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  1. Liam Palmer

    Get rid asap
  2. The OP clearly states current squad, i.e players available to him NOW and not injured.
  3. He's seen enough of the players available to him, both in training and in matches. Based on this, I believe he can categorise them in the following sections. This is my opinionn: Players who should never see a matchday squad. Palmer, Fox, and Butterfield. Players whose "legs have gone" but can contribute to matchday squads Boyd, Loovens. Players who can contribute 'til the end of season Wallace, Jones, Pudil, Fred, Abdi, Nuihu Players with a future at Hillsboro' Hunt, Reach, Rhodes,Joao, Joey, all 3 goalkeepers, all young players who have been given a chance. This manager needs to adapt quickly to the English game, whatever he is trying is clearly not working with the players availble to him.
  4. Sky sports don't televise FA cup matches
  5. George Boyd

    legs have gone, another player using wednesday as a "last pay day"
  6. Hopefully to the end of the season
  7. why that team? we've nothing else to go for this season so put the strongest team out!
  8. Somebody wake me up - please!

    This new CEO, seriously, could you see people like Megson or Pearson working with her?? Step forward the next "yes" man as manager of Sheffield Wednesday
  9. The Case for Megson

    The case for Megson? You only have to view the highlights of the Brentford game to know he is exactly what is needed at this time.
  10. Appaling defending, strolling around, no urgency whatsoever. If that's the best Bullen can get out of 'em then he has to go back to coaching the youth team.
  11. Mclaren holds talks

    IF (and its a bif if) he comes, then he will bring an army of his staff, incluung his son and brother on the payroll.
  12. Man of match poll

    Where was Palmer when the 2 Hull players were left unmarked on the right hand side of our box in the 95th minute? Never been a full back.