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Community Answers

  1. Its clear the chairman is learning and evolving
  2. Liam Palmer, but maybe it was a 200iq move as we've returned to his level.
  3. Sounds like we made some chances and found out more important information. Today isn't about the result.
  4. I agree, our local media is at the lowest standards its ever been. Not sure Rob Staton is really going to improve it
  5. Where are those prices from? I bought a Cat 1 ticket from UEFA and I didn't pay anywhere near that On a more cheerful note if anyone else is going down and fancies meeting up, we will be in the BoxPark at Wembley from 4pm
  6. That will upset some people
  7. Prices down Paxo gone Wages issue resolved Lots of positives
  8. Ah but you wouldn't be able to ram negativity down peoples faces then
  9. Since we only got relegated because of the points deduction - then yes
  10. In hindsight yes, we'd of had a lower wage bill for the season with no fan income.
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