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  1. They will be ok, schools reopen in September so they can go back to their old jobs
  2. well you have to have a doom merchant turn up
  3. Maybe Hutch ain't there because he's been executed by Kim's Stormtroopers? But there is that possibility that the option to shove certain players from the squad due to certain issues could have been made above Monks head. I think if Monk goes we will struggle to get a decent manager in at all. Due to everything having to be rubber stamped by the dictator, obviously he won't have any funds available, it looks like we will be in League 1, so why would any reasonable manager come to the club?
  4. Yes, he plans to own us for four seasons
  5. think part of the problem is we are members of the EFL. Bit like suing any club you are a member of and then wondering why they won't let you in. Bit of a catch 22 situation. Agreed like the FF case, UK courts have UK law but any club, society etc has it's own rules and once you join you are governed by their rules.
  6. I wouldn't go as far as fans libelled him. There has generally open and fair discussion of his and others actions. Nobody is saying he's not had the club at heart but he's made some mistakes of varying levels during his time. If he is accountable for this mess then he has to stand up and bite the bullet over it. Ok, nothing gone through courts, tribunals etc yet but it doesn't look too rosy at the present time. And at the end of the day its fair open discussion by fans of the club at a time when we could cop for a massive hit in terms of our EFL standing. Maybe points deduction, maybe relegated as punishment who knows.
  7. isn't there the issue that we are under EFL rules and not normal UK law. This seemed the case with Fessi's racism case. Thought the issue might be we are a member of EFL and bound by THEIR rules? Not having a pop at you, just pondering what rule book this matter comes under
  8. agreed, people have stated their thoughts about the way DC and his staff have got into this position. Hardly venomous outbursts really. Think the genral view is that they have got the club into a somewhat dangerous position as we are all guessing what the outcome may be.
  9. That little scumbag Gibson the spark after he spaffed away his parachute money. But having said that it looks like we know who the new club accountant is
  10. they have not been charged with a breach of FFP, all three have been charged with misconduct which implies a much more serious charge looming
  11. hopefully this will all come out in due process with the EFL and the club. Someone has ballsed up big style and it seems it could well be the club
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