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  1. I suspect that if we had lost we would have heard by now. Probably lawyers from EFL looking over the outcome and considering whether an appeal is worth it. That's my gut feeling, no doubt we will find out soon enough.
  2. Sometimes I get the feeling some posters are enjoying losing so they can have a go at the manager.Thinking about it that has been the way for majority of our managers in the last 20+ years.
  3. Owlstalk 'Give Alex Hunt game time'. Alex Hunt given game time, Owlstalk, 'Whats Hunt doing on the pitch!'
  4. Same story missed chances while on top against better opposition and the inevitable happens.
  5. We have a world class squad and fans with delusions of grandiosity.
  6. Steve Cooper looks to have some Barnsley in his blood line.
  7. What players has Monk exactly let go for nothing when their contracts expire and none of them we want either? They had zero value Time for a rebuild whether he is the man to do that remains to be seen.
  8. But difference is how long Johnson been at city. I would be disappointed with the time and money he has had. Monk however has not had either.
  9. At the end of the day the value of the stadium is not an issue at this hearing. As it stands though you buy SWFC as it is and you have to find a stadium or buy hillsborough, surreal.
  10. Had enough of the piggin Johnson family!
  11. Can I enquire who is in the dock the club or Gary Monk, I m getting rather confused
  12. To buy a club in admin maybe, but not many people around in current climate ready to gamble millions with no guarantee of return.
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