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  1. We look worse than a Sunday League side who were out on the booze last night.
  2. If,- after the past week, there is no public statement from Chansiri, then for me, it will clearly demonstrate that he has absolutely no intention of taking any remedial action to address our standing in the league. I don't blame Thompson, as he was just given a poisoned chalice, but todays capitulation was typical of so many over the last 2 seasons in particular. Yet another club, whose bad run of results comes to an end against Wednesday. If it was the subject of a football novel, - people would say it's too far fetched!
  3. Definitely agree with that suggestion. I remember the Green Un headline that night. "Whitham Hat-Trick in 5-4 Triumph" Of course he was credited with 4 by Wednesdayites as the last one went in off Nobby Styles (RIP) but it was Jack's goal in truth. It was a warm, sunny August afternoon and this was the team that 3 months earlier had won the European Cup as it then was. Certainly one of the best ever days as a Wednesdayite and I was only 12 at the time.
  4. I believe it was actually 3-0. I used to go with my brother in law and that match was the only time we ever ended up arguing. We both blamed different things / people for the low point the club had reached.
  5. Time after time after time, we play teams on a long bad run and we end it for them.
  6. The Wednesday Charity Shop goes on... and on .... and on
  7. FFS - Shaw sent off - proves he should have been subbed at half time!
  8. The economy as a whole will have to return to something more like normality by the end of the current calendar year. Otherwise the financial and employment implications are just too horrendous to consider. With that in mind at least something like half capacity stadiums will have to be considered. With most people vaccinated by then, it should be a realistic possibility.
  9. I don't think we could have hoped for any better results than those tonight. Ok QPR won, but they're probably better than most of the other teams in the bottom half. If Toytown end up losing that's 4 out of 5 results that went exactly how we would have wished. As people have already said, it's now up to Wednesday to do the business on the field on Saturday and get the 3 points against Birmingham. After that, we need to keep our foot on the gas and whilst we're not going to win every game, perhaps one win in two may be enough. Time, as ever, will tell. UTO.
  10. That shirt looks smart! Maybe a variation on that could be our next away strip.
  11. Hi TCFC! Thank you for visiting our site with a rather different agenda from the usual "opposition" fans! The story here can be summed up in a sentence, but I will elaborate further below:- Chairman (Chansiri) buys a football club as a "toy" and immediately admits he knows nothing about football, - he then proceeds to demonstrate that what he had said was absolutely and completely true. When he first arrived at the club, he appointed a number of people who were experienced in football, either as former players / coaches or on the management side. He formed
  12. Post of the day, - in fact post of the decade! Truly made me laugh out loud!
  13. This situation is JUST ONE of numerous examples which clearly illustrate that Chansiri has learned absolutely nothing in 5 (or is it more) years at the club. Naivety doesn't even come close! He admits at the start that he knows nothing about football. We have one successful and entertaining season (when the panel of guys experienced in football were advising / operating the recruitment system), then one by one they all leave and Chansiri is left with an "advisor" whose main (possibly only) priority is to line is own pockets. We can all see this from a distance - so why can't Cha
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