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  1. Phoned up and told they're not on sale until 09:30?! I don't believe him so i'm phoning again now!
  2. Just phoned up and got through after about 5 mins Some gobby manc told me they're not on sale until 09:30 grrrrr
  3. The sad thing is that there are members of this website that could cobble together something better in their dinner hour.
  4. Listen to Merson dribble on or watch the England match? Hmmm tough one...
  5. A friend of my mum still hasn't received her season ticket, she had to collect her ticket before the game and was only given a ticket just for saturday's game, the rest will come by post apparently! She was also told that 'luckily' her seat hadn't been sold and she'd be able to sit there!!
  6. True, but if we have a good cup run (!!) and we get drawn at home in every round, the average price soon comes down. Not that it matters because I still haven't been sent a form, and I can't get to the ticket office/shop/whatever it's called in the week, so it's now virtually pointless anyway.
  7. Oh and unsurprisingly - I still don't have a form for the home ones either.
  8. I saw this when you first posted it, and at first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Even if there is very little demand, the fact is that the club should make a profit on this if they do it right! I also have no idea where to get away ones from now
  9. It's a friendly IT WILL NOT SELL OUT Pay on the door and save admin fee, postage fee etc etc
  10. You mean you didn't get Tony Crane to wish your mrs happy birthday?
  11. Went down to the shop last week to get a form to subcribe to programmes for the season. The Response? "We haven't got the forms printed yet" All they need is my address and payment details FFS!! I make that a 5 minute job on Microsoft Word and then maybe another couple of minutes to print a few copies off. Still, somebody has taken my name and address and hopefully I will have a form by the start of the season. Maybe.
  12. I was the first to ask. AND you still owe me TWO pints. Pfft.
  13. A pie eating contest between Leon Clarke and Kevin Pressman
  14. It would be brilliant. Sadly I can't see it ever happening
  15. Good god is this guy not banned yet. That's another 5 seconds of my life wasted reading his latest turd
  16. Definately possible - although I guess we'll just have to wait and see
  17. From what I can work out: Saronno play in the Girone A league, and are currently 3rd, one point off top spot. The last two seasons they have finished third and second respectively, and missed out on promotion to Seria D in the play off final both times. The town/ground is 35km away from Milan The ground has a capacity of 5000, and they have played there since 1990
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