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  1. They also have some sort of buy back clause on Brewster..Be funny if they said we can get him back for 2m if you go down.
  2. He has locked himself in the toilet and refusing to leave hasn't he..
  3. No they said "Utd released a statement saying due to circumstances beyond our control the press conference is cancelled,,,,Here is some Cher."
  4. Just said on radio sheffield.."Its not confirmed yet but expected at 5pm,,,Heckinbottom takes temporary charge...Here's some Abba"
  5. Anyone else get this song in their head when they read the title?
  6. This needs to happen. Last time blunts was at a match they was talking about Europe.Wilder as next England manager. When they return they will be in Championship with Lennon moaning about them in that monotone dreary voice. This is set up for one of the greatest comedy club seasons ever.
  7. Took them all the way from league one to the premiership to get the honour of achieving the worst EVER start to a premier league season. Spaffed all the transfer money on some kid to sit on bench and now moans about not getting any more dosh But one thing we can all agree on is he deserved the sack just for that god awful marshmallow man jacket he wears.
  8. does the red button stream have commentary or even any sound on it?
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