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  1. It wasn't a broken arm was it though
  2. Clean sheet for us, fletcher and winnall to score.. And the pigs to lose
  3. By expressing an opinion you must therefore 'be bothered'
  4. So much so you opened a thread asking where he was! Then took the time to reply.
  5. We have a bit of a run of players scoring twice. So who will do it for us next game. Palmer?
  6. Speak to the club, I think there is a lift you could use?
  7. Is his contract up? Might be a good reason for his increased effort. He's managed to upgrade himself from a cert to be shown the door to being a useful squad player. He's always a steady 6/10 and should make a good backup player next season.
  8. If Ronnie Moore, who is up there with Porker Edwards in the biased olympics said he was lucky to stay on, then that says it all
  9. I presumed he had ripped his kit off and stormed round the pitch naked
  10. That's an insult. So a big no no. Much worse than high-fiving a fan
  11. Debate and different opinions - Yes Resorting to insults - No. Please keep it positive.
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