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  1. RIP Johnny Quinn. As others gave already said, a true Wednesday legend. One of my early heroes too from that 1966 cup final team.
  2. The issue remains though doesn't it? Players don't seem to have learned anything.
  3. I have a definite dislike for these "blades" that are prevalent on modern boots. I'm certain they aren't as effective as the tradional nylon or aluminium screw-in type studs. This slipping happens across all the professional leagues - didn't Gerrard slip at a vital moment season before last and cost Liverpool a game that could have kept them in contention for the league title? It just seems ridiculous to me that players keep on using the "blade" type boots.
  4. Sending you sincere good wishes Joanne. Like others, I don't know what you've been suffering with, but I trully hope that your recovery continues until you're 100% healthy again. Take care and look after yourself. K x
  5. RIP Gerry. A really solid and dependable player and from all accounts a gentleman. I remember he scored an equaliser in a cup tie against Birmingham City at Hillsborough. Smashed it from about 35 yards. Will always be remembered.
  6. Brown not looking very sharp. Poor lay off there.
  7. She has her professional reputation and integrity to maintain. I don't see how she could have done any different.
  8. The home shirt looks really smart. The grey away strip is awful. The players will hardly be able to see each other. We're bad enough at finding our own players with a pass, as it is!
  9. I wonder if DC's family will be putting pressure on him to stop throwing money into the club. Should that be the case, the club would end up in administration, unless a buyer could be found. I really think there's a risk that this could happen. Even if it doesn't, the prospects on the pitch are pretty grim, unless we can sign around 10 players with energy, determination and skill to change the drab performances that we saw since the season started up again. Is Monk the right manager to attract those players? I have my doubts.
  10. I would say Hirst was a more complete all round forward and given better luck with injuries, would have had many more England caps. That tackle by Steve Bould really did end his career at the very top level. However, he had great control, could turn his man, he had pace and could finish powerfully and accurately with either foot and with his head. Whilst Vardy is quick and a great finisher, I don't think he has all the attributes that Hirst had at his peak. I guess all these things are subjective really, but hey opinoons are what this forum is all about.
  11. How has he made us better? Using 3-5-2 we've leaked goals like a sieve. Teams have strolled through the midfield and defence as if they weren't there!
  12. Nannan?????? Who over the age of 5 uses that word for their grandmother?🙄
  13. The thing that is most soul destroying of all, is the lack of structure, planning or expertise in the club. It simply isn't possible to see how we can look forward with any optimism whatsoever. What's needed is appointments of experienced and previously successful people at CEO and Director of Football levels in the structure and a manager who can motivate players to perform consistently. I can't say that I expect any of those things to happen within the forseeable future, with the current owner in place.
  14. We are owned by a man who confesses her knows NOTHING about football, yet who won't hire people who do. It really is a hopeless situation. Unless he sells up (and if he does, he will have to accept a massive loss on his investment), it's impossible to see how the club can recover from the current situation. Likely to start next season on somewhere between -21 and -12 points, which is going to make us favourites for relegation and still the overpsend of the last 2 seasons affecting the finances going forward. This man has flattered to deceive and the overall situation now is nothing short of an utter disaster. It will be a long, long time before this club is anywhere close to fighting for propmition to the Premier League. Mind you, the way the Sky / BT money has completely spoiled the professional game, I'm not sure that's altogether a bad thing. The whole scenario makes me want to find another sport / team to place my loyalty with. After 55 years supporting the club, that's really saying something.
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