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  1. sheffield_dave's post in #MindTheGap Four Years Ago Today... was marked as the answer   
    Best thing about all this for me is that - JUST like the BDM - it was their gobsh*te fans who really cemented this.
    Mind the Gap comes DIRECTLY by them, and if current trajectory continues it's going to haunt them for decades just like Boxing Day Massacre did.
    Juts a perfect combination of elements that season. The comeback at Bramall Lane. Megson. The 1-0 at Hillsborough. Semedo's celebration giving us one of THE defining Sheffield Wednesday images. The Gap. Antonio's goal. United's garbage end of season form (which, often forgotten by Blades, included Ched for much of it). Their REPEATED bottling of matches that would have sealed promotion irrespective of our form. Those couple of minutes between us scoring against Wycombe and United going 1-0 down at Exeter. Simonsen's penalty.
    It's a season which changed the course of short term history, and at a rate of knotts appears to be changing the long term one. I don't even think we've seen the end of the importance of that year yet. With a bit of luck, it'll end up with us establishing as ourselves as a solid Premiership outfit (at least), with them turfed out of Bramall Lane as a League Two club while McCabe sells the land for pig farming or whatever. And I hope those kids in red and white stripes holding up signs with "Mind The Gap" on while O'Grady's header sales in and Semedo drops to his knee's goes down in history as the last ever Sheffield derby.
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