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  1. Ross Wallace

    Agreed. He may be past his best but he's given us some great moments with some tremendous goals. He deserves a bit more respect.
  2. Perspective

    Too early for a "perspective" thread. People haven't even got home yet, they are still angry mad.
  3. Geeeetttttttttttt iiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnn
  4. Player wages

    They probably get paid monthly tbh. It's the media that talk about weekly wages because they think that football fans are too thick to understand monthy or yearly salaries. Really gets my goat.
  5. You know what to do guys...

    Up date on broken nail..............back in training in 2 weeks
  6. You know what to do guys...

    6 votes with incognito, we are 30% now
  7. Thorniley injury bad

    Get well soon Jordan, hope you make a full recovery.
  8. OK let it begin

    Ageed, it is worrying, but my point is that Jos is getting flack for not playing a recognised striker but that's wasn't the problem tonight. The problem was playing Loovens.
  9. OK let it begin

    He tried something different, give Jos a break ffs. It wasn't lack of strikers that cost us (we scored) it was poor defending.
  10. Kaiserslautern

    Maybe you are thinking of the Klinsman game.
  11. Hillsborough Pitch Size

    You mean like McBurnie did on Barnsley's pitch?
  12. Wadsley Bridge Railway Station

    Used to get the train from Penistone to Wadsley Bridge in 1966 when I first started going to Hillsborough. We had to leave the match early to get the last train home.........never left a match early since.
  13. Vote Reach - GOTM

    I'm sure there was a thread on this a couple of days ago but voted again anyway.