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  1. I actually think there is a positive bias towards Palmer because he came through our acadamy. Look at Fox who is better in every department, gets absolute dogs abuse, but Palmer is immune from it.
  2. Making sure next season isn't impacted is more important than completing this one. Football is a key player in us getting back to normal, so having a normal next season is vital in showing we are normal again
  3. And who knows, Liverpool might do something that results in a points deduction - lots of potential 'what if's' The fairest thing is just start the season again, forget it even happened.
  4. Him and Fletcher have been our standout players this season, he deserves any raise he gets.
  5. Him and Fletcher have been the standout players this season - he deserves any increase he will get.
  6. Palmers only good spell was when his contract was due up. Since then he's contributed nothing going forwards. And if you actually watch him all game his short passing is actually very poor, which makes those playing around him look worse than they actually are. In contrast, Fox has really put the effort in to improve his game. He links up well, is trusted by his team mates and can put a good ball in the box. I hope Palmer can find the effort behind the scenes to improve, hes shown he can become a 6/10 player in this division before when it was contract time. Its clear he knows he has no competition for his place and this leads you on to thinking how much of the bad culture behind the scenes he is responsible for?
  7. Rangers by a mile, welcome back anytime
  8. Good interview and backs up a point I made previously about ticket pricing. He drops the prices and revenue doesn't go up. So the club is correct in its approach. It has to maximise revenue.
  9. I'm amazed how many people are clearly very bitter these charges have been dropped because it doesn't suit their agenda. This is very good news for the club
  10. To demonstrate to the owner the way forward. Instead they gave him the evidence that the current pricing model generates the highest revenue (which it does)
  11. And when he's lowered the prices the people who moan about them still don't come. This creates a situation where it doesn't increase the revenue for the club, so he is right from an economic point of view to keep them where they are.
  12. Just when you think you've heard it all.. He almost ruined our Lg1 season and we had to be saved by Dave Jones
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