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  1. We are really lucky he went on to target Derby.
  2. Credit to DC and the club for keeping a tight lid on these fees.
  3. Thanks for the apology. if I was entitled I’d not drive the long way. I’m just trying to make the point that we need to make the town centre as accessible as possible for all users. Cyclists, walking people and motorists. I’m genuinely concerned for the future of the town centre. I agree the example I’ve used is a marginal one, so I do see your point.
  4. Resorting to calling me entitled - any other name calling while we are at it? Not a good example to set. We might all have different opinions - that is what a discussion forum is for.
  5. No thats the point, if all roads were open, travel by car would be more appealing. This would pull more people into the twon centre - which will be badly needed when we start moving to 'normal' again.
  6. The fastest way is down towards the BMW garage and turn right to go down Pinstone St - but there is a bus gate.
  7. Thanks for posting the map that clearly shows the fastest way isn't available.
  8. I'm going to have to disagree with you regarding the driving. I need to get from the University rounderbout to Genting Casino to urgently win lots of money. If I didn't care about getting a fine I could drive down towards the old BMW dealership, turn right, whizz past the peace gardens and I'm there in 3 minutes. Instead I either have to go all the way to bum hole stain and turn left, or go to the parkway and then turn into town and go past the train station. Taking 15-20 mins. Doing the reverse at home time if you work in that area, say coming from the Q-Park outwards is a horrifi
  9. Impossible is maybe a strong word from me -but the following is true - Routes into town made less direct - Road capacity reduced - Many roads made unavailble to cars - increasing walking distances - Reduced car park capacity - again increasing walking distances - As supply of car parks decreases (Council owned), privately owned car parks can charge more (if you have to pay full price at Q-Park I really feel sorry for you) Now set that in a context of a new era of online shopping, where delivery times are now very quick and consumers have increased tr
  10. You could have a valid point there. That year out in Belgium certainly didn't do him any favours, followed by another year of U23 and then the depths of Rotherham
  11. Thanks thats really helpful! I had all this stress trying to get a graphics card recently, if its going to be another slog I might just wait.
  12. DC played a blinder with Clare and Hirst They both tried to hold the club to random and were nowhere near the required standard.
  13. Are these still hard to buy? Might buy one just for the sake of having one
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