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  1. First ever fans to be told to [email protected]#k off by the half time entertainment (Twin)👀
  2. Nah, all you need is a bag full of balls with numbers on......just like the FA Cup!!
  3. Cook is rumored to be talking to Bristol City!! Edit ......Sorry.......i'm a bit late with that ☹️
  4. https://www.skysports.com/share/12037776
  5. To be fair they’ve only been in the Premier twice & got automatic promotions both times. They were also relegated after one season both times.
  6. I wonder if Yorkshire TV will put “War of the monster trucks” on to celebrate!!
  7. A positive rallying cry........... to doom & gloom in just 10 mins
  8. Unlikely as the Bristol City owner, Steve Lansdown, is loaded. Proper businessman.
  9. EFL are waiting to see if Middlesbrough finish in bottom 3 before they decide how many points they will deduct from us 👀
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