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  1. A series of poor decisions which when read together, completely explain why the club is in this absolute mess and why the future looks exceedingly bleak!
  2. All of the reasons mentioned above were contributory factors. If one or more of them were different, we would have stayed up. Now is not really the time for " what if" - what the Chairman and management team need to do now, is plan the budget and identify new players who have a "never say die" attitude and are more skilful than the shower whose contracts are about to expire. Only then, will things start to improve. I'm not confident they can find those players though, given past history.
  3. A Reach screamer, a Rhodes tap in or a fluke off Paterson's arse???? Any of those will do. How desperate we are! Otherwise it's Fleetwood and Cheltenham next season. Come on Darren, put some fire in their bellies!
  4. I never met him but reading the tributes here, he sounds like a great fella, a fun person to be with and a great Wednesdayite. RIP Mick.
  5. No it's not! It's absolutely awful! I guess we will have to agree to differ.
  6. Really can't understand how people can use Dark Mode! Definitely NOT easy on the eyes! Far better to use light mode and reduce brightness settings if it feels too bright.
  7. The crux of the problem for me, is a complete lack of movement off the ball. Players need to find space and make angles for the man in possession to be able to find them. There's a lack of willingness to run forward into space and this has been apparent all season, or even longer.
  8. This game reminds me of the Man City game in 1970. Opposition not bothered and yet still we can't win anything. Hope Forest don't have a " Bowyer like" sub!
  9. The bloke doesn't know when to STFU! Drives me up the wall!
  10. I tend to believe that as a player, the harder you work, the better you become. I'm talking about working on your own skills like ball control, accurate passing etc. Clearly few of this squad have the willingness to do that kind of thing, over and above the group training and coaching that goes on. It comes down to how much you want success and this lot are just happy to see the pay hit their bank accounts.
  11. Definitely one of the best! Add hooped socks and it would have been perfect.
  12. It really does demonstrate incompetence on a staggering scale!
  13. Obviously we all wish him a speedy recovery from the injury, but if the ongoing tactics under Darren Moore will be to play out from the back, then Tom Lees is not the kind of centre back that we need. Imagine if we could discover a centre back in the Paul Warhurst mould (before we experimented with him as a striker). That and a developing Urhoghide would be a great start to recruitment, albeit we need new players throughout the squad to find our way back.
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