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  1. So Much For Being A Man Of His Word

    Surely this is due to lack of motivational skills from the Manager. It's ok to keep heaping praise on the players, even when it's not deserved, but that doesn't work all the time and advantages are taken by the players. Motivation is by the carrot and the stick, but I don't think CC has kicked many asses.
  2. Howard Wilkinson

    The worst financial period in our history.
  3. Howard Wilkinson

    .........and failed in them both, especially last year, and looks more likely than ever to do so again this year. But if you're satisfied with the situation keep clapping.
  4. Howard Wilkinson

    ..............and on it.
  5. Burton, Bolton, Birmingham

    CC says not to worry, because the teams above us are dropping points as well. He fails to notice that the teams below us are gaining points as well. We are one point nearer to the bottom than we are to the top, and if we continue with his pathetically boring and unproductive style of play we will be nearer the bottom than the top at the end of the season.
  6. Butterfield

    Or Rhodes (multi million pound striker) telling him he didn't want to take a penalty in the most important game of the season.
  7. Howard Wilkinson

    Better than looking sideways.
  8. Howard Wilkinson

    HW tried his utmost during every phase of his career with the Owls, and I for one would welcome him back with open arms for his experience and his integrity. DC would find his input invaluable.
  9. Joe Palmer

    Me too. It's getting to be a right pain in the harse.
  10. New Sheffield Wednesday Home Shirt

    It's on the agenda, will follow the new home kit.
  11. Anniversary watches

    Do you not think that the Stir is already aware of the fiasco, but keeping a low profile?
  12. Anniversary watches

    Point taken. Partners in crime.
  13. Anniversary watches

    Thanks again. It's no surprise at all that there has been no reply from the club. The whole charade has been totally ignored on their website, with no apology and no assistance for computer idiots like me.
  14. Anniversary watches

    Thanks for that A12, but for the benefit of a technological illiterate, how do I go about checking my card?