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  1. We will be ready for Sunday.....

    I've been to a lot of derbies and I genuinely believe it's a matter of who turns up and applies themselves fully and properly on the day. League tables, form and the "on paper" views of who is the better team seem to mean absolutely nothing. Tactics have a hand in it all, but it's the application and determination that count most of all on the day. Just hope that Carlos has them wound up like a coiled spring and their own professional pride means that we perform best on the day. Come on you blue and white wizzzzzaaaaarrrrrdddddsssss!!!!
  2. Must agree it would have been better to have Joao on the bench rather than Nuhiu.
  3. Probably a bit more of a pragmatic selection, accepting they will come at us, but options on counter aattack with Reach and Lee in the side. Good that the front two are the same again.
  4. A fine OP as usual Lord S. You're fast becoming a legend! Tough game today for our boys. A point would suffice and a re-group ready for the derby next weekend.
  5. Try looking on booking.com - there are usually some reasonable prices available. Public transport be it buses or trams are pretty good so you will get to the ground ok.
  6. The object of this forum is surely to have a reasoned debate about issues affecting the club and the team. Opposite opinions are fine but silly, childish name calling is unnecessary and unacceptable. Let's all show respect to everyone on here and accept that we have different thoughts and opinions which is fine and makes for enjoyable debate.
  7. If you had to pick one...

    3 - Must have stripes, black shorts and hooped socks
  8. Butterfield was second choice

    It's called having a sense of humour - and giving us a laugh! Nice story Owlsman.
  9. If neither of the two new centre halves are fit enough or good enough to play, it begs the question why we have brought them in. The only way for them to get "up to speed" is for them to play matches. To me it really is a ridiculous scenario for professional footballers to have to wait weeks and weeks to play in the first team when they join a new club. They should be fit enough generally and match fitness only comes with playing matches. If they are decent players who are intended to improve our team, then they must have a reasonable amount of "football intelligence" to be able to play in our system, whichever way Carlos decides we are going to play. I would hope that the addition of Butterfield in midfield will also have a positive effect upon the way we play (but that's another thread all of its own). I'd say - at least pick Van Aken, as he looks to be the one with higher level experience. In the end we will just have t wait for Saturday and see what happens!.
  10. How do you rate the squad now?

    Looking at the videos of Butterfield in his days at Huddersfield, he looks to be the type of player we need. He has the ability to win the ball in a tackle and create chances for the forwards. Some of the passes he put through in those videos were truly class. I'd imagine the likes of Hooper and Rhodes would start to thrive on chances like those. Of course we don't know yet whether he will produce that level of performance on a consistent basis - or as importantly - whether Carlos will actually select him in the first place. Maybe a pairing of Lee (when fully fit) and Butterfield could transform the style of play. Add the new centre back, who can apparently play out from the back and this could be an opportunity for Carlos to adopt a much more offensive approach. Unless our style of play becomes more offensive, I see it being a long hard season, but we will have to wait and see what happens in the next few weeks. I think DC will now give Carlos at least until the turn of the year to prove that we are going in the right direction, but if we are nowhere near challenging for at least a play-off position by then, I suspect his days will be numbered. As ever, time will tell.
  11. Jacob Butterfield

    If he can re-discover his Huddersfield form he could be a real asset. From those clips (and admittedly they were put together to impress, so we may have to wait and see about how consistent he can be), he seems to have the ability to pick a great defence splitting pass - and that could be just what we need to enable Rhodes to blossom. He also looks to be able to tackle cleanly and shoot from distance. Looks hopeful - let's hope Carlos gives him a chance and that he finds that form that he showed with Huddersfield.
  12. Don't feel that you have to explain yourself to the pedants on here! My view of your post was "thanks very much for sharing what you know about him"
  13. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    Brilliant Asteener! The best comment I' ve seen on here for many a year! Mae me laugh out loud, quite literally! Send it to SAG!
  14. Simply not good enough

    Some on here might think it a backward step to bring back Gary Megson, but one thing we do know, the team would be giving absolutely 100% under him. Chances are he would know his best 11 and adopt a much more attacking approach, especially at home. We could do worse - although whether he would come back having recently taken the Assistant's job at WBA, it's difficult to say. Maybe the attraction of Wednesday would be enough to tempt him.
  15. Will they ever learn?

    Yes, mi Lord, - the ridiculous conclusions that some on here reach! To be fair - they have started well, but time will tell if they can be consistent throughout the season. I doubt the will have such outrageous luck in many games this season! As for Wednesday, surely there will be an improvement in performance, whether CC stays or not. Let's hope so!