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  1. One of the best ever players despite his flaws. RIP
  2. Saw the thread title & thought it was this guy
  3. He's gone.................let it go.............move on.............get behind Pulis!!!!
  4. Can’t think who you mean when you say “ Dark side of the force” But DC does seem to have had a right stuffing when it comes to advice!!!!!!
  5. Or just that Monk’s sacking happened on Monday & is now old news. Ffs
  6. Well I enjoyed that, a genuine guy from a working class background who comes across really well. He'll still get judged on results though.
  7. That'll be it!! We can expect many more.
  8. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11703/12129103/sheffield-wednesday-phil-neville-on-the-list-of-candidates-to-be-next-manager
  9. We’ve just got rid of the bad eggs.......... now you want to sign an omelette!!! Ffs
  10. I stand corrected. Like you say, all these L**ds thrashings just merge into one!!!
  11. My first game was also 1966 just 2 weeks after this one. At home to West Ham (lost 2-0) I can’t remember anything about the game as I was just in awe of the stadium & crowd. Had I taken a bit more notice of the game I would’ve notice 3 West Ham players called Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst & Martin Peters playing just 2 months after winning the World Cup
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