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  1. Warnock

    Neil Warnock, yes, what a great way to unite the fanbase that would be!!! Get Keith Edwards in as assistant too.
  2. Geoff boycott theory

    Geoffrey Boycott - could he do a job for us? (I'll get my coat)
  3. Paul Hurst

    Never managed in the championship...jeeezus wept....neither has Chris Wilder, his team must be bottom of the league on that basis
  4. Jordan Rhodes

    Also, I am sick of hearing that we don't play to his strengths. People said that on here for the length of Francis Jeffers' contract. Gary Hooper gets cack service and scores goals. Jordan Rhodes gets cack service and doesn't.
  5. Jordan Rhodes

    I Don't know. Carlos says he signs the players, and for me he's made rod for his own back with that. We sign so many players that literally never play. If you sign a striker for 10 million quid you'd think that we'd done our homework and that the guy would fire us to promotion. Sadly I see a bloke who is so slow it's laughable, and thus can't create anything from our pedestrian play. Again you'd think this sort of thing would be analysed when you're spending a significant amount of a budget. The even more baffling thing is that we signed a bloke the week before him for 20 times less, who could link up with the midfield and thus create chances. We've now sent him on loan and in return got a bloke who takes corners like Darren Potter.
  6. We don't know his salary, contract details, notice period etc. Same for the backroom staff. It shouldn't be an issue though if the chairman sees that it's time for a change. In the early 00's when we were potless we used to sack a manager every season. In theory if it's 2 million quid, you can reclaim that by moving on a high earner. In theory.
  7. Jordan Rhodes

    He offers nothing to the side, that's why he's not in it.
  8. Could he do a...oh no, wait, we already own him.
  9. He's right. We do have the quality. We also have a crap manager.
  10. Joost

    He'll be great if he learns how to defend. Great passes along the floor don't make a good defender sadly.
  11. This is why I tell my Mrs I'll be back at 3am. Then when I stumble in at 1am I win.
  12. Good! He should be!
  13. We need to buy Brooks

    Pretty sure they wouldn't be stupid enough.
  14. Better than a win

    Bit early to be drunk.
  15. Battered us?

    We got hammered. If United had some decent strikers it would have been a cricket score.