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  1. Mole

    19 years ago today...

    I will never ever forget Danny Wilson being interviewed on the radio after the game. He said you've got to look at the positives and that for the first 10 minutes we were the better team! A few seconds later was the angriest, and sweary-est, i've ever seen my dad.
  2. And that says it all - the amount of times it has been re-hashed shows that it clearly is an issue and isn't working.
  3. It is £33 for non-members on the kop, so West Brom fans are being charged the same based on a comparative stand.
  4. I wouldn't say it's worrying about it, but everybody has a breaking point. I could pay £36 to sit next to my parents in the Grandstand, but personally I feel it's too expensive, so I don't, and that's ignoring the fact that this game is live on Sky Sports. I could understand this pricing if we were top of the league and most games sold out, in reality we should be doing everything to try and put bums on 20,000 empty seats, and try and get a bit of cash into the coffers. Simply whacking the prices up doesn't work, and any POTG walk up fans have virtually disappeared. The other problem is, once you get out of the habit of going to games, it becomes difficult to get back into the habit.
  5. Mole

    Jon Shaw

    Got to Plymouth away on a Tuesday night in the third tier, and found out we'd got Jon Shaw up front on his own. The lad tried but after 90 minutes i'm sure you can guess how many goals we'd scored.
  6. If Steels could finish, it would have been a cricket score.
  7. I know the original point is about Season Tickets, but for me midweek games are the ones i'm much more likely to attend as it's easier for me. Tonight I will be watching in my house, and unless there's some decent ticket prices for the other midweek games, I can't see me attending any. On the flip side, how many Wednesday fans made the trip to Sunderland last week, quite a few for a Thursday night I suspect.
  8. Mole

    2003-4 season stats

    I missed three games that season, Bournemouth, Stockport and Grimsby away, and we didn't score in any of them! Absolutely terrible stuff
  9. Mole


    Does anybody know when he's likely to to be back?
  10. It's a ridiculous gamble. What happens if FF, Bannan and a couple of others are crocked for the season again in October? Then we can't sell them in January and we're completely and utterly stuffed.
  11. Mole

    Operation Blame the Fans

    Sit down, pay up. Absolutely disgraceful. I don't get to many games these days, you change that to any going forward.
  12. I must have missed the bit where Huddersfield spent £200 million to get promoted. I suppose it helped that all their fans paid a grand each for a season ticket.
  13. Even less incentive to buy a membership!