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  1. Remember we had to sack this guy to get out of League 1 why are some people obsessed with him? Another manager with a boring game plan.
  2. Done nowt at Ipswich despite giving him plenty of time. Another boring game plan manager.
  3. Of course you are the world's greatest assessor of players - I think not!
  4. I think you watch a different game of football to me, you've summed up Fletcher to a tee. Nuhiu has more football in his big toe than Fletcher, maybe you just like huffers & puffers and can't see ability.
  5. S6 Lifelong Owl

    I’m f*cking p*ssed off

    Still not good enough for what our aspirations were st the time.
  6. S6 Lifelong Owl

    FAO Those Clapping Seals

    Criticised? I think most of the comments on here go far beyond constructive criticism, I sometimes feel ashamed that so called 'supporters' of the Club seem determined to undermine the Club at every possible opportunity, so maybe we (you) deserve nothing better.
  7. S6 Lifelong Owl

    I’m f*cking p*ssed off

    Semedo was ok but not of premiership aspiration quality needed moving on.
  8. S6 Lifelong Owl

    I’m f*cking p*ssed off

    Well why don't you f*****g p**s off then we don't need your negativity at this time.
  9. S6 Lifelong Owl

    FAO Those Clapping Seals

    I wouldn't blame him if he did after all the slagging off he gets on here. Maybe then all the moaners and groaners could then show us how it should be done from the Northern Premier League South, if they'd let us in!
  10. S6 Lifelong Owl

    The Jos Luhukay IN/OUT manager thread

    How quickly people forget how Jos turned the team round last season, have faith he will do it again.
  11. S6 Lifelong Owl

    Whatever your thoughts are on the Chairman,

    And to the play offs the year after.
  12. S6 Lifelong Owl

    Deadline day is looming...

    I wouldn't have said that the 'ginger one's had exactly been a massive success with us.,
  13. Who's screwing who? It's the BBC who are screwing the Club's pity more of them hadn't got the guts to tell them where to get off.
  14. I don't suppose Messrs Lineker and the rest of the grossly overpaid presenters, newsreaders on the BBC have taken a 10% pay cut to help fund the increased costs of showing the Premier League highlights. It smacks of sheer arrogance by the BBC to reduce revenue which will impact many smaller clubs financially whilst increasing the already grossly obscene revenue the Premier League clubs receive.
  15. S6 Lifelong Owl

    New #SWFC kit looks even better here!

    Boring, just like a thousand other striped kits we've had over the years.