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  1. Absolutely disgraceful and obscene that any sportsman should be paid at that level. When you consider what else is going on in the world economy, it cannot be justified, whichever way you look at it.
  2. Time wasting, diving etc are very annoying, but just as bad in my opinion is the constant grappling and shirt pulling that goes off prior to corners and free kicks. These ought to be equally punished, by yellow cards, or possibly the sin bin idea that someone mentioned, earlier in this thread. The game as a spectacle is being ruined by these tactics and it's time they were eradicated by making the action that can be taken by referees, sufficiently severe that players just stop doing it.
  3. We didn't play with enough control, didn't get the ball down. Too much panic and just heading the ball forward instead of getting it on the deck. No faulting the effort, but not enough thought.
  4. Very poor from Wednesday. 2nd to every ball so far in the 2nd half.
  5. Can't complain about that starting eleven. Just hope Bannan and Windass are fully fit - and that the rumours of BPF are a load of bunkum! Go for it WEDNESDAY!!!! Attach Attack Attack!!!
  6. A little concerned if BPF isn't fit. He had begun to command his area in the last game and this is something Wildsmith doesn't do particularly well. Still if we can defend well, hopefully they won't get many shots on target or dangerous crosses into the box. We should be on the offensive much more and hopefully make an early breakthrough. UTO!!!
  7. Spawny bar stewards. Wycombe! I truly home the winners tomorrow, gave them a pasting.
  8. Think we got away with it there. The performance was poor and it could have been 3 or 4. Hope we can put more pressure on them on Monday.
  9. Surprised Hunt has been left on the bench as Palmer has that tendency to jog back on recovery, rather than sprint, which is a worry. Hope we can defend successfully and score on the counter attack.
  10. Absolutely correct. We have not managed to dominate any of the physical teams in this league, all season. I can't believe the coaches haven't sorted out the approach and tactics to compete in these kind of games.
  11. From the Radio Sheffield commentary yesterday, several corners went to the far post and there was no Wednesday player there to finish it. When it happens regularly like that, you have to question what they do in training.
  12. Very poor performance. No commitment, no creativity, rubbish.
  13. Looks a robust side, yet with creativity too. Apart from Dean, probably the best team we could put out to counter their physical approach. Come on you Owls!!!
  14. A fair enough report. I suppose the fact that they brought so few supporters was the reason for the upper tier of the West Stand not being available for them.. That may have improved tge ground score.
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