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  1. Hes been getting subbed off earlier and earlier in games - now can't even make the starting XI. Really sad story.
  2. I had a 100-1 bet for £50 last season that they would get the lowest points total ever (11) Wish I'd gone again with it this season
  3. Fantastic result for Rangers - really pleased for their fans who have been though so much through no fault of their own.
  4. I totally agree, save for a side like Rotherham, Palmer wouldn't be getting anywhere near any Championship XI
  5. He was 'named' as a player we would like to bring in? Which sounds alarmingly like it was just made up by a local journalist then repeated as gospal on here. Not only are we unlucky as a bunch of fans, we also have the worst journalists to go with it.
  6. It is clear Monk doesn't rate Palmer at all. As soon as he came off injured we started playing much better too. On reflection Monk will be thinking he should've brought Moses on when Shaw came off.
  7. Good point. BUT! Moses has a lot more energy and mobility and has been excellent at the fast paced closing down. With Palmer on we won't be doing much of that.
  8. Bit worried he's put Palmer in ahead of Moses - apart from that its as strong as we can go
  9. That would be truely epic if the Adidas only had 2 stripes.
  10. I'm hoping we keep the excellent defensive record going. We also need to keep the high energy press and the chances will come.
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