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  1. S6 Lifelong Owl

    New #SWFC kit looks even better here!

    Boring, just like a thousand other striped kits we've had over the years.
  2. S6 Lifelong Owl

    Atletico Wednesday Shirt

    Crap let's stop wanting to mess about with the kit it's only a money making scam. Nowt wrong with the current one imo.
  3. S6 Lifelong Owl

    Safe standing at Hillsborough

    Yes, but that is what was supposed to have happened on that fateful day, but didn't.
  4. S6 Lifelong Owl

    Safe standing at Hillsborough

    I can still think of 96 reasons why 'safe ' standing should never be reintroduced.
  5. S6 Lifelong Owl

    New Kit

    I like the current kit and bought a replica one for the 1st time in years. The only previous one I've bought was in 66 you've guessed it, it was the same as the current kit!
  6. S6 Lifelong Owl

    Todays Referee

    Agreed Nuhiu wasn't exactly innocent in that incident.
  7. I dread to think what kind of kit a committee of fans would come up with. I personally like the current kit and would stick with for another year.
  8. S6 Lifelong Owl

    Joey Barton

    It's a NO from me!
  9. S6 Lifelong Owl

    Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    And you know this because? Sheer speculation.
  10. S6 Lifelong Owl

    Stadium location?

    A redeveloped Don Valley into a proper soccer stadium would have been ideal for both Sheffield clubs to have utilised.
  11. S6 Lifelong Owl

    Poor Game Management

    If it's going to be that bad why bother going and save yourself all the anguish.
  12. Should a professional journalist be using phrases like. And I quote, "to state the bleeding obvious" in a published article which many of our younger generation of supporters could possibly read? What a throw pot of a paper to allow this to be printed.
  13. S6 Lifelong Owl


    So after 51 years you are throwing in the towel? In those years you like me must have seen some dire days but we've come through them and will do again. Maybe you're just not getting any younger and using the current situation as an excuse to stop attending, sorry mate but you won't be missed.
  14. S6 Lifelong Owl

    Matias sent off - violent conduct

    Only think? At worst both players should have had a yellow, A good ref would have just told them both to calm down and got on with the game.