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  1. Hypotheticaly Speaking

    In my sixty years of supporting Wednesday I've heard "we're too big / too good a side to go down" quoted on many occasions, and on many occasions we did exactly that. Don't lets doze off in a false sense of security.
  2. Absolutely spot on, and so, so basic. It was hammered into us at junior school. The receiving player loses his momentum, and it gives the defenders time to regroup.
  3. Now here is a home shirt...

    Tony Kay in transit, Tommy Mac in danger, Johnny Fantham in background?
  4. The Sadness of Ozzie Owl

    That's Triggered-off the smiley faces.
  5. Wrap up warm

    And has anyone received their 150th commemorative watch yet ?
  6. I'm cured (What a pantomime)

    Is Bannan in the Pantomime ?
  7. Paul Hurst

    This season/next season are a lot too soon for the current regime.
  8. What a pity it isn't someone else's stand he's sat in.
  9. Not using ST next Friday

    That's what we thought for this season, and the last................................
  10. Not using ST next Friday

    There is no "alleged" about it, whether you believe it or not. Len Ashurst was the manager when I last missed a home League game. I will not simply fail to turn up because I'm not bothered, I am bothered a great deal with regards to the situation that the club that I love finds itself in at the moment, with no one apparently prepared to remedy it, either on or off the field. My action is brought about by despair, not indifference.
  11. Whatahoot, your post appeared whilst I was posting, and describes exactly how I feel after experiencing almost identical situations.
  12. NO. I've been going to Hillsborough since 1960, bought my first season ticket in the North Stand (Cantilever as we knew it) the season that it was opened. Lived more in hope than expectation ever since, but will not be renewing while ever the current regime exists. So sad, so sorry.
  13. Not using ST next Friday

    I have a ST and have not missed a home League game since 1977, but I am so, so, sorry to say that I will not be going on Friday night if this Manager is still in office. Enough is enough, and has been so for far too long.
  14. What were they fighting with ? Powder Puffs or Balloons ?
  15. So this new dawn

    Made Chelsea great. Britain