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  1. My intention, in pointing out that MM bought the club for £1, wasn't meant to accuse him personally of running the club badly. It was to indicate the dire straits that we were already in, ( that had driven us to the verge of receivership).
  2. Wasn't MM the man who bought the Club for £1 ? DC paid handsomely for it. We were very badly run before DC arrived on the scene, are you suggesting that he's going to walk away and leave us in debt?
  3. Hope it's not with Theresa May/Maynot and Jeremy Stalin, or we could miss another season.
  4. Das ist serr gutt meine liebchen. (my old German master, Wilhelm Woelhardt, would cringe if he could see this).
  5. Keepers must think it's their lucky day when they see the taker stood two yard off the ball.
  6. Kivo, repeating yourself ad nauseum throughout ten pages of post still doesn't make you correct.
  7. Not like it was when under Dodgy Dave. ( and I don't mean Atdhe )
  8. According to reports, the Preston manager said he could hear Steve Bruce in their dressing room at half time, and he expected us to come out fighting in the second half. I have the impression that most of the managers we've had lately weren't heard in our dressing room. Good game Brucie.
  9. Was he shopped by the ref. He's a whistle blower.
  10. Yes, of course. But when you've almost qualified for the O.B.E. (Over Bloody Eighty), you tend not to grasp these things. In fact you tend not to grasp anything at all !
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