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  1. Innocent until proven guilty FF was cleared by a court of law as there was insufficient evidence, but the FA prefer to believe one mans account of the situation from a player who clearly had it in for FF despite it being a supposed 'friendly ' game.
  2. It's about time the EFL tried to do something about the enormous disparity created by the Premiership parachute payments instead of kicking the have nots in the teeth with rules to restrict any possibility of them trying to bridge that gap.
  3. Maybe I should have added with the players we've got. Might as well go for Pulis if you want that kind of team.
  4. Not sure that it would be a good move- no experience of Championship or of handling players of higher calibre. Understand that Lincoln are a well drilled, physical long ball team, is that really what we want?
  5. Has anybody here looked at the form tables recently? Over the last 10 matches Birmingham and QPR are 3rd & 4th so to expect a return from these two teams, especially on their own patch, for a team which is still very much a work in progress to me was a trifle optimistic. Don't want to worry anyone but Norwich are top of that table!
  6. Really I seem to remember people saying the same thing before last seasons game at Bramall Lane- football is a funny game!
  7. Fact is that he didn't- the rest is pure wishful thinking.
  8. Are you going out to find somebody to buy us then? Like it or not we are stuck with Chansiri for the forseeable unless you can.
  9. Why? He likes spending money which we ain't got and as for Megson didn't we have to sack him to get out of League one?
  10. Just remind me what they've actually won over the decades?
  11. Remember we had to sack this guy to get out of League 1 why are some people obsessed with him? Another manager with a boring game plan.
  12. Done nowt at Ipswich despite giving him plenty of time. Another boring game plan manager.
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