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  1. dumboldowl

    Fantastic from Tango

    We've got that many supporters we can drive then away? Many, many people supported different teams in earlier days than they do know. Is that a crime, or worthy of your criticism?
  2. dumboldowl

    Behind closed doors friendly

    They used just one door. A revolving door. The ball went from the keeper to a defender, from the defender to a midfielder, from the midfielder to a wideman, from the wideman to a midfielder, from the midfielder to a defender, and from the defender to the keeper. It's been the Wednesday way for years, and it also saves costs on doors in this time of austerity.
  3. dumboldowl

    #SWFC unveil brand new away kit!

    .......and the same colour as our home strip, to confuse the ref even further when the home side already play in blue.
  4. dumboldowl

    The Mill PH, Kingston upon Thames

    Were there any pigs in?
  5. dumboldowl

    Friendly today

    It's where the suspender clips to hold up his sock.
  6. If it's a necessity for all clubs to balance Tuesday/Wednesday fixtures why the frigging hell didn't the brains trust at League HQ do it instead of sitting on their backsides all closed season?
  7. Do you mean Westminster?
  8. ..........as I've just posted - some folk are never satisfied.
  9. Some folk are never fizzing satisfied. and it won't be plain blue on the back cos there will be a number on it !!
  10. Have we signed David Bairstow? I thought we had enough strikers.
  11. NEIL SHOULD OFFER A SMALL PRIZE (like a 150th Anniversary watch) to the first person to post a photo of the new shirt on here.
  12. dumboldowl


    Who pinched the floodlights
  13. Totally agree with you. If the quality players of fifty years ago were playing (and tackling) in today's mamby pamby game, they'd all be sent off before half time