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  1. Yesssssss! - 3 points. Well done the Blue and White Wizzzzzaaaarrrrddddssss!
  2. The football authorities have shown their true colours during this pandemic and whilst I was cynical about them before, I certainly have no respect for them now. All motivated by money and no care for the lower league clubs or the grass roots of the game. Frankly I haven't missed it. My Sky Sports subscription has been suspended and I doubt that I will restart it. The whole game needs a reality check, but I'm not convinced it will happen
  3. One thing you can tell from those clips, - he played with such passion. Something that we are as a team, so devoid of in the current squad.
  4. I'd say Giddings is the worst on Radio Sheffield. How many times do you hear him say "also, too, as well" - drives me up the wall. That is just NOT the kind of English you expect a (supposed) professional broadcaster to say once let alone, over and over again. Grrrrr
  5. I really can't get my head around people who want to give you any sort of criticism Vic, for TWW. It always amuses and interests me. If people don't like it, they don't have to watch it.
  6. Frankly it would serve the players right if football never started again in a professional capacity. I know some of them made donations to charity but it has not been disclosed how much. My bet would be most donations are a very small percentage of their vast salaries. As others have said, the whole profession needs a complete re-set after this. Ideally get rid of the greedy agents who are nothing more than parasites. I must admit I haven't missed football as much as I thought I would. Maybe some people might be the same and may not return in such numbers next season.
  7. I guess it's been said many times before, but that Bukta shirt was one of the best of all times.
  8. My view is that deferring their pay is nowhere near good enough. They should be taking a cut - 30% of their annual pay has been mentioned by the Premier League and that seems fair to me, - perhaps with an agreement on a lower level of slary , below which the 30% just won't apply. That would recognise the lower league players that don't earn so much. Let's be honest - if these guys (players) have managed their money properly, they own't have to work again after their playing days are over, so 30% of one year's pay is not going to affect them too adversely.
  9. The golden voice of Kenneth Wolstenhome on commentary. He spoke when it was necessary. None of the verbal diarrhoea of today's so called expert analysts.
  10. Might be the never to be forgotten 5-4 triumph over the then European champions, Manchester United, in August 1968.
  11. Over the years I had Adidas, the George Best Stylo Matchmakers and Puma, along with a few that were, shall we say "Steptoe" boots. My favourites and by far the most comfortable were a pair of Puma Pele Rio. The Puma stripe was in yellow, so they looked different from previous Puma boots. What I can't understand these days is why any player wears boot with "blades" instead of studs. It always seems to me the reason why so many players slip and fall. ( e.g. the famous Gerrard incident)!
  12. That kit is absolutely superb! The hooped socks really finish it off! Proper Wednesday
  13. It really is time to introduce a maximum wage worldwide. Top players wages are immoral, when compared to the rest of society.
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