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  1. A corner that beat the first defender?? What kind of miracle is this???
  2. What i find difficult to understand in the balance sheet, is the Debtors figure (i.e. money owed to the club / company) is shown at £45.82 million. Bearing in mind that all / most of the matchday or season ticket sales are made by debit or credit card - who is it that owes that money to the club?? More worrying is also the Current creditors (money owed by the club and payable within 12 months) of £27.5 Million and longer term (due in more than 12 months) creditors of £59.546 Million. It looks a real mess and not one that we will see sorted out in the near or even medium term future.
  3. That amber shirt looks great, but not impressed with plain blue sleeves on the home shirt.
  4. The green one is horrendous! Our away kit should yellow or amber, with blue shorts. Always!
  5. Well done Brentford. Thoroughly deserved. A well run club who continue to develop players and stay within their means. An excellent template to follow Mr Chansiri, if you're prepared to watch, listen and learn!
  6. Watching it and just wishing Hinchcliffe would STFU! The value he adds to the commentary is absolutely nil.
  7. Spot On Ibbo! Ron Springett was the best Wednesday Goalkeeper, since the late 1950s. I can't speak for the years prior to that. I'd say Martin Hidge was very good over quite a few years and was unlucky never to play for England. We certainly need a new first choice 'keeper for next season, as the two left on the books now are not up to the required standard.
  8. Glad to see none of them offered new contracts. Lees was certainly not the centre back we need if we are going to play out from the back as DM seems to want. If we can concentrate on signing players who have a good first touch, can find a man (in blue and white) with a pass and who will put in 100% effort every game , we will be much the better for it. It will be interesting to watch the forthcoming recruitment and see how things look in a couple of months (embargo permitting).
  9. To be considered a true Wednesday shirt, the stripes must extend to the sleeves and the collar m and cuffs must be blue or black. Ideally the socks should be blue and white hoops, as i the early 1960s.
  10. .... and back to the topic....... I guess Derby County tried to make Keogh take responsibility for the fact that the two players who were driving were both well over the drink-drive limit and he as club captain should have influenced them NOT to drive. There seems to be some validity in that point of view to me, but clearly the EFL decision makers have decided that he could not be blamed for the misdeeds of his colleagues. and that sacking him was too drastic a punishment. I guess I can see both sides of the argument,..... but what I don't understand is why professional footballers who earn tens of thousands of pounds per week, (more in a fortnight than most of us earn in a year), don't have the common sense to take a taxi home after a night on the booze. Frankly they could afford a Chauffeur Driven Limousine if a taxi is deemed as too down market for them. All three of them risked their own lives and possibly those of others too, by driving or being in the vehicles. Just yet another example of how professional footballers are so far out of touch with the real world.
  11. A series of poor decisions which when read together, completely explain why the club is in this absolute mess and why the future looks exceedingly bleak!
  12. All of the reasons mentioned above were contributory factors. If one or more of them were different, we would have stayed up. Now is not really the time for " what if" - what the Chairman and management team need to do now, is plan the budget and identify new players who have a "never say die" attitude and are more skilful than the shower whose contracts are about to expire. Only then, will things start to improve. I'm not confident they can find those players though, given past history.
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