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  1. Tell me where , no evidence to support this.
  2. People who keep saying certain games are easy obviously dont know the championship. There are no easy games.
  3. Also Bullen has been involved with coaching for some years, Sol Campbell is just beginning.
  4. Completely disagree when people keep saying this side is easier than this etc. Its arrogant to think teams are weaker than you. This is the the championship , there are no easy games all teams should be treated with the same respect, attitude of mind is vital otherwise you will get rightly bitten on the posterior!!
  5. Managing in lower leagues does not constitute you are going to make it when you move higher up, never got over Danny Williams
  6. Football is all about scoring more than the opposition, the only statistics that endure for ever is the score.
  7. Exactly give the job to Bullen on a 1 year rolling contract lets face it he will be sacked like any other manager if he does not bring success. Time to let the players know where they stand and get on with the season.
  8. Amputation next week, but luckily one of Abdi's prosthetic's has been found in the treatment room.
  9. He is too slow and one dimensional. Subs bench only.
  10. It takes longer as he is an identical twin, need ensure its Jacob we are signing and not his brother Josh
  11. Any business will be loans only, cannot see us signing anyone permanently.
  12. This^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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