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  1. I actually have a full head of hair - I just choose to wax on top so that I look like him. #myidol
  2. Wow, what a day! Wednesday win away from home, Jordan Rhodes scores a goal, I get a winner on the grand national, it's my birthday...AND I got given this cake!
  3. If you have any issues then HDMI cable from laptop to TV works wonders for me.
  4. Does anyone know...when the ticket website says Leeds tickets are available from website on general sale from 18 September; is that from 12.01AM (tonight) or after business opening hours - i.e. 9am tomorrow? Thanks!
  5. Eurgh...they're horrible; I'll still buy them as I like to collect kits and support the club. But it looks cheap, the design is poor (in my opinion) and it's out about 2 months late. What a fiasco; I hope the big man is put to task over this at the steering group.
  6. "Not the top 20" podcast have us down as 11th...and Blades 9th...
  7. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2017/july/owls-v-rangers-live-on-ifollow/ Says here that coverage will start at 14.50 Oh and for premium subscribers only.
  8. Try on Internet Explorer...Chrome had issues for me when I tried to sign up.
  9. Get well soon fellow bowler.
  10. I'm just upset that we are at 8 pages and we still don't have a Rhodes Pob face smiley.
  11. I Googled "Championship playoffs" to try to find some good preview articles... Anyway this is not a post about the Daily Mail. This is a post about Jordan Rhodes pulling an awesome face.
  12. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4499290/Championship-play-offs-guide-Verdict-four-teams.html A bit bland and turgid, typical nothing Daily Mail article. ...but to be honest that isn't why I posted this link...its because we seriously need that picture of Jordan Rhodes to be added as a new smiley.
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