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  1. Mole

    Wawaw sri lanka

    Don't get why people would wear a football shirt to a cricket match
  2. You need some new friends.
  3. 40k a week? There might be one sauntering around the pitch for Norwich
  4. Mole

    Lets give some praise

    Great post. For all the huffing and puffing, dem blavdes didn't really have a clear cut chance (penalty aside) until Billy's free header after 92 minutes.
  5. Mole

    The 'pen'

    Naive defending from Fox. No doubt their lad made a meal of it, but the ref gets one look, and from his angle, fox made it an easy decision by his angle.
  6. The same commentary team also claimed that one blade played 16 positions in 8 games and that Billy Sharpe's dad used to hitch hike to away games, so I wouldn't take it as gospel.
  7. Mole

    Where is Fernando?

    If that's true (and i'm not accusing you of lying) then that is a terrible return. If he only plays one in four matches then we are better off selling him.
  8. Mole

    Sibon returns...

    At least Sibon stuck with us after we went down and wasn't out injured for 3 years like plenty of others. At least he tried to earn his money!
  9. Mole

    17th November - Doing anything?

    Already booked to go to another game that day, but will hopefully get to Gainsborough soon. Thank you for the info
  10. Wait for all the excuses to start rolling in.
  11. Mole

    1988-89 squad

    Pretty much. We beat Middlesbrough at home, ensured our safety and sent the smoggies down.
  12. Mole

    Am I wrong?

    People still buy The Star?
  13. Mole

    19 years ago today...

    I will never ever forget Danny Wilson being interviewed on the radio after the game. He said you've got to look at the positives and that for the first 10 minutes we were the better team! A few seconds later was the angriest, and sweary-est, i've ever seen my dad.