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  1. Install £2 a go toilets to discourage people smoking in them.
  2. 2 mobile phones that's a disgrace. How dare he have 2 mobile phones and blatantly show them off. That's it I'm furious now.
  3. #boycottthekit

    I'm boycotting it. Not sure why yet but I'm sure social media angry bandwagon jumping will soon give me a thousand reasons.
  4. Season pass (5% cheaper for season ticket holders) and loot boxes in megastore.All the rage with computer games nowadays,Can see the commercial dept picking up on these.
  5. I didn't have one..It was everyone else that wore them. Stunk like they lived in a sport direct warehouse sweatshop.
  6. #boycottthekit

    Buy an extra one to make up for those boycotting it,And FFP reasons
  7. #boycottthekit

    Might have (or not) Heard that the old kits are on sale today only for a tenner.
  8. #boycottthekit

    Im going to buy 2 1 for me and 1 to make up for the OP not buying one.
  9. Glad they aren't made by Sondico anymore..They smelled funny.
  10. SALE £10 ONLY WHIOLE STOCKS LAST!! (Disclaimer the price not correct at time of publishing this post and may never be)
  11. Would it be cruel to start a rumour that lkast seasons kits are on sale in store for a tenner? See the stampede to the megastore by everyone complaining about boycotting it.
  12. The rest of your post after this is meaningless.Money is no cure. I refer you to my post you first quoted.That kind of stress and losses in a short space of time will have an effect on most players no matter how much dosh they have.
  13. Easier said than done if you are down and people are screaming "Grow a pair FFS" at them, While they are getting abuse from every angle too We don't know what it is tbf but i can imagine that may have been your answer to Kirkland when he was at SWFC suffering "Grow a pair FFS!" Doubt that would help. I suppose while Carlos is getting a majority of the abuse it gives the players a brief break.
  14. Not surprised really. Lost the derby got hammered by fans...Then a few players lost the world cup qualification,Got hammered by national supporters,Return to lose to a team that hasn't scored for yonks,,get hammered by fans.All in the space of a few weeks. Bound to have a negative effect.
  15. FFS, spare a thought for us folk that can't unseen that. Delete Facebook. It's evil.