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  1. When was Palmers last good game?
  2. He seldom offers anything going forwards, Fox's delivery is good into the box. Palmer could learn a lot from him. He had a decent run at the end of last season when his contract was due - I'd like to see this again
  3. Lets see what the transfer window brings. We could easily fix the problems in the team with: A new right back as we have zero creativity from there. A pacy winger to compliment Harris Another striker
  4. I want to see Moses in for Palmer in the next game. Thats 4 poor showings from him in a row now.
  5. Don't care about rugby, very boring.
  6. I think Fox is really ready to push on. His delivery into the box is the best from all our full backs. He's also the best defender out of them all. Fully deserved!
  7. Striker Another wide player with pace Right back
  8. That is a fair point - but they controlled the game. We stopped Leeds from doing that
  9. Saw it was raining so watched the game at home
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