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  1. Not sure how relevant it still is, but it was announced some time ago that the opening game of the Rugby League World Cup was the target first game for a capacity crowd. That game is October 23rd at St James Park (Newcastle, not Exeter!) Found a bit of a link but struggling to find others that I read at the time - https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12196/12187074/rugby-league-world-cup-decision-expected-by-end-of-spring Like I say, not sure how relevant it is, and as it's from a politician, it's probably total balls anyway...
  2. I used to have an away season ticket (many years ago though), and no, you couldn't have an away ST without having a home one.
  3. About £160m more than they are currently worth.
  4. He'd need to have a plan first, before he could tell us what it is.
  5. They're all too busy ringing their agents for their next pay day!
  6. This arrogant attitude is why we'll be nowhere near top spot.
  7. Exactly. It's not as if they're busy selling tickets, and the refunds are a side issue. My parents still waiting.
  8. Over 1300 stubs from different games now. If anybody has one from Basel away or Aarhus at home in the Intertoto Cup, I'd love to hear from you!
  9. In response to the original question, plenty of people will be blamed. Absolutely none of it will be Mr Chansiri's fault (again).
  10. Is there any other club in the country that has managed to make refunding people such a complete shambles??
  11. My parents still haven't had 19/20 refund, and they bought 20/21 STs as soon as they went on sale too. We must be the only club in the entire football league that still hasn't managed to sort this out yet? It was beyond a joke months ago. Now it's simply showing contempt for people. My worry is that the owner decides to cut his losses and places us in admin, and lots of people potentially never get a refund.
  12. Yes. Relegation is the only way things might actually change.
  13. I remember when people used to say we didn't play to Francis Jeffers' strengths....
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