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  1. 2003 Burnley 2-7 Wednesday was bonkers. Every shot seemed to go in. Both sides used a sub goalie. A Burnley player got sent off for randomly chinning one of our players...and we had already been relegated!
  2. The point about wages is worth remembering. We couldn't afford to offer Fox a new contract matching his old wages. If a club comes in for a player, the wages that they are potentially offering, might still be lower than the players current contract. I'd be surprised to see any of them move on a permanent deal.
  3. Saw this a few days ago, apologies of the pope is unwell... https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/coronavirus-has-impacted-upon-contract-talks-sheffield-wednesday-duo-2889521
  4. Bramall Lane in 2003 when i looked and saw a firework coming in my direction. It was wobbling around and took a last second turn and hit someone a few rows in front. Bladesman culture at it's finest.
  5. Pretty sure we paid transfer fees for those three? But I agree whatever their wages were, we got short changed
  6. I was one of the Wednesday fans behind the net. They needed us on set for rehearsals earlier in the day (yes really), so they needed fans who weren't going to the Chelsea game. I'd only just started college at the time so was completely skint. Club got in touch with my mum for some reason and it ended up that I was going and I could take a mate too. All expenses paid by the beeb so we went down on the coach and got to the BBC studios in London about 1pm. It was quite a boring day, we ended up being stuck in a room for a good hour with no telly, don't even remember any radio, just a few old magazines like at the dentists or summat. Nobody in the group had a mobile phone and it was ages before we eventually found out the score (think we drew) The rehearsal consisted of 20 odd wednesday fans stood behind an empty net whilst a machine fired footballs into it. Noel Edmonds did come and say hello to us though. He's quite small in real life. To be fair to the BBC they put a great buffet on and I also remember being randomly amazed at a vending machine they had which served micro chips. Not much else to add. Didn't see any other celebs, which is probably a good thing with hindsight with all the recent revelations about former BBC employees!
  7. The defeat at Coventry was the relegation. I remember when De Bilde grabbed our consolation goal, I actually thought it had been disallowed as literally nobody cheered. Never seen a crowd give their own team as much stick as that, although they deserved a few home truths. Remember the final game against Leicester, I was doing a conga round the kop lead by Tango when the fourth went in
  8. If anybody has a ticket stub from any of these intertoto cup games that they don't particularly want, i'll happily take them off your hands. Willing to pay a few quid plus postage. Already have the programmes so just the ticket stubs i'm after.
  9. Carl Shutt also helped to relegate the pigs whilst at Bristol City
  10. Does it matter? We're garbage with them, if they leave would we even notice a difference?
  11. Has he been fired yet or what?
  12. Noticed this last week against Charlton. He's a very angry man and the captain? Not sure I'd be fully behind the main man (on field) dishing out absolute pelters like he does
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