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  1. We have to get behind all the players ruined by Jos. If they are still bobbins then we can show our desire to move them on
  2. The teams I look to do well are ones that captured my eye when I was young. Rangers for the season they had in the late 90s with Marco Negri scoring about a million goals. Barca, the season the real Ronaldo was there was the first year we had Sky Sports - so I saw nearly all the games.
  3. Because it suits his toxic agenda - wish he would give it a break
  4. I think the angry people here are using this as part of a wider agenda against our chairman.
  5. I do like Palmer and want him in the squad, but if we aspire to be promoted we need more from his position
  6. I think what happens to Palmer will be an indicator of our success. He is good as cover and gives 110% but offers too little going forwards - despite his slight improvement recently (to his credit). He will never discover more pace.
  7. Look at the picture - so happy for him. Wonder where all the nuggets are who said he was retiring that were ITK?
  8. If we can't improve on Palmer in the transfer market then keep him.
  9. They haven't accepted £50 notes for ages. If you really are a 'cash' person then its easy enough to put cash onto a pre-paid card for times like this.
  10. It wasn't a broken arm was it though
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