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  1. Apparently this is where we can get updates from - and people wonder why the journo's reputation is at an all time low.
  2. Count the number of times in the last two games his passes have either gone out of play, or just missed the target and put us on the back foot. It's A LOT He did one good block today..... but, he played the guy onside by not been alert to the rest of the line. We need moses to just get his confidence back
  3. Surprised to see Palmer in the team for sure.
  4. If we go down we should be top 2 - but we know the wednesday way won't be that
  5. I hope all the players play better at home.
  6. The pandemic has presented an oppertunity to make changes that otherwise would never get off the ground. There should be a transition perioid where Prem players who already have a contract are exempt from calculations for a wage cap. Any new Prem contract has a reduction built into it for relegation.
  7. Agreed, we are in a strong financial position but in a poor regulatory position.
  8. This is a discussion board where people have different opinions - and it is fine to do so. Certain people might think we've got some fantastic writers in the media, others will think in recent times we've had a poor crop. One thing I've seen is certain people, and Rob Staton springs to mind but there are others, had a particularly poor relationship with the club that saw them being cut out of the information circle very effectively. Doom has repaired that a little, to his credit. At the moment it is dry as toast for things to write about. The writers are doing a job and it is their job to write something that gets read. Which can lead to overly negative or agenda driven articles. So it's no surprise they are not held in high regard.
  9. You just have to look at some of the toxic power hungry people involved with fan groups that had shares in the past to see what a bad idea it would be
  10. Without question rangers have a strong bond with our club, proven with the amazing following they bring, the fact we play a lot of pre-season games with them and most importantly they play in blue.
  11. John I can't fault your love for Celtic
  12. Bit harsh on Rangers as the last few times they played Celtic they were the better team.
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