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  1. Can't blame him for wanting to play for a bigger club and better himself, can you?
  2. I have just had to go to the Sunderland web site to see Thursday nights goals because, surprise , surprise, they aren't on the Owls site yet. It looked like the Black Cats playing the Dustbins in a practice game. Except that they bypassed the Owls much easier than they would get round the Dustbins. What an absolute load of garbage !!
  3. He's very consistent with his corners straight into the goalies hands.
  4. Having watched the Owls for more than sixty years I must have seen then score hundreds of goals. Some were memorable, some were average, some were flukes, but NONE were ever disappointing. In fact, eighty disappointing goals per season would soon see us in Europe. How disappointing would that be?
  5. You can see from the photo that they are not on the level.
  6. I watched it on the telly, and now I remember why I stopped going to Hillsborough last year, after sixty two years of hardly ever missing.
  7. The way we are managed and play we will be lucky to win five more matches all season. The passion comes from the opposition every game.
  8. Me too. Been waiting for something similar ever since. But at 82, and with the current set up, hopes are fading.
  9. Is to boo taboo? That is the question in today's world isn't it ?
  10. In his post match ramble Darren says " we have to try and play without apprehension and fear of losing" In his pre match diatribe yesterday he bulled up the Lincoln team and their manager to such a degree that our players couldn't feel anything other than apprehension. He made Lincoln sound like Benfica and Real Madrid rolled into one. He should take a good look at himself to see if he has the inbuilt ability and bravery to bull up his own players to compete with confidence. If not, he should do the right thing and go.
  11. Make that 62 and I agree completely. Except that it's even more frustrating nowadays.
  12. If they are able to play wonderful football with their squad, why can't we play it with our wonderful squad and our wonderful Manager ??
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