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  1. Big Jack

    A dose of reality

    A dose of reality? We knew before the season started that it was going to be a difficult one, A run of 4 undefeated games never hid that fact .
  2. Basically showing teams too much respect, hopefully we will realise there is nothing to fear.
  3. Big Jack

    CC on Talksport after 10

    Gave us some good memories and was very close to getting us promoted. DC should have parted company after the semi defeat. Good luck to him. We are in a new chapter now.
  4. Big Jack

    Well this is awkward

    Who did actually win the throw.
  5. Big Jack

    Jos on Joel Pelupessy

    He is doing his job effectively, if he loses form he will be dropped. Contrary to what some may think Jos certainly has no problem dropping players regardless of who they are, his record here and elsewhere proves that.
  6. What the foook!!!!!!!! give it a rest for gods sake.
  7. Badge , programme & booklet.
  8. Totally accept FF punishment but to let all the other Mansfield players off for physically attacking our players is totally not fair.
  9. Big Jack

    Strength of our academy

    Best thing Dave Jones did for the club.
  10. Big Jack

    Adam Reach

    Funny 12 months ago he was getting a right slating. He was a very astute signing and a snip at 5 mill.
  11. Big Jack


    And a couple of strikers
  12. Big Jack


    Better informed view than the villa fans, sounds like he has bags of potential, hope Jos can get the best out of him.
  13. Unless you can find someone who will improve the side and is a good influence in and around the club then stick with what we have got. We have signed too many players who have been a waste of space in recent years. As I keep saying, working with what we have got will show how good a coach JL is. Coaching is about improving and developing players, I think JL will revel in this situation.
  14. Yep thats what the record books will show.