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  1. dumboldowl

    Just got back...

    What's even more frustrating is the fact that after 70 passes the ball usually ends up back in our own box.
  2. dumboldowl

    Just got back...

    Forest last night were nowhere near as good as Stoke were on Saturday, the reason we failed to gain any points was our abject performance. It appeared to me that our manager had put all the squad numbers in a bag and then played the first eleven numbers that were drawn out. We played with a total lack of desire that made Forest appear a much better side than us, and gave them the points. One humble suggestion I might make is this - spend as much time on the training ground passing the ball forwards as we do passing it backwards, preferably to a teammate, then we may be a little more entertaining and less inclined to lose possession in danger areas.
  3. dumboldowl

    'i dont wear red'

    Traitor !!
  4. dumboldowl

    Bronco Layne

    Didn't they win the title shortly after? But Shhhhh, we're not allowed to talk about it.
  5. dumboldowl

    Bronco Layne

    Bronco denied the allegation, and when the Villa players pointed to the blood on his knuckles he told the ref that he'd cut his hand on the grass !! My cushion went airborne, despite the fact that it had cost sixpence and those wooden seats were bloody uncomfortable in those days.
  6. dumboldowl

    Bronco Layne

    On the Sunday that the scandal broke in the People newspaper they also said something (I can't remember the exact wording after 55 years) regarding next week telling the readers about the players of one famous 1st Division club having a collection on the team bus whilst travelling to an away match, to recompense the home team for letting them win. There was nothing about it in the following weeks edition,and there has never been a mention of it ever since. If there had been then the jails would have been even fuller, and probably all the additional cons would not necessarily have been players.
  7. dumboldowl

    Bronco Layne

    Is that shorthand for the years that have past, and the times you've been pasted?
  8. dumboldowl

    Who's the second toughest

    I believe that photo to be taken at the start of the 1955-56 season. Those thirteen players formed the backbone of the squad that won the Division 2 Championship. Roy Shiner played in all 42 League games and scored 33 goals. Broadbent and Froggatt each played in 41 games, four played in over 30 games each, and the other four played in more than 20 games each. That was when tackling was often life threatening and men were men. So pick your hard man (or men) out of that lot.
  9. Hillsborough and Rampton are not far apart are they !!
  10. In November 1960 I had just bought my first car. I was twenty years old and totally immune to football. Sat in the local on Friday night and one of my mates said "Spurs are at Forest tomorrow". It meant very little to me, except that they were top of the league with a team full of internationals, but my mates talked me into taking them. Spurs won 4-0 and were absolutely brilliant,and I really enjoyed my baptism in the game. As we were travelling home to North Derbyshire one of the mates was reading the programme and said that Spurs next away match was at Hillsborough, so we decided to go and watch the mighty Spurs again. So on Saturday Nov. 12th I stood on the Kop for the first time and watched with 58300 others as The Owls beat the then unbeaten Spurs for the time that season. I was hooked, and have been waiting for success for the last 58 years, and watched the blue and white wizards more than 1500 times whilst waiting!
  11. What happened to Palethorpe ?
  12. You are a Charlie.
  13. dumboldowl


    He may stop some of the pussyfooting about in midfield. That would bring novelty and relief to Hillsborough.