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  1. You couldn't make it up...

    Is that a close up of Mcgoldricks todger?
  2. You couldn't make it up...

    Wonder what odds on those was before match?
  3. Drop Hunt, Lees, Butterfield and Rhodes

    Palmer>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Hunt Palmer should start every game for me.
  4. Drop Hunt, Lees, Butterfield and Rhodes

    Drop Lees hahahahahahahaha Over reation or what.
  5. Lets not forget that Mcgoldrick lost his todger tonight.
  6. Nuihu ended the no shots on target 249 mins....And rescued a point. What a guy
  7. 250 minutes no shots on target (In open play)
  8. Do they still sell half season tickets? Imagine the rush for them after this.
  9. We need a international break
  10. So that's what a goal feels like
  11. Damn delay.. yay we scored
  12. What has Yorkshire and today's budget and swfc strikers have in common Both got absolutely nothing today.
  13. If you won points from no shots on target we would be promoted already