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  1. Big Jack

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    My fault m'lord your signal has the capacity to see into the future , my apologies. sir.
  2. Big Jack

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    No we have already lost 10 , your signal is way behind. Ah well Rotherham Saturday.
  3. Big Jack

    150 - Well done Westy

    Well quality is not an act , it is a habit. Joss has bad habits.
  4. Big Jack

    Team for Saturday

    Game in danger of being off !
  5. Blunkett is just finding his way to the medical room right now
  6. Dont question our head scouts analysis
  7. Stupid question about selling the club when the club is not up for sale. Local journos missing opportunity to question SB, who looked embarrassed for DC.
  8. Of course there will be players coming in during the summer.
  9. Glad we are not signing anyone, its players out we need. Summer will no doubt see a big transformation. Let Bruce get on with sorting matters, it is his expertise.
  10. He has failed to flatter so far, still Wilder may get the best out of him.
  11. Big Jack

    Sam Winnall to go on loan ?

    He needs to get his fitness back up, before Bruce can decide to keep or sell. A loan move back to the Dingles would be good, let them get him fit and he can help them get promotion. No point just staying and playing in the U23.
  12. Agreed he only needs to say "The Massive" and everyone knows who he is talking about
  13. Big Jack

    Reasons we can win on Sunday

    If we score more we will win, we are full of goals at the mo
  14. Big Jack

    Steve Bruce

    If he was on holiday in Barbados, does make a diffrence, he can do what he wants its his life, hopefully he the rest will have done him good. He lost both his parents last year and I bet he has not had a break to grieve. Probably not had a proper break for years his wife and family no doubt appreciate this time together too. There are more important things in life than football. Look forward to seeing him on the 1st of Feb.
  15. Big Jack

    Club 1867 Launch

    Bought one for over 30 years, all its ever brought is misery.