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  1. And Radio Sheffield lose contact! Typical.
  2. Surely the club are not going sit and let this ridiculous situation continue. DIdn't the club statement say they were taking legal advice with a view to challenging the SYP commissioned report, which clearly concludes what SYP wanted it to conclude? I certainly hope so. Mr Chansiri doesn't seem the type of man who will allow such a patently unfair and biased report to go unchallenged. I suppose the next week or so will tell.
  3. This is now becoming a complete farce. The next 2 home fixtures are against clubs who will bring barely a handful of fans and certainly not enough to require the double parking of coaches on Leppings Lane, which was probably the biggest issue which the report concluded was allegedly causing problems with egress from the ground. So to ban ticket sales in the North Stand is patently ridiculous.
  4. Hey OP what's with the American date format? In proper format yesterday was 10/8/19 not 8/10/19!!
  5. As a few others have said, the report makes no mention of advising away supporters to remain in their seats if the option of a "hold back" is used. The report obsesses about lack of capacity in the concourse areas. Absolutely and fundamentally ridiculous. Also, the problem they refer to on Leppings Lane itself was seemingly caused by double parking of coaches. It's hardly rocket science to suggest that the solution is don't double park coaches. Better still find an alternative location to park coaches. How about Middlewood Road training ground car park?
  6. They ( SYP / SAG) have not offered a proper explanation for their concerns about the alleged unsafe aspect of fans entering the North stand via Leppings Lane. It's all very 'woolly' and lacking in detail. It would be interesting to get hold of a copy of this report which has been done and find out what the detailed concerns are. Anyone got any idea if we can insist that it's made public?
  7. The area outside the Leppings Lane turnstiles is wider than many at other grounds. It's completely ridiculous that SYP / SAG and indeed whoever compiled that report should arrive at the conclusion that home supporters must not enter or leave via Leppings Lane. One can only conclude that SYP / SAG have a grudge against the club and told the report writer what to put in the report. As others have said - what a complete stitch up. I hope Chansiri wipes the floor with them once he has a truly INDEPENDENT report prepared.
  8. Is it truly any better than last season, when people were saying there was a significant delay in the commentary?
  9. The football world has gone mad! The money involved in the Premier League is immoral and sensibly much more of the Sky and BT money should be cascaded down the leagues. As for the players wages, they are truly ridiculous.
  10. From the highlights I thought there were at least 2 occasions where there was a player of theirs completely unmarked at the far post from a left wing cross. So our left back position. Could have been Palmer caught out of position but can't be certain.
  11. Mate, you need some anti-camouflage glasses to be able to find them.
  12. Exactly right! That is true equality of opportunity. Recruit on merit. Appoint the person with the most appropriate skills and experience.
  13. Of those listed and also realistic, I would go for Rowett. I'd prefer Van Bronckhorst but I somehow doubt he would come to S6.
  14. This is just yet another episode amongst many that is beginning to put me off professional football. A few days ago there was significant optimism for the new season but if Bruce does go, it throws the whole preparation into chaos. Yet again, the light at the end of the tunnel would be snuffed out.
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