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  1. we are trying to sign wingers like they are soon to be extinct so maybe using wingers to supply him would give us goals, just a thought. Oh aye....that would be a plan B
  2. EFL will give match to them, seems FF didn't leave a big tip in a café there and one of the players text a mate who plays for Mansfield, so the FA feel its worthy of an investigation and 17 match ban for FF
  3. DC's lad, most expensive Football Manager game he's ever had
  4. well...……….if we land Murphy, on the opposite side to Harris that would give us two wingers to supply the right type of ball into Rhodes. Rhodes looked decent in pre season with right service so why not give that tactic a punt and see how it goes?
  5. Bit of clarity, Bruce is actually going to manage the Newcastle branch of Sports Direct
  6. sell him to Newcastle for 35 million :-)
  7. get shut of him, he has not really progressed in 4 seasons at the club
  8. would you trust anything SB said? He ranks alongside Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson now
  9. compromise = MA writing a cheque for £5 million to DC. I hope DC stands his ground for every penny just to show NUFC that if they want him that's the price
  10. I thought he came across like the two muppets wanting to be PM. Tell people what they want to hear to some degree whilst screwing them over. His tone was one of wanting to go. Putting pressure elsewhere by saying up to the clubs. I hope DC screws them for every penny.
  11. wonder if the happy clappers were banging their tambourines, all fine and well.
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