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  1. For a big lad, he doesn't like a physical battle, needs clattering a couple of times early doors.
  2. , Very true and if ref had seen it he would been sent off and foul given. Which ever way you look at it's a sexual offence. Footballers are not above the law.
  3. Typically pragmatic Pulis line up, shame we have no goal scorers.
  4. If he performs well, we hopefully can sell and bring a better keeper. It's a win win.
  5. I think TP will soon realise we need a new keeper as none are good enough.
  6. Talk is cheap, he is always forthright and articulate. No doubt he knows how to really run a club but will his style be entertaining very doubtful will he improve, results possibly, time will tell. Have my doubts but really hope he is successful.
  7. Easy bit bringing him back, hardest bit is getting him to cancel his Christmas holidays
  8. Come and get me, because nobody else wants me
  9. If that's the case why did Att then go for Pulis. Needs a lesson in recognising a good one.
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