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  1. Definitely Ron Springett for me. Not only brilliant "between the sticks" but he commanded his penalty area so well. He would catch many a cross cleanly, but also could punch clear if he felt that he was under too much of a severe challenge to catch the ball safely. The greatest in my time and I have been going to Hillsborough since 1965. (I think)!
  2. Gerry guested in the .....

    Yes I remember that one too. I was in the North Stand, about 12 years old with a load of Brum fans behind me, obviously worse for wear having downed a few pints. They were lauding their Scottish International goalkeeper, Jim Herriot until that piledriver from Gerry Young went past him. From how I remember it, I think he was not much beyond the centre circle when he realised he was in a bit of space unchallenged and just hit it hard and true and it went into the top corner. Sadly I think we lost the replay!

    I take a long term view of the last few seasons since CC has been Head Coach. Whilst parts of his first season were very entertaining, the vast majority of the two and one third seasons since then have been fairly dull, with few matches which could really and truly be described as entertaining (despite the Chairman's promise that this was his objective). The last two wins have not changed my opinion, nor did the run of defeats. CC will not get this team promoted and I remain of the opinion that it will take someone else to come in and get the best out of this squad and in the end win promotion. I won't offer an opinion as to who that new Head Coach should be, as in my opinion, there are no real stand-out candidates currently out of work. Those in favour of CC staying in post might ask why he shouldn't stay in the light of there being no outstanding candidates to replace him. A valid point at the present time, but the managerial merry-go-round will continue and some time along the way, maybe an outstanding candidate will become available. Who knows in this crazy game??
  4. Very pleased to learn that Doyen do NOT have any financial interest in any of our players, or own any shares in the club. If they are simply paid a fee for advice regarding any identified players, that is as much involvement as I would wish them to have. At least there should be no "divided loyalties".
  5. Just needs the hooped socks to be absolutely perfect!
  6. Butts

    Might be an interesting selection to try. Certainly Kieron Lee has the fitness to be able to support the full back defensively as well as to get forward and put in a decent cross.
  7. Butts

    I thought when we signed Butterfield, it was a good signing. In the past (though probably not during his time at Derby), he has looked like a solid midfield player, who can make a tackle and can put through defence splitting passes to forwards. It seems over the past two games he has shown his abilities and we might have stumbled upon a great pairing in midfield, as he seems to enable Bannan to get forward much more than with the pairing with Kieron Lee.
  8. Poor player for us.....and a dreadful summariser for Sky - not sure how he managed to get that job, because his verbal delivery is absolutely awful. It's impossible to understand what he's saying.
  9. Listen to this k***head! It's like....It's like...It's like
  10. Now there was a splendid vehicle. Front bench seat, column change gearbox and a beautiful shape.
  11. That kit in the black and white picture is exactly how a Wednesday kit should look. Wide stripes, black shorts and hooped socks. The business!
  12. What Changed?

    Fair comment! Loovens in particular I thought was totally off the pace last night - and what happened in that challenge that led to Millwall's goal, I really can't say. He just seemed to fall over when actually he didn't need to challenge that far away from goal. Having missed the challenge he left the defence wide open and although it took an unlucky deflection off Lees on the resultant cross, the whole situation could easily have been avoided had Loovens not committed himself so far forward. Overall though bearing in mind how poor Millwall were, the performance was pretty uninspiring.
  13. What Changed?

    I agree with the earlier posters. Millwall were the poorest team that have been to Hillsborough this season, without doubt. Even then, I wouldn't view last nights performance by Wednesday as being a great deal better than the earlier displays. Still very pedestrian at times. Fortunately we put away a couple of chances and got away with a couple of defensive errors. A better visiting team would have taken all 3 points home with them.