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  1. Thats not what I am saying . Of course criticise but being over the top and hound him out will be bad for us.
  2. Whatever we think of DC , giving him vitriol and hounding him out of the club will do us no favours. Unless someone comes along and buys DC out , then we are stuck with him for the foreseeable. Last thing we want is DC to refuse to invest anymore and then disappear back to Thailand leaving us to rot.
  3. They stopped Swindon getting promotion many years ago. I also get the feeling that everyone has it in for the club due to the disaster. It appears they really look to punish in every way they can . As for Steve Gibson interfering seems to have paid off.
  4. Yea knowing our luck they will relegate us .
  5. For those people who dont know or have forgotten. I thought this might be useful.As a UK citizen living in France, you still have the right to vote in UK elections if you have been here for up to 15 years. 80% of all eligible UK overseas voters AREN'T registered to vote!!! .For more details https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote?fbclid=IwAR1FS2baXV1CI82w1nTzIGKfBKJE23mbec7qfM6Sy-4Az_YqDz8B1eUbIiM You have up to the 26/11/2019 to register and then up to the 4th of Dec to nominate a proxy.Whatever your politics, dont waste your vote, its important we all have our say!!
  6. Well all i know is Westwood is rubbish at fly swatting.
  7. I would stick to drinking beer keep off the drugs.
  8. That goal keeping was absolute gash, such a bloody casual flimsy whimsy flapping jump.
  9. Swansea game will tell us how good we currently are.
  10. Monk must have got Joey to take the corners, plan of playing for a draw
  11. He is in the Barracks often before games.
  12. Reach for the new scapegoat. Listening to people at the game shouting abuse at him, previously Nuihu , and Fox etc . Discuss on forum absolutely , but shouting and boing your own players during games is pathetic.
  13. The fact that he is carrying too much weight , and could not keep up with play. The guy is visibly unfit to ref.
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