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  1. Over the longer term, performances will be reflected in the points tally. So far the performances have been dreadful (possibly Wigan was an exception) and if DM doesn't get more out of the squad, our league position will be lower as the fixtures go by.
  2. And yet the Lincoln game is Category A. Beggars belief!
  3. Yesterday in particular, our ball control and passing was appalling. Oxford got the ball down and found their men with passes into runners both wide and down the channels. Wednesday for some reason couldn't bring it down or find men in space. Movement was severely lacking too, especially at throw-ins, where our players were like shop window mannekins.
  4. The last 4 minutes of that video are absolutely hilarious! And so true. The world, not just football is going mad with ridiculous analysis, stupid words and sayings that are meaningless and banal!
  5. Dunkley was a disaster yesterday. Poor ball control, poor positional sense and gave the ball away too many times. Iorfa was slightly better but not up to his usual level. In fact I thought it was noticeable how Oxford controlled the ball much better, got it on the floor and passed it much, much better than Wednesday.
  6. The classic way to play 4-3-3 is for the wide man who is at the opposite side to the one where the attack is being developed, to come in off the line and support the centre forward. That way there are at least two forwards in the box with the opportunity for midfield players also to attack the box. It just won't work if both wide forwards stay wide as play develops.
  7. For goodness sake change the record.
  8. Even in those very brief highlights we look totally disorganised. Ipswich several times went through the midfield and defence like a hot knife through butter. Pathetic Wednesday. Absolutely pathetic.
  9. From the radio commentary, it sounded like a very poor performance, with no direction. Not enough determination or positive approach. At this rate, mid table will be beyond us never mind promotion.
  10. Use trainline.com and when you put in the departure station and destination station and date etc the system will let you know the cheapest tickets including whether single ticket are cheaper then a return ticket.
  11. Not televised I don't think, but there was a goal by Gerry Young at home V Birmingham City in the F A Cup which was from 35+ yards out. we were losing 2-1 at the time and he looked up and blasted it into the top corner leaving Jim Heriot, their Scottish International goalkeeper grasping at air. I think it was the 4th Round in January 1969 as it was before we changed back to stripes. Sadly we lost the replay at St Andrews..
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