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  1. timrud

    Mr Chansiri

    Things on here aren't much better. Well done DC, lovely touch
  2. timrud

    Chris Brunt wins lottery

    Good on him, I don't mind him celebrating
  3. Announced today (I hope)
  4. timrud

    Sports Personality

    I've done it for you
  5. timrud

    Reach To Cardiff £4m ?

    Fed up with attention seeking posts - grow up
  6. timrud

    Was Thornily injured?

    We would've triggered a 350k/pw contract if he didn't come off
  7. timrud


    He almosted messed up getting us out of Lg1, luckily DJ saved us. That's how bad he was
  8. timrud

    The City Is Theirs

    Standard attention seeking point scoring post from the OP. Surprised it took so long. Don't feed the troll people.
  9. timrud


    Was his last game away at Brentford and he was subbed off early? Something more to this than him just being injured
  10. timrud

    Penney Signs New Deal

    He's gonna score the winner against the pigs
  11. timrud


    I'd start him over Joey
  12. Agreed, I don't want him to go. But the money would be handy. A big wedge from FF plus a lot of big earners coming off the wage bill as contracts expire could see us rebuild well next season.
  13. I'd be amazed if he was here beyond January
  14. timrud

    Liam palmer

    It's a close one between them at the moment, but Baker has the potential to improve. Palmer doesn't.
  15. Its a real step down for him in every regard. I think Hearts will be paying him like their star player, whereas he was a squad player at best for us. Dissapointing he'd rather go to a much lower quality side and be the big dog, rather than challenge himself with us. Great catch for a small club like Hearts though, probably the best player they have ever signed - exciting times for their fans. Helps them try to close the huge gulf between them and Rangers to catch them up in terms of quality.