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  1. Away goals count double, this is like a crushing victory
  2. With DC in control we can't really lose. If he goes it is on our terms, which will be very good for the club. If he stays we get behind him and we have a great manager. We are very lucky to have DC
  3. The guy has really let himself and the club down. He deserves his 3 year banning order and the club should also ensure he is banned for life from home games.
  4. Might as well give the job to Semedo
  5. We clearly have some assurances we've given to the players who have signed - nothing to worry about. Actions speak louder than words
  6. I think somebody at the club typed the tweets out then forgot to press send. And they've not realised yet.
  7. It was reviewed and we decided to bring them back. But if it creates bullying, we may have another think about it.
  8. So you don't care about the repuatation system, but remember exactly what your score was 3 months ago and spend hours going round negging other users posts. Makes sense. This is a general public service announcement. If the mod team find people abusing the system as a form of bullying, we will take action.
  9. Agreed, Palmer is a solid 6/10, but really needs to improve on his attacking play. Hes an OK defender and always puts 100% in. If we want to improve he needs to play less. If he plays all season we won't make the play offs
  10. Hello to another money grabbing so called fan.
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