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  1. Much needed and well earnt rests for Palmer & Fletcher.
  2. He played well, still learning, it's good we actually producing our own players. Easy to criticise as a goal keeper there is no hiding. He wiill improve over time,
  3. It could have been any football fan. One of the lowest days as a football fan. A tragedy that should have been avoided. Never forgotten and the pain to the families must still hurt massively. R.I.P. 96.
  4. Doubt he would be playing today but needs must.
  5. Oh dear having a bad day , need a stream anyone have one , Thanks.
  6. No agreed, his confidence his high, he might very well not be here next season so his performances could get him a contract somewhere.
  7. We dont need to sell the stadium, we just need DC to ask the piggies to give us 30 million and we will promise to beat Leeds! Money up front though before kick off
  8. I have been looking forward to next season for months, anyone think we were going to win 6/7 matches. Enjoying the run in though, and some good matches to finish off with.
  9. TBF FF has been poor and we have managed without him very well, sooner have him on the bench.
  10. I have read it and we are not currently facing a points deduction this season, which is all that bothers me for now.
  11. We had a soft embargo of which we complied with, Birmingham were also given one and ignored it. Hence Birmingham lose 6 points. We are very likely to have another embargo in summer, meaning little spending more outgoings than incomings but SB will do some good astute dealings and loans. He is all set for that scenario and his connections in the game will see him assemble a good squad that will challenge for the top. DC played a blinder in appointing SB, the best around to work with financial constraints.
  12. A few appearances from the bench and he will be up to speed for the play off final.
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