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  1. We have some good players, but they're individuals of sorts. A good TEAM can generally name a formation and the players that will (give or take) play in it. Can you say that for us? Where would you put Reach and Forestieri? What formation? Square pegs, round holes.
  2. I don't disagree. We just can't afford him. Consistency gets you out of this league (the right way)
  3. Nothing to do with luck. Too many mercenaries stealing a wage.
  4. Plays one game in five, liability, a fantastic player on his day but sadly his day is once every 6 months. Get this guy off the wage bill
  5. You missed the lovely surroundings and welcoming locals.
  6. Yes, it's true. My parents were on the official coaches and she told me they'd been given a free packed lunch.
  7. Haven't ever seen one. First one i'm aware of is 88/89
  8. It really makes me laugh, seen quite a few posts on here and social media about how they wouldn't swap places, give me the championship every week etc etc, what a load of nonsense! If you don't want the premier league 'experience', switch to supporting Hallam FC, much cheaper prices, no priority points required for an away game, and it's a regional league so you don't have to spend a month's wages on a pint in that London. I want to see Sheffield Wednesday playing against the best teams, and hopefully beat them now and again, like we used to frequently in the 90s. All this "i'd rather stay in the championship" is laughable. Those tuesday night games at home to the likes of Bolton and Millwall really get the juices flowing!!
  9. Was in the home end behind the goal, so opposite end to most wednesday fans. In fairness they were singing quite a bit where I was, mainly about hating Spurs, or Spurs' lack of trophies recently. Towards the end there was a chant of "you've had your day out, now f**k off home" which made me chuckle. Could see Tango's moobs from 100 yards away.
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