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  1. This is a discussion board where people have different opinions - and it is fine to do so. Certain people might think we've got some fantastic writers in the media, others will think in recent times we've had a poor crop. One thing I've seen is certain people, and Rob Staton springs to mind but there are others, had a particularly poor relationship with the club that saw them being cut out of the information circle very effectively. Doom has repaired that a little, to his credit. At the moment it is dry as toast for things to write about. The writers are doing a job and it is their job to write something that gets read. Which can lead to overly negative or agenda driven articles. So it's no surprise they are not held in high regard.
  2. You just have to look at some of the toxic power hungry people involved with fan groups that had shares in the past to see what a bad idea it would be
  3. Without question rangers have a strong bond with our club, proven with the amazing following they bring, the fact we play a lot of pre-season games with them and most importantly they play in blue.
  4. If we do get it this season we just need to hope this break has somehow given our players extra ability.
  5. Sadly whilst FFP is controling what we spend, DC will need to set pricing to maximise revenue. It is the only responsible thing to do.
  6. He is a good chairman - he has got things wrong but you do see him trying to learn and improve. We are lucky to have him
  7. However it pans out you can be sure we will get the raw end of the deal.
  8. Yeah I know Imre from playing there Spoken to DC a couple of times in there too
  9. Sick run still! Well done - though its one of those spots where its hard to feel happy about winning 2.5k when you think about what could've been Expect to be called by pigeons with 6 high in the home game 😄
  10. If you end up on Osh's table you might as well fold. He only plays if he has pocket aces.
  11. No worries - feel free to join us any night you have the time - we are on every day and a friendly bunch
  12. Hope to see you there - starting in 5 mins if so.
  13. You could make a tournament that is a play money buy in, if you opened your own home club. Chat is good on the site.
  14. If anybody has PokerStars and wants to play a daily cheap tournament with people from Sheffield then join the following home game: Club ID: 946453 Password: 62isthenuts Daily competition starts at 7pm and is only £5.50. We usually get 22-25 runners. Usually last 2-3 hours.
  15. I actually think there is a positive bias towards Palmer because he came through our acadamy. Look at Fox who is better in every department, gets absolute dogs abuse, but Palmer is immune from it.
  16. Making sure next season isn't impacted is more important than completing this one. Football is a key player in us getting back to normal, so having a normal next season is vital in showing we are normal again
  17. And who knows, Liverpool might do something that results in a points deduction - lots of potential 'what if's' The fairest thing is just start the season again, forget it even happened.
  18. Him and Fletcher have been our standout players this season, he deserves any raise he gets.
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