 years ago so rules may have changed now.
  2. As I understand it, HMRC are not preferential creditors so they will get the same as all the other creditors, pro rats of course, eg 10p in the £.
  3. He’s been getting a lot of stick from some fans so credit should be given when it’s due……..well done Lewis.
  4. The clear the air meeting was after the Cheltenham game. Since then we have won 3 & drawn 2 league games (11 points from a possible 15) I would suggest that it was a catalyst for a change in mentality with the players getting a bigger say in how we play. Though you can’t deny that the return of Luongo & Windass has had a significant affect on the performances recently.
  5. This ffs ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  6. The key to Dave Jones success was the excellent coach Terry Burton. Unfortunately he left in July 2012 for a post at Arsenal. Had he stayed I think Jones would’ve had more success in the Championship.
  7. The last time the club recruited players based on what the fans want, we ended up with Jordan Rhodes for 4 years.
  8. This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Give Luongo & Byers some game time but can’t see any sense in playing: Palmer Dunkley Johnson Bannan Adeniran Fiz Corbeanu Wing Gregory Give the fringe players a game.
  9. Absolutely not!! I’d be very surprised if anyone still believes in that ridiculous bullish!t anymore. Maybe lack of motivation due to interference from DC Training methods Players diets Unpopular player having too much influence Uncertainty over wages (again) It must be something that’s had an influence for a while
  10. I’m not a massive fan of Moore but why is he getting the blame for this problem? Its been happening for years under several managers so must run deeper than just the latest guy in the hot seat!
  11. I was at this game.......it was epic!!! Apart from the circus defending for their 2nd goal
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