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  1. If we struggle and we are in FFP, no way will be sacking him...anyway I m optimistic he will do well. If he can get the best out of the squad no way will we struggle.
  2. Big Jack

    The deluded at it again

    LJ is on 75k a week, no way would he accept 35k a week
  3. Big Jack

    Hutch leaving?

    What tongue is this in, I cannot find any language to match it to !!!
  4. Both players vastly over priced but that's the crazy market, I wouldn't write the Dutch kid off, he has had good coaching over in Holland , if JL can develop him further then we will have very good player,
  5. What a crazy fee for a mediocre player.
  6. Big Jack

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Was Gerry Young?
  7. Before the window, only expected loans which I m sure will happen, Jos inferred that post window. Patience, its not like we need a new team.
  8. so they want to buy who is unfit and may not ever recover his form after suffering an ACL injury. Great start at 2 million, they can send him in an ambulance to their physio dept.
  9. The pigs always bang about having the oldest stadium, they conveniently dont mention that we played their first. McCabe already requesting The Fa give them automatic promotion for winning the world cup and rightly so, they invented the game dont you know.
  10. I hope i am wrong but cant see England winning the W/C , been let down too often so prepare for the worst and anything else is a bonus. Attendances may rise but if we struggle they will soon drop off.
  11. France are a far better side than anyone we have played before. Best result England got was against Belgium.
  12. WC is a football fest, England doing well is a bonus although we are mediocre, ironically never have a better chance of making it to a final. However think we will struggle to beat Sweden, hopefully we will progress. My money is on France to win tournament.
  13. Our ridiculous transfer policy was down to one man , the chairman. He owns the club and he decides how to spend his money. Hopefully he has learnt a lesson, fingers crossed.
  14. Whats with the horrible green.
  15. Big Jack

    Jorge Mendes

    Also the fact is he has been injury prone since he signed.