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  1. Dr Xia, ideal name for a Bond Villain
  2. good job its not Eduardo. Could just see us announcing we have E. Bola
  3. don't think anyone buys the Star any more. As I understand its down to about 7500 sales across the region. The Donny Star was cut as it was down to 250 copies a day. Clickbait sh1e tapped out by a team of monkeys.
  4. I was told by someone who knows what they are on about he was getting rid of UK accountants and moving it to a firm in Thailand. That was 2 years back, might be part of the reason. Like Hangover 2, Bangkok has them now!
  5. this idiot is turning this once great club into a total disgrace. Think like most Owls fans I despise this clown and his family, never want to see them in S6 again. The whole bloody lot of them
  6. I have no money.............................I'm an Elf, ask Santa to pay
  7. how about the Shamen? E's are good. You need to pop something to watch SWFC at the moment
  8. so you might find the bailiffs drop off a couple of elephants at your front door as settlement
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