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  1. Wouldn't class it as banter myself when it was constant digs from minute 1 but we will agree to disagree on that point haha. He didn't STFU he was baking my head and I wasn't even really paying that much attention to him!! :)
  2. The bloke was quite clearly not an Owl who at every opportunity throughout the 90mins, found the need to laugh, clap and make smart comments at every bad reffing decision, missed chance etc... I've very often been a neutral at a match but have never been silly enough to sit there slagging off the home team in the middle of their Kop. So while standing up may have been a little petulant, there's 2 sides to it...
  3. I have a spare, it's yours for £28 :) Can meet at turnstile.
  4. Nah just booked a ticket on my own but those guys kept me from feeling like a loner .Is there another one planned in before the end of the season?
  5. Fab night as always! Thanks Nigel & Helen especially for looking after me :)
  6. 200 miles is some journey! Looking forward to Thursday, will hopefully be as good as the previous one I went to! See you there!
  7. He's not... Haha buy a ticket for Thurs and ask. I'll be there so you can buy me a vodka for doubting me ;)
  8. He doesn't work at Meadowhall never has done. Fact.
  9. Purchased! Can I be seated on Nigel's table please as I'm attending alone *violin*
  10. Never heard of him ha. Tickets still available?
  11. Yeah I am aware of this just wondered if anyone had one to get rid of as I won't be able to get to the T.O before the game :)
  12. As above. I have my ticket but looking to source one for a friend to join me on the Kop for the first time! (He's used to sitting on the South) Can anyone help?
  13. Yeah Ryan has sorted the Blues out with a kit sponsored by POW which Hirsty picked. Bit more info on this link : http://redsvblues.btck.co.uk
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