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  1. No-one who was there will forget the roasting our number 8 gave West Ham that day...
  2. OP - Come on mate, nobody owns the right to be a Wednesday fan - not even Milan. He knows it and rather than inflate his own standing by telling everyone he's been to Stevenage on a shitty Tuesday night, he embraces the fact we are a club of lapsed fans and untapped potential. I love the fact we have a hardcore of fans who have accepted some bloody awful stuff for years and don't feel the lure of other demands on their time and money, but the deal for the rest of us is all about choice. However you never lose the love of the club, the flat feeling on Saturday evening and the avoidance of all press on Sunday when they've lost, but at some point you come back. That's what this season has been all about for lots of people. My old fella brought 3 generations of our family to the West Ham game, same again to Oldham and as a thank you to him, I've managed to sneak a couple of tickets, but yes I am a part timer. You don't go from 9 holes at Meadowhall Golf & Country Club with the Mrs on a Saturday afternoon to a season ticket at the Home of Football overnight, so please allow we occasionals to come back at our own pace and add our voice and heart to yours and rejoice in promotion from Div 3. BTW do we still wear blue and white stripes ? PS Where has W.M..Lees of Worcester gone?
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