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  1. Thanks everyone for the advice. I don't have time to list them individually - just would like them to go to another Wednesday's fan/collector and maybe get a few quid for them. They're generally in good condition but I am guessing there will be some folds, creases, tears and writing. 1966/67 x1 (includes vs Sheffield United FC) 1976/77 x1 1980/81 x1 (includes vs Sheffield United FC) 1984/85 x2 1986/87 x5 1987/88 x3 1988/89 x3 1989/90 x1 (includes vs Sheffield United FC) 1990/91 x8 (includes league cup final) 1991/92 x33 (include
  2. Looks like they will be going to the charity shop then!
  3. I'm parting ways with collection of 170+ SWFC programmes. They're a range from 1960s-now. What's the best way to advertise these? Is anyone here interested?
  4. I think it is sad that children won't be able to listen for free. I used to love listening to Wednesday commentaries on the radio as a kid. I think we risk pushing away another generation of fans with this decision. And the fact we're the only club in the country to refuse is embarrassing.
  5. Another own goal by the club. Supporting Wednesday is such hard work at times. Given the transfer situation, they could really do with more positive news, not this.
  6. I thought he had a few decent touches early in the game
  7. I hope they win tomorrow. Would prefer two evening games for our play offs!
  8. Am I right in thinking we don't know the exact date of this yet, as technically we could still leapfrog Derby?
  9. Well done Lewis. It was a big game to come in for. Did well overall and can be proud of a clean sheet.
  10. Agree. I love the simplicity of this. Will be gutted to see it go.
  11. As we haven't signed a striker, he will get some football. He is our player and we're paying him so I hope he takes his chance.
  12. The PA sound on the kop was far worse on Saturday than it has been for a long time. Hope they can sort it
  13. When they realise they have put prices up too much, I guess the club can save some face by making most matches lower category games. ie they don't actually have to announce a new structure...
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