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  1. Thought this was going to be a thread about us getting promoted from League One next season.
  2. His appearance bonus is probably quite high if linked to a percentage of his salary. Might as well play somebody cheaper who will score the same amount of goals, ie none
  3. So DC didn't want to give Bruce the job, but Bruce pestered and pestered him and gave him the job, despite thinking that he wasn't good enough for the job. I'm sorry, but I don't believe that at all. The fans fault we didn't get a multi million pound deal? More complete rubbish. Will be interesting to see the players reaction to this in coming weeks too. The entire thing just reminds me of DA. It's everyone else's fault apart from his.
  4. Are people really moaning about DC meeting and potentially listening to Sheffield Wednesday supporters?
  5. I've had a think and I've decided not to vote.
  6. If DC cannot see that Monk is not the man, then a campaign should be started to get rid of DC!
  7. Jordan Rhodes is just as crap as all the others, he just cost more. Probably costs more via an appearance bonus to play him.
  8. Probably more chance of my Grandads hair growing back. He's got alopecia. Oh and he died 20 years ago.
  9. Get rid of Chansiri on the front and i might be interested.
  10. Twitter just seems to be a complete troll fest. Only time i ever hear about it, it's some celebrity/sports personality being absolutely torn into. Poisonous platform
  11. Below par!!!! Words fail me, well, non sweary ones anyway. The only thing I want to read tomorrow is that Garry Monk is no longer employed by Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.
  12. Got £120 for an unboxed Pembridge a few months ago
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