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  1. The players weren't on 50% salary, nor did we pay 50% entrance money.
  2. You so bloody obviously haven't watched Wednesday many times this season
  3. Mason Bennett comes from Langwith, but He's in the naughty boys corner at the moment.
  4. SAG wouldn't let you into the ground wearing that.
  5. Nigel Worthington used to streak down the left wing if Phil King played the right ball for him !!!
  6. A Boxer dog if my memory serves me well. (It usually doesn't)
  7. Would any other snare be a Flytrap ?
  8. I've just looked on the Sheffield Slur website and can't see one word regarding the Judge's findings yesterday. That's a surprise isn't it ?
  9. SYP themselves may not be amused, but I find this quite amusing. It must be my cynical sense of humour.
  10. So if the wage capping resulted in the illegal payments, and the illegal payments resulted in teams going out of business, then how can the wage cap be seen as the way forward?
  11. That's when the brown envelopes would appear in the boots again. Solving nothing.
  12. If its only taken eighteen months to resolve this fairly straight forward case, then we could be in the Northern Premier before the EFL situation is settled.
  13. The last sentence could also have said …………..something may have to go and giving to Hillsborough atm is akin to being waterboarded
  14. Most of the taps in the North Stand bogs hardly have water of any temperature running through them.
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