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  1. Yes, but you might need to set off on Thursday for a Saturday game
  2. All trams have multiple CCTVs on them. So unless every single CCTV on the tram was smashed last year, the culprits shouldn't have been that hard to find. Anybody aware of any arrests, or did SYP sit scratching their backsides regarding that one too?
  3. I remember a firework narrowly missing me and hitting a 12 year old girl at Bramall Lane in 2003, and that was inside the ground!!
  4. Useless and offers nothing. As for 'playing to his strengths' - sounds like when we had Francis Jeffers. He didn't have any either. Send him on loan somewhere. Anywhere. If he sets off now he might make it to Doncaster for Christmas.
  5. SYP and SAG, absolute pair of jokers. Used to sit in the North for 10 years and went in and out that way without any issues.
  6. Wife's birthday weekend and already have tramlines tickets so am a bit gutted to not be able to go. Have actually been to Lubeck twice, the Holstentor is a must see and it's not far from the train station. Train to Lubeck is about an hour tops, and it's not a crappy Northern Rail pacer train either... Lubeck is popular in Germany for it's Marzipan, and there are dozens of shops devoted to the stuff. Beer should be relatively cheap up there, and if you're in Hamburg, and you do happen to visit the Reeperbahn, you can drink on the street there, so grab yourself a bottle of Astra at one end, and get ready to 'enjoy' the sights. Club Molotow is at one end and frequently has live bands on from UK/America.
  7. They've produced some lovely photoshop images, but I don't think anything has even started yet.
  8. Kenilworth Road is an absolutely shocking ground. One of the worst in the football league.
  9. Gerald Sibon in the 88 pinstripe home kit Nuhiu in the green hooped away
  10. Is anyone able to help? I'm looking for the squad 'official' photo from 2007/08
  11. We have some good players, but they're individuals of sorts. A good TEAM can generally name a formation and the players that will (give or take) play in it. Can you say that for us? Where would you put Reach and Forestieri? What formation? Square pegs, round holes.
  12. I don't disagree. We just can't afford him. Consistency gets you out of this league (the right way)
  13. Nothing to do with luck. Too many mercenaries stealing a wage.
  14. Plays one game in five, liability, a fantastic player on his day but sadly his day is once every 6 months. Get this guy off the wage bill
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