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  1. Agree James, we have form for ending the losing run of other teams!
  2. 2 players unmarked according to RS
  3. Kevan

    Spare ticket for today

    Which stand is it for mate?
  4. Jack Taylor, from Wolverhampton. One of the best.
  5. Kevan

    Now Wallace has gone

    Not been today, but it does sound like BB is delivering well from set pieces and the team looks better in this regard than last season.
  6. Some shocking passing already. Given it away 3 times in the first 2 minutes.
  7. The lack of an established system that the players understand and apply, is the most worrying so far this season. Add to that, the inexperience in tonight's team and it spells potential disaster to me. Again, I hope I'm wrong.
  8. I fear the worst with such an inexperienced line up. I hope I'm proved wrong.
  9. Sad news HM - I wasn't aware of that. I played against him in the junior Sunday League when he played for Hackenthorpe Throstles. He was very quick and at that time (aged 14) he looked to have great potential.
  10. If we had a Chairman who was some kind of "plant" from the dark side, he couldn't have made us any worse! DC has no clue about English football and refuses to recruit people who do. This club is in a sorry mess right now and I for one, can't see any kind of way that we will do anything but be relegated.
  11. No fight, no plan, - absolutely nothing. Very poor. At this rate we're looking downwards and certainly not upwards.
  12. From the Talksport commentary it sounds as if we're getting a right tonking!
  13. Kevan

    This is what annoys me

    Trusted advisers from Thailand??? So which hotbed of football in Thailand would they have experience in? The indications seem to be that he has been reluctant to bring in people who have true knowledge of football in the UK (other than Glen Roeder who he soon got rid of). To try to go it alone, when he has no knowledge of football at all has been the main issue here. Despite trying to blame the fans for wanting JR to be signed, he seems reluctant to listen to the fans on any other issue. I genuinely fear for the future of this club. What should have been a new positive start has become another false dawn and things are looking worse now than before MM sold us on.
  14. The BBC are being cheeky in asking for the 10% reduction, but the decision by SWFC is just yet another financial kick in the teeth for Wednesday fans. I imagine Chansiri to be a tough negotiator, but this for me is just the last straw! Ticket prices, the shirts farce last season, the price of executive boxes (not that they are of concern to me personally, but yet another Chansiri rip-off), and now freezing fans out of hearing live commentary on the BBC. It is as if he is trying to make it some kind of elite club, where only those with plenty of money can join. Yes he's done some good things, but his judgement and decision making overall is appalling.
  15. Well that was like watching paint dry! Thanks Owlstalk - I'm so glad I didn't pay £15 to watch it! Certainly won't pay £40 or thereabouts to watch a league game unless they make significant improvements. No creativity, no effort - just like a walk in the park. Some may say it's "just a friendly" - but as there's 7 days to the first league game, I'd expect to see a bit of effort from players who want to be selected next week.