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  1. They're stuffed before the turkey is. Down
  2. Clearly I missed that being posted last year! If anybody does want the VHS just let me know.
  3. I have recently acquired a VHS video called 'Life With The Owls - At Home and Away' - hopefully nothing to do with a poor Australian soap opera. According to the case it's a behind the scenes video, featuring our home game against Luton, and away game against QPR in November 1986. I had a lot of the old Wednesday videos at the time, but I haven't come across this before. Is anybody able to convert this from ye olde VHS to a more modern format? Better still if you're able to upload it to YouTube for everyone to see, that would be awesome.
  4. Something else for me to sort then... I don't let them near the computer often!!
  5. I just don't see how they can legally not offer a cash refund. My parents had season tickets. Between them they've probably got the best part of a grand, now in their ticket account or whatever the heck it's labelled as. They're in their 70s. They don't want to go anymore. My mum's knees are done in. Any ideas??
  6. Not sure how relevant it still is, but it was announced some time ago that the opening game of the Rugby League World Cup was the target first game for a capacity crowd. That game is October 23rd at St James Park (Newcastle, not Exeter!) Found a bit of a link but struggling to find others that I read at the time - https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12196/12187074/rugby-league-world-cup-decision-expected-by-end-of-spring Like I say, not sure how relevant it is, and as it's from a politician, it's probably total balls anyway...
  7. I used to have an away season ticket (many years ago though), and no, you couldn't have an away ST without having a home one.
  8. About £160m more than they are currently worth.
  9. He'd need to have a plan first, before he could tell us what it is.
  10. They're all too busy ringing their agents for their next pay day!
  11. This arrogant attitude is why we'll be nowhere near top spot.
  12. Exactly. It's not as if they're busy selling tickets, and the refunds are a side issue. My parents still waiting.
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