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  1. Been there and done it and the giddy idea of it's going to be fun won't last mate
  2. a nut job more like. Optimism as an Owls fan is getting to half time without ballsing it all up. Been going since 66 so know they NEVER do anything the easy way
  3. It's like school kids planning for the 6 weeks holiday. All giddy about new places to explore, two weeks in bored sh1tless and wanting it to end. Wait til we are mid table in Feb and freezing your nads off on a wet night at some crappy little 1940's ground with no beer/food and a piece of guttering for the toilets and we are 3-1 down. Not so much fun then
  4. don't do drugs then. we are down and have been for yonks
  5. clearly the pubs are open and the first pint down. We need new players ready for League 1 not bringing back the past FFS. Oh bring back Alan Warboys too!!!!
  6. Doesn't really matter, we have been gone for weeks. Between us and Wycombe for bottom slot
  7. Moore can only work with the tools he is given, and yes that squad are a right set of tools. Pulis simply came for the money. Moore has the right approach to the style of play fans would want but he's juggling sand with one hand behind his back with our current squad. Too many of them are already looking at where they'll be next season, some aren't good enough so he needs the chance to rebuild HIS team to get out of League 1. Judging him on this set of losers he has to send out each week is very premature indeed
  8. Shaw won't be missed tbf. It's all promise and speculation of how good he could be. Gonna be another Sean Clare at this rate after playing in the SPL [Scottish Pub League] He'll end up in some L2 backwater, oh bugger he could end up back at SWFC
  9. Apart from always injured he could have been meaning a certain other winger
  10. I was just thinking the same. He will no doubt want to sue the EFL for moving us to another league. This clown doesn't understand the problems of relegation no doubt. All your fault...the customers!!!!
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