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  1. and a few more for our immortality would see us in Europe.
  2. If it had been 30miles east it could have been Scunners!
  3. Please enlighten a computer illiterate octogenerian. How do I access SWFC Youtube, and do I have to sign in, or pay for it?
  4. We could swap Bannan for any one of the ten thousand players in the game who can are capable of landing corner kicks over the first defender. That would be a tremendous improvement.
  5. We had 607 pages of garbage contributed by people who knew nothing what so ever they were talking about, but what makes it worse is the fact that we already have 28 pages on here very much in the same mould. FFS give it a rest.
  6. I noticed from that list that Ricky Decker has been transferred. His identical twin brother is still in the depot. Guess what his name is ?
  7. He says he likes power, strength, and pace, and likes to go box to box. With those attributes even if he can't hit a barn door with a bucket He'll be an improvement on half of our Zombies
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