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  1. Thought Wildsmith was slow to react there..
  2. Absolutely! If anyone was bothered about a few swear words they wouldn't be watching in the first place. Just sickening to hear the constant unnecessary apologies.
  3. RIP Guru. I didn't know the guy but his posts were always thought provoking as well as entertaining. Come on The Wednesday - pull your collective fingers out in honour of Guru.
  4. As an aside we've even kept possession from our own throw-ins!
  5. Can't see anything but a defeat today. No reason to think the performance will be any better than the earlier dire, effortless bilge we have witnessed all season.
  6. I was thinking the same. They're all probably much more curvy and interesting these 16 years later!
  7. Victoria Coren and Caro Emerald! Proper women.
  8. The Chansiri Circus has made the club a hopeless case, a laughing stock and a complete farce. How he can even hold his head up in his own living room is beyond me. He cannot possibly have any self respect either, if he doesn't realise that he has to either change his ridiculous autocratic management style and appoint a Chief Executive who has experience in running a professional football club, or sell up. How many of us thought we would end up in this situation when Milan Manderic sold the club?
  9. Absolutely spot on Ozzie! The man has allegedly spent hundreds of millions and yet the squad is like a Sunday league team that were all on the booze until 3 a.m. the previous night. League 1 》 League 2 》 National League here we come. Unless he clears off out of this club.
  10. Have people forgotten how unfit the squad was in his time here and also how he rushed Kieren Lee back from injury before he was properly recovered?
  11. The best tracksuit tops were the one that the team wore for the 1966 cup final. Just "OWLS" on the back. Plain, simple and classic.
  12. How completely infantile! What kind of behaviour is that from so called professionals?
  13. Agreed! It simply isn't possible to build a squad that will be suçcessful, when the person influencing the recruitment has only his own personal interests as his priority. Either Paixo needs to be sacked or Chansiri needs to sell up and go.
  14. If Chansiri doesn't acknowledge what a mess Paixo has made of this squad and get rid of him, things are only going to get worse. In fact there's every chance we will drop straight through to League two and then the National League
  15. The defending by Harris was pathetic. He just backed off instead of putting in a challenge. It was SO obvious their attacker was going to cut in onto his right foot for a shot on goal.
  16. We look worse than a Sunday League side who were out on the booze last night.
  17. If,- after the past week, there is no public statement from Chansiri, then for me, it will clearly demonstrate that he has absolutely no intention of taking any remedial action to address our standing in the league. I don't blame Thompson, as he was just given a poisoned chalice, but todays capitulation was typical of so many over the last 2 seasons in particular. Yet another club, whose bad run of results comes to an end against Wednesday. If it was the subject of a football novel, - people would say it's too far fetched!
  18. Definitely agree with that suggestion. I remember the Green Un headline that night. "Whitham Hat-Trick in 5-4 Triumph" Of course he was credited with 4 by Wednesdayites as the last one went in off Nobby Styles (RIP) but it was Jack's goal in truth. It was a warm, sunny August afternoon and this was the team that 3 months earlier had won the European Cup as it then was. Certainly one of the best ever days as a Wednesdayite and I was only 12 at the time.
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