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  1. And Bez can foff. McCaffrey & Metcalf both scoring in the space of 30 seconds
  2. Phew Just in time...don't mind the draft date. I'm Aylesbury Ducks.
  3. Congratulations mate! Did the division proud!
  4. Yeah super strong division (...despite just one team with a positive record in the regular season) Good choice on the TE.
  5. We've got an extremely tight match-up... I'm terrified of your running backs with weak opponents.
  6. The hype is building in the streets of Aylesbury!
  7. All of the teams in the hunt are winning/projected to win...this comes down to the wire!
  8. Jeez...a bittersweet o/t field goal for you Monday night Rob. Seahawks win probably means more to you at least!
  9. 1. Just because Yahoo says it...doesn't mean it is true. 2. If you need to trade why would someone who has expressed no interest in trading take a neutral trade? In order to get an uninterested party to trade you need to give up a lot more than them! If someone comes unsolicited to buy my house I would not take market value!
  10. Haha - yeah my fragile house of cards came tumbling down.
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