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  1. The training ground is not on green belt land. It failed at planning last time round due to Asda wanting to build a superstore on site (plus some housing) it was rejected on the grounds of impacting the shops in Hillsborough.
  2. Correct, they are consolidating them due to the benefits of them training in the same location. https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/training-ground/307364-liverpool-training-ground-update-kirkby
  3. To me from what Bruce said it sounds like the plan would be to move the academy somewhere else and leave the first team at middlewood. I think this is a bad idea. The academy should all be training in the same facilities. Man City consolidated all their levels, include all the women teams in the same site, Liverpool are also doing this too.
  4. It's a 5 course meal that is not expensive. You can't compare a 5 course a la carte meal with a Toby Carvery Sunday lunch. Compare it to a Restaurant and I would say its comparable if not slightly cheaper. Why does every single thing the club come out with get shot down straight away?
  5. At the last steering group, there were people telling Chansiri that the Premier league seat plaque was a great idea and that he would sell thousands. There was only me who said it wasn't a good idea and that he would sell a few hundred at most. There are too many at the group that just want to tell him what he wants to hear.
  6. Sorry - Need to offset the dates by one year.
  7. If we can get over 30k (Should be possible) for each of the last two games, our average attendance for the season will be over 27,000 This is a massive increase over last season - 4000+ 16/17 - 22641 15/16 - 21993 14/15 - 21239 13/14 - 24078 12/13 - 21336 11/12 - 17817
  8. Feel kinda responsibly for this, maybe even getting his subscribers up. ....lend us a fiver?
  9. He could have named checked me for putting it on Owlstalk. :)
  10. Let's see how many likes we can get him! Also subscribe too!
  11. To say he's a kid the production is not actually that bad. He could show the SWFC social media team a thing or two.
  12. Att Chansiri has his own youtube channel where he has a vlog about Wednesday. wouldn't it be nice if he logged in and found loads of subscribers and likes for his videos!
  13. Most of the time its been mainly in hope of it being a worthwhile exercise, going forward its probably for the free pies. To be honest it mainly that its poorly planned - Its just a round table question asking session. If I was planning it (If you are reading this anyone at SWFC i'm more than happy to help on this) I'd have the meeting either split into different topics say half an hour on catering, tickets, merchandise etc or the meeting given a specific topic. Then for each topic I would have SWFC feedback on what changes have been made since the last meeting, followed by changes that they are planning to make in the next period, followed by a Q&A on that topic. As there is no agenda the meeting generally drifts onto individuals problems rather then big picture stuff like "I had trouble booking a ticket for X game" and "My pie was cold at the X game" It also seems like the club are looking for answers from the steering group, which is the wrong way to look at it. You shouldn't be getting fans together to ask them how the club can increase attendances. You should be coming with ideas to improve attendances and using the steering group as a form of market research. Unfortunately it shows to me that we are still way off being run like a modern football club, we are not even run like a modern business.
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