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  1. We'd be playing in the Northern Alliance, with much smaller attendances, since half of our fans would be in the Northern General.
  2. Why should you worry ? It's his money. Surely the more he puts in, the more his commitment to the cause.
  3. I stand corrected. Please accept my sincere apologies, it's the age thing. I still haven't sorted it by the way, despite registering last Thursday and missing the Forest game anyway.
  4. Some right crap on the Scotland map, and three of our best Scots players while I've been watching the Owls are missing - Tommy and Bobby Craig, and Jim McCalliog !
  5. Why has the first Ifollow posting been blocked? I opted for it last Thursday but missed Saturdays match after going round in circles for hours trying to make sense of ridiculous instructions. I am sure many other contributors had the same experience, and it would have been interesting to have learned of their problems. But we shall never know, because the Big White Chief, acting like a poor mans Donald Trump, decided to close the post. What was wrong with asking the question?
  6. A lot of us are retired (like me) and many more of us are furloughed because of the virus, and have nothing better to do. If we knew where the hearing is being held we could travel down in an unruly manner and demonstrate, pull some statues down, etc, and wave WAWAW banners. Do you think it might help ? If not, we could all sit down outside and take off our shoes. If that didn't do the trick then we are doomed...........................................doomed I tell you.
  7. We should have Tom Cruise defending us !!
  8. He's busy working on the VAR cockup against wolves !!
  9. You could get one free from Bristol, they're throwing them away.
  10. We haven't worn this years out yet.
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