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  1. Some pace in that team, if they all play to their potential. Let's see what happens. Come on you blue and white wizards!
  2. Totally unfair. Sounds like a mardy arse but FFS!
  3. Time already expired whegn he gave the free kick. Cheating bar steward!
  4. This pitch surrounds of this ground are seriously dangerous. Twice players could have been seriously injured.
  5. Although we've been in the game so far, Norwich look far more penetrative.
  6. Undoubtedly has to be the great Ron Springett. A God of a goalkeeper and but for Banks, may well have doubled the number of England caps he achieved.
  7. Springett Nilsson Worthington Swan Palmer Craig Sheridan Fantham Waddle Bannister Curran
  8. Could always go back to the good old days Mi Lord and go with 2-3-5.
  9. The good thing about having Bruce in charge, is that he sounds like he knows what he wants and what type of players the squad needs. Hope fully he will be given licence to get rid of those that don't fit the criteria and recruit those who do. It will be a very interesting summer.
  10. Never really got into the game with any real attacking threat today
  11. Keith Macklin the most abysmal football commentator ever! Perhaps run a little close by Danny Blanchflower "chance" lol!
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