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  1. Absolutely! Today I bought a Bere's sausage roll. £1.15 and it was superb. Of course their pork sandwiches are excellent too. Why pay ridiculous prices in the ground for awful pizza?
  2. I think there was a team who played in High Hazels park and played in claret and blue. Can't recallvtheir name sadly.
  3. Sounds like you were in a similar age group to me. I played for Greenhill Rangers against Hackenthorpe Throstles and Halliwell Juniors in the Sheffield & District Sunday League. I think it was 68 / 69 and 69 / 70. I remember we played away to Hackenthorpe and drew 6 all. There was another team from the Intake area which Gary Hull played for and also a team from Hyde Park in the same league. Ring any bells with you Sternlad?
  4. Terry Curran, Roger Wylde, Carlton Palmer, Jim McCalliog, ??, Brian Joicey, David Sunley
  5. Good shout Andy. Morons like that need to be banned from the ground and from buying away tickets. I hope the club can identify him and take action.
  6. A decent watch. We do need some more ruggedness in midfeld. For those old enough to remember him, a Dave Clements type would be ideal.
  7. Great attacking options on the bench. Just hope none of the defenders get injured.
  8. It's interesting stuff to me, though. I wouldn't have the patience to do the tedious analysis although I do enjoy doing pie charts and graphs in Excel!
  9. Where will we finish? - second (it's what we do - some other team will pip us at the post)! Player of the season? Peacock-Farrell Top goal scorer? Lee Gregory Signing of the season? Berahino - if he settles in and is given game time Most disappointing player of the season? Kamberi
  10. Just to update on this - I had a reply earlier this morning from the ticket office stating that the issue is because the tickets are not on general sale until Friday 10/9/21. As stated by Doghouse Daz, earlier in the thread. I think I'm going reply to the ticket office and suggest that a more descriptive / appropriate response is given by the system, in these circumstances.
  11. That's all very well, but if you just sign straight in to the ticket website, you don't see those details. Surely a response from the system stating that tickets are not yet on general sale, but will be on a given date, would be helpful. Just another example of the management of the supporter / customer interface not working as it should.
  12. Yes guys I think this is the problem! I seem to recall having the same problem for the first home match of the season and the problem resolves itself when they go on general sale. You would think that the system response would say something a little more intelligent, such as "tickets are not yet on general sale" !!
  13. Shrewsbury - it's the only home match where tickets are available at the moment.
  14. No just trying to buy one ticket for myself. I've now re-set the password, but still get the same response. I guess I'll have to await the response from the ticket office.
  15. I haven't had any refund to apply for. I haven't had a season ticket for a few years. In recent seasons, I've either had a membership or just picked my matches. My date of birth has trnasferred over from the old ticket site, so I would have though that the software checks that when selling a concession ticket.
  16. Certainly not - but in any case, I hadn't even progressed to the stage of putting in payment details. Sometimes I wonder if this club really wants to sell tickets. I'm sure I can't be the only person who's had this issue.
  17. I've deleted the ticket, logged out, then logged back in again, tried to buy the ticket again and still get the same response. I've e-mailed ticket enquiries to ask if they are able to resolve the issue. I guess time will tell.
  18. Is anyone able to help with this "error message" I'm getting on the ticket site. I'm purchasing an Over 65 ticket for myself (my date of birth is clearly shown in my personal details, and has been for over 25 years so proving my age) and the website gives the response " The quantity of tickets owned by Kevan **** exceeds limit set by SWFC. To resolve, click 'Assign owners' and assign some of the tickets to other owners. As I'm only buying one ticket, the message doesn't make sense. Has anyone else come across this issue and found a way to resolve it?
  19. The thing that is so positive for the rest of the season is that DM can change the side allowing for injuries, changes of tactics, different opposition and yet the strength of the side should remain about the same. Also, the bench should always look strong and capable of changing the game, whatever the score. Looking good - I hope this optimism is borne out by results in due course.
  20. Your trailer line is very apt Hootie. You are indeed a lucky man! Congratulations on your 31 years together and long may it continue.
  21. The break because of the Sunderland postponement, might just have come at the right time. DM can spend more time working with the squad and getting them to gel. More to come from this squad and performances can only get better. There will always be games when we expect to win, but that doesn't happen. Isn't that why we all watch football?
  22. Loved the last sentence about "A beauty about Old England when Wednesday win"! The warm Sunday morning glow after a win 9n the Saturday. Entertaining stuff. Keep 'em coming!
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