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  1. We've been paying most of our players on furlough for the last two or three years, so another one won't make much difference will it?
  2. He kept the Castle Arms at Bolsover for a good few years, and also played cricket for Bolsover Colliery in the A section of the Bassetlaw League, which was a fair standard at that time. Peter Swan kept a pub on Sheffield Road at Chesterfield, just below the old Grammar School, I think it was called the Saint Helena, but my memory is well past it's sell by date.
  3. The posters on here are not glorifying violence, they are mostly marvelling at their narrow escapes.
  4. And scored no less goals than we usually do.
  5. Like jumping to head it ten minutes after it had passed over his head?
  6. That could see us voting against ourselves, surely.
  7. It wouldn't alter the fact that you were £500 in the black, and that was the question that you asked.
  8. It would if your Dad had given you the £3500 to buy the laptop.
  9. We should all be asking why they don't look motivated etc. Their performances over the last three months fully deserve them being asked. There are far too many keyboard warriors on here, and you are the biggest with 70,000 posts. At least give the man credit for having the balls to physically demonstrate his feelings, instead of labelling him as mentalist. If a few thousand more of us had turned up to back him, then perhaps, just perhaps, we may have gained some worthwhile reaction from them. Because the half-time walkouts and the plummeting attendances don't seem to goad them into any improved performances relative to their bulging pay packets
  10. Please excuse my ignorance, but what or where is this "Athletic", and what credence does it carry?
  11. They could teach our lot how to kick with both feet.
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