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  1. Cardiff won't score.................they would rather play Rotherham next season than Us & Derby
  2. We’ll have to sing very loud for the players to hear us in Derby.
  3. Call me old fashioned but I prefer our players to go out & try to win every game irrespective of other results.
  4. Chansiri is currently applying to take Chelsea’s place in the ESL
  5. Now where have I heard that before?
  6. That was my first game too....... lost 2-0......Hurst, Peters & Moore playing for WHU
  7. That looks like Martin Peters for dem Blavdes.
  8. Qpr 1-2 Barnsley Dingles currently in 6th place. Could it happen?!!
  9. I think Newcastle will go down this season. Fulham seem to have more about them & will catch up soon, they’re only 3 points behind.
  10. He did well for us in the short time he was here but most Newcastle fans want him out. They are 4th bottom of prem.
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