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  1. leono

    Adam Reach

    100% agree. This position does him no favours. The game mostly passed him by today.
  2. Ipswich look a lot stronger and sharper than last season. Paul Hurst starting to do a decent job there.
  3. Apart from "Golden Boy" Joey Pelupessy.
  4. We kept a record number of clean sheets with Westwood between the sticks. Nowadays we look like conceding every time the opposites attack. It looks like this is going to be a tough season, and in my opinion we should be playing our best players, not playing favourites.
  5. Not in the team, not on the bench, and we have passed transfer deadline day. What's going on here? We are crying out for some experience behind our shaky defence. Would be first name on the team sheet for me. Why does Jos keep snubbing him?
  6. We could build a team full of Liam Palmers!
  7. This is a pretty weird statistic to focus on. When we last played reading, Hooper had a passing accuracy of 93% and David Jones (!) had 93% too. The more important fact is that this time we smashed 3 goals past them; last time it was 0-0.
  8. leono

    #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    One of our best first half performances under Jos. Looked really solid and organised, not gifting Reading many chances and a cracking finish from Forestieri.
  9. leono

    Venancio & Lees

    Thought Venancio was excellent today, made a lot of timely clearances. Our defence looks more solid with him there. Thorniley also did really well.
  10. Interesting Comparison to the match at the start of the season where we beat them 1-0: Team was pretty similar, but we had Hooper/Fletcher up front instead of Joao/Nuhui: Have we got that much worse, or have Fulham just got a lot better?
  11. leono


    Reach's form has dipped since Jos arrived. He's not getting the best out of him in this position.
  12. Another great block from wildsmith.