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  1. dumboldowl

    Bannans Arms being sponsored

    If they sold advertising on Nuhiu's shirt at £5 per yard, they'd make a fortune.
  2. dumboldowl

    Who would like this back.

    It confuses some of our players at times, they don't know who to pass to, and sometimes even which way we're kicking. But don't fret, cos Big Steve's going to change all that.
  3. dumboldowl

    Who would like this back.

    What about Connie Francis asking "Who's Sorry Now"? That's really giving my age away !!
  4. Along with many other supporters I bought several thousand pounds worth of shares in the last issue, with the impression that I was helping the club in some small way. Along with many other supporters I voluntarily forfeited my shares when MM bought the club for £1, under the impression that I was again helping the club in some small way. I don't think I will be making the same mistake a third time, and I suspect that many more supporters won't be either. P.S. If the people who got us into the mess in the first place, but maintained their rights to repayment upon our return to the Premier League, that might ease the embargo situation slightly.
  5. dumboldowl

    Fans Today

    And maybe lack of performance and effort from the team has finally got to the supporters. CC lost the support of the players and they withdrew their labour with the resulting lack of performance and points. They eventually achieved their aim and got him the sack. Performance and points improved temporarily under Jos until they decided that they didn't like him either, so they withdrew their labour again, with the same result. Performance and effort returned to acceptable levels under Lee Bullen (who they knew and liked), but have nose dived again under new management. The players should recognise that they have a responsibility, both to the Chairman who pays their wages and the supporters, to give of their best at all times no matter who is in charge.
  6. Was the ground very heavy today?
  7. dumboldowl


    When we are in possession in the middle third of the pitch' and the ball is passed backwards and forwards ad nauseum until we inevitably lose it, surely has nothing to do with the goalkeeper or how it arrived there in the first place.
  8. dumboldowl


    I agree with most of that, except that we forgot to ditch the above mentioned approach during the Luton game, and as a consequence had to endure ninety odd minutes of absolute dross, with the same inevitable result that haunted us for the last two years.
  9. dumboldowl

    Training times

    Don't they train if it's raining ?
  10. dumboldowl

    Lookman deal done....wow

    If you mean the 1869 ones, I never got mine.
  11. dumboldowl

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    No. It hasn't been circumcised to the public yet.
  12. dumboldowl


    I heard the same thing in the gents.
  13. dumboldowl


    Excuse my ignorance, but who is Peter O'Rourke ?
  14. dumboldowl


    I agree, they all have a job to do. It's the way that SOME of the arrogantis amongst them do it that causes resentment.
  15. dumboldowl

    What's happening with bruce

    Was Big Ron with them?