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  1. Qpr 1-2 Barnsley Dingles currently in 6th place. Could it happen?!!
  2. I think Newcastle will go down this season. Fulham seem to have more about them & will catch up soon, they’re only 3 points behind.
  3. He did well for us in the short time he was here but most Newcastle fans want him out. They are 4th bottom of prem.
  4. Great OMDT as usual. Though I think you do Thompson a disservice saying he “stumbled across” the current side that has won 5 consecutive home games. He knows the players well. I don’t think we’ve drawn a game under Thompson so we’re due one. Nailed on 1-1
  5. Thompson has been in charge since Middlesbrough game, so that's 7 games so far.
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