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  1. Don’t like the man, but in our position he is the only man to guarantee staying in this league, for me keeping Rothman up three years ago was his greatest success, same squad just motivated them.
  2. As good as a keeper Westwood is, two out of the last three managers didn’t pick him, he never got picked for Ireland, and even in January when clubs were looking at goal keepers they never wanted Westwood, Monks rubbish and he needs to go but so do a lot of the players.
  3. I think there is no doubt he is a blades fan, but I think first of all he is a Warnock fan, and would jump at the chance to manage us, I think it would be controversial but he is big enough to handle it, I just think he would be Box Office! Just as a short term appointment.
  4. If you going to get rid of Carlos, I would break the bank and get Brendan Rogers from Celtic,got promoted from this league and a proven Premier league manager + he supported Wednesday as a kid, and is Nigel Worthingtons cousin .
  5. Photon is what I use! But keep near Wi-Fi as 3G does drop out and takes time to re join, have a practice before match starts watching video clips to get used to it.
  6. I think we have got to be careful,if Megson was sacked this week he is more likely to go for some like Nigel Worthington until the end of the season, that's what he did at Leicester! Megson for me for a bit longer yet.....
  7. Get the feeling GM is getting frustrated with PA and MM about the lack of players coming in, when asked he will say it's noting to do with me,and put the blame on to PA. Get the feeling GM and PA don't get on!
  8. I got the class of '93 for Christmas too, Love it but I think Paul Warhurst should have been on the Pic for all his goals! For a Centre Half turned Striker....
  9. The Photon App £2.99 got it this week, thanks to Darra! Works on I Pad 2 in new Browser.
  10. Watch Coach trip every night there always falling out! Red card Clinton!
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