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  1. Shades of Jos. The players didn't even know that they were in the team after the kick off.
  2. On a slightly different topic, but still in relation to photos in the Star, did anyone else notice that in their excellent article the other day regarding current form, they showed splendid photos of all the other twenty three clubs grounds, but only managed one of the ass end of the Kop wall for us? Typical Star.
  3. What about the new Sikh signing (3rd from the left) !
  4. Wasn't that Dave Allen's formation anyway ?
  5. I would imagine that both David and George will be mortified that a persona non grata from the West Midlands disapproves of them.
  6. They must have money to throw away.
  7. Totally agree with all you have said. What makes it more incredible is the fact that the police allowed the game to take place at 7.45pm when any potential trouble makers had had all day to get tanked-up, yet for several years previously they had demanded early afternoon kick-offs. It really beggars belief.
  8. The nightmare years under Deadly Dave, Colin and I.
  9. I thought Lazaar was excellent on Saturday. The Football League Paper, on Sunday, gave him the lowest rating in the Wednesday squad. I sometimes wonder if these reporters are ever at the match.
  10. I honestly don't see the need for the lecture, or your compulsion to comment. As you say yourself, it only becomes racist if people make it racist.
  11. Where have you seen evidence of FF running to the wall? He was standing on the grass when the supporter approached him.
  12. If FF deserved a red, then the previous tackle on him deserved two, and the kicking of the flag out of the ground by the Rotherham player surely represented a much greater display of exuberance than that shown by FF.
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