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  1. Brilliant post Kivo, very interesting read.

    Happy Birthday Sheffield Wednesday. Proud to have been a fan for 50 years (one third of the clubs history....Yikes!!!)
  3. Dear Mr Fattybear. Tudders deserved to be idolised for one reason alone........that goal at t'lane!!!!
  4. So Now We've Got Him................

    Don't you mean Shhteeve?
  5. Foreign centre half

    I thought you were talking about Owlstalk for a minute
  6. your 1st game you went to

    My first game too
  7. Can't believe you left Rhodes out.
  8. The Kaiserslautern player that got Hirsty sent off in the away leg. He got some proper abuse at Hillsborough in the second leg.
  9. First Game Sweepstake

    Was going to say Sunderland away but as someone has already said it. QPR away
  10. First game of 2017/18

  11. First game of 2017/18

    Blimey, that's gonna be a long day!!
  12. First game of 2017/18

    Sunderland away.
  13. Semi Tickets

    2050 in the queue when I logged on. 460 now
  14. channel 5

    Isn't being a victim the opposite to being ignored?
  15. We did last season & our players were fresh for the Semis. But having bought my ticket for the Fulham game & traveling 400 mile round trip I would like to see a decent game.