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  2. Merthyr Tydfil back in the Pembridge days. I remember Pembridge, Reggie Blinker & Orlando Trustful playng but not sure what the score was.
  3. flying-owl


    Happy Birthday Lee.
  4. He's 18 next month. www.swfc.co.uk/teams/u18-team/forward/preslav-borukov/
  5. flying-owl

    We Rely On Others

    I'm sure that was Victoria who used to be a regular poster on here. To be fair to her she was probably feeling a bit negative after reading the matchday thread during the game.
  6. flying-owl

    The George Hirst press conference

    I agree, he's good at it though, I'll give him that. I mean, one tabloid headline & BOOM!!! ............ 25 pages.
  7. flying-owl

    The George Hirst press conference

    I said that yesterday but Neil wasn't having it that it was like a tabloid headline.
  8. flying-owl

    Anyone know what game this was?

    Yes it is mate. I put the link there to show that he didn't play in the 5-4 game. But as we now know it was the 1-1 game & Crerand did play in that one. Great picture!!
  9. flying-owl

    Anyone know what game this was?

    It looks like Paddy Crerand but according to this he didn't play. http://www.mufcinfo.com/manupag/match_data/match_sql.php?my_match_date=1968-08-31
  10. Not having a go Neil. It's just that "banned" seems a very emotive word to use to describe a situation that has been ongoing all season. Still, It's good for the advertisers.
  11. Why all the outrage??? This has been the case all season. It's nothing new FFS He's been allowed to play in U23's for fitness purposes only. Great tabloid title tho Neil
  12. flying-owl

    Bristol City game in doubt??

    For the pitch yeah but I'm sure he won't be checking the M1/M42/M5 etc
  13. flying-owl

    Bristol City game in doubt??

    Who actually makes the decision? Because if you leave it up to Bristol City they will just say "we've cleared the pitch so game on" Who assesses the conditions around the ground? Who takes into account the safety of travelling fans?
  14. flying-owl

    Bristol City game in doubt??

    Agreed Fans forums are hardly reliable sources of weather info.