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  1. Ah yes Lord S - the days of the Libero. Hansen was pretty good at it at Liverpool too. We could do with a player like that. A centre half who doesn't get a nose bleed when he carries the ball over the halfway line! lol!
  2. Agree totally with that Daz. I was thinking the same. At one point he left 3 of our players in his wake as he broke up an attack and went forward with the ball. If we can find a midfield player like him, we will certainly be more of a threat going forward next season.
  3. The important principle is that we need a squad that can perform consistently well and bring home the points when they perform well, irrespective of the opposition. This league always provides unexpected results and we need to be the team that performs week in, week out.
  4. Peter Swan for me, along with Des Walker. Swan was so commanding in the air and a brilliant tackler. To have him in a pair with Des Walker, would be a perfect combination of power and pace. Not many would get past them.
  5. Some pace in that team, if they all play to their potential. Let's see what happens. Come on you blue and white wizards!
  6. Totally unfair. Sounds like a mardy arse but FFS!
  7. Time already expired whegn he gave the free kick. Cheating bar steward!
  8. This pitch surrounds of this ground are seriously dangerous. Twice players could have been seriously injured.
  9. Although we've been in the game so far, Norwich look far more penetrative.
  10. What the hell do we do in the warm ups??? FFS!
  11. Undoubtedly has to be the great Ron Springett. A God of a goalkeeper and but for Banks, may well have doubled the number of England caps he achieved.
  12. Springett Nilsson Worthington Swan Palmer Craig Sheridan Fantham Waddle Bannister Curran
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