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  1. Might be the never to be forgotten 5-4 triumph over the then European champions, Manchester United, in August 1968.
  2. Over the years I had Adidas, the George Best Stylo Matchmakers and Puma, along with a few that were, shall we say "Steptoe" boots. My favourites and by far the most comfortable were a pair of Puma Pele Rio. The Puma stripe was in yellow, so they looked different from previous Puma boots. What I can't understand these days is why any player wears boot with "blades" instead of studs. It always seems to me the reason why so many players slip and fall. ( e.g. the famous Gerrard incident)!
  3. That kit is absolutely superb! The hooped socks really finish it off! Proper Wednesday
  4. It really is time to introduce a maximum wage worldwide. Top players wages are immoral, when compared to the rest of society.
  5. My old man was the landlord at the Royal Lancers in the mid 1970s. Live music every Saturday and Sunday nights. Used to be packed by 8 p.m. Spencer Clarks foundry kept it going in the week. Guys from there could drink a pint without it touching the sides!
  6. I phoned earlier this afternoon and got through. I just ignored the "we are not accepting calls right now" and continued to hold until the various options were given. Got trhough after about a 2 minute hold and paused the subscription.
  7. We've known about this issue for some time of course, but it does re-emphasise the total incompetence of DC and his advisors, or perhaps more likely the fact that he goes his own way despite advice. To me it makes the betting scandal of the early 60s pale into insignificance. There might at least be a positive result longer term if DC is banned from operating as a director. Hopefully it might convince him to sell up, even at a significant loss. The state we are in now is certainly not what we expected when MM sold the club to DC.
  8. On a serious note :- " Clearly the club is in a serious financial situation. How much responsibility do you accept for this and what lessons have you learned that will improve the situation going forward?"
  9. Regarding Giddings' commentaries - why the feck does he keep saying " also, too, as well"? Does he not realise how stupid he sounds? As far as the interview, he was at least giving Monk the chance to spill the beans about what's going on in the club. Self preservation however dictates that Monk isn't going to say what the problems are.
  10. Probably the worst team / squad we've had since the early seventies. No determination, no togetherness, no tactical awareness. Absolutely dreadful. As others have said, the club is rotten from top to bottom. Chansiri needs to go, though heaven knows who would pay his price. Monk needs to go, but in any case a replacement would only be a puppet, the way Chansiri works. I truly fear for the future of this club. In the current scenario, we could finish up alongside Chesterfield.
  11. It really does look empty on tv and more noise in a library!
  12. Exactly this! The man admitted from the start that he knows nothing about football. Anyone sensible, in that position would surely recruit a Managing Director or at least a Director of Football who has deep and positive experience of operating a successful footbal club. But Chansiri has not had the humility to do so and we all know the outcome. Unless he sells up (and who the hell is going to pay what he will want, to recoup his losses?), - this club that we all love will only drop further and further. Certainly relegation this season is a real possibilty, especially if the EFL deduct points in relation to the financial rules. Even if they don't, there's a real possibility of relegation, in any case, given performances since Boxing Day. I've followed Wednesday since the age of 8 (early in the 60s) and I can't recall ever feeling so despondent as I do now, because the squad, although not the worst in the division, seems unable to motivate themselves to perform. Even if the manager is not popular amongst the squad, you would at least expect some self respect and effort from the players on a match day. It's obvious that it's not happening and even when results were better in the first half of the season, there were many occasions when the result was far, far better than the performance. We scraped through and gained points that performances didn't deserve, - but that's football sometimes. As others have said, the club is in a complete mess from top to bottom and I for one can't see a positive way forward.
  13. Oh dear! Another howler from Dawson. He really needs to sort out his kicking. How difficult can it be FFS?
  14. Ok. I wasn't aware of that level of detail. Clearly there was a disagreement between MM and Gary Megson and I for one was surprised he was sacked immediately after beating the Blunts. I was convinced that he would have taken us up, but of course he wasn't given the chance.
  15. So are you implying that Megson resigned?? News to me!
  16. 34% possession against Miwwaww!! How pathetic!
  17. A poor and incomplete statement from the club. The proposals must have included access and egress arrangements, so why has the club not announced what they are, since they must have been agreed with SAG?
  18. 42% win ratio. Would be amongst the top few managers.
  19. No not Mansfield. Ravenshead. It was a very pleasant place to live.
  20. Actually I lived in the north side of Nottingham, not far from Newstead Abbey, the home of Lord Byron, for over 20 years and it was a wonderful place to live. Sure, Nottingham has it's less salubrious areas, but so do most large cities, not least the fair city of Sheffield! But yes, - we did give Forest a hell of a beating!
  21. I have a close friend who played for him at Oxford Utd and he said he was the best manager he ever played for. And this friend played for quite a few clubs in his career, so it says a lot for Jim Smith. RIP fellow Owl.
  22. I really can't see an easy way out of this whole mess, except for Chansiri to sell the club at a massive loss to some organisation / company who have similarly massive funds to invest, albeit within P&S rules for the foreseeable future. Whether his pride will allow him to take that level of loss, is another matter, but surely he must be regretting getting involved in the club when he fully admitted he knew nothing about football. The main problem though has been his reluctance to obtain proper advice from suitably experienced and honest people, within the professional game.
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