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  1. does the red button stream have commentary or even any sound on it?
  2. Yes we covering that,But now tv customers can't do that.
  3. Not sure if you could use app in flight mode? Either way bet quality will be naff.
  4. You can,But its gonna be a right faff if someone calls you.
  5. Or sky mobile i think? Not sure though? Was offered a free month of sky mobile a few weeks ago but never bothered.Can't be bothered messing with a phone to watch footy.
  6. No..Sky subcribers with remote and red button only im afraid.
  7. Its got all the makings of a "MIND THE GAP" part 2.
  8. Its more a bee in your bonnet because this is the first thread i have seen it mentioned. If they was below us though we would be top,People don't moan so much when they are top
  9. Its just a blip.A bit of patience is required,
  10. We should all protest to get it put on a blue button.
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