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  1. 6th place is great, but an added bonus is......... We’re above Preston (the kings of diving)
  2. Ive thought this for a while now. Efl could put a club out of business by using rules designed to stop clubs going out of business. Ffs
  3. I thought you said you weren’t going!!!
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This should tell you everything you need to know.
  5. John Fantham Stoke City 8/10/1966 We lost 1-3 Attn 28,047 Was my second home game
  6. they’re all dropped next week...... international break
  7. Oh look, another Preston penalty.......there’s a surprise,,
  8. Lees should start only if Iorfa or Borner pick up an injury or suspension, not before. Stick him on the bench & he can wait for his chance.
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