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  1. If this season is abandoned will we be deducted six points again next season ?
  2. We'd have no one left fit to play by the weekend.
  3. Joey Barton would be in a Risk Category of his own - The Super Duper Criminally Insane ******** Bonkers Category.
  4. What planet have you been on for the last twelve months?
  5. Would have been a thousand percent better option.
  6. If you have difficulty finding where Kachunga fits in what chance would you have with Joey P ? And he's been here for years.
  7. I have been as critical as anyone in recent times, but I don't agree with your observations of last nights performance. Before the sending off we were more than equal to Reading, and whilst they may not be Liverpool or Man C. they are one of the better sides in the Championship. I'm not sure where your three penalties came from, and the final onslaught was of no avail, even against ten men, let alone eleven, so who's to say what the end result might have been? Well done Wednesday. (and I've not felt it necessary to say that for some time).
  8. Owlstalk speaks with forked tongue. Him wrong again.
  9. Has he been on sick leave since the incident?
  10. The question should have been " Do you think we will get back to zero or positive points" Vote: Yes: No:
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