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  1. If our players who have been here for 4 seasons or so we're good enough then we would not be in this position. It's poor recruitment that has got us here and that won't change until we change strategy. Sadly DC is more likely to reappoint Carlos than change tack.
  2. Get rid of all the fans and replace with cardboard cut outs. The atmosphere will be improved 100,%
  3. Really got to the point of not caring, if he was sacked it would be Bullen again anyway. DC is clueless so sacking would probably be temporary reprieve long term we need a new owner who really knows how to run a football club and is really committed to the fanbase. Then again we would probably end up with another poor one. Feel sorry for the young ones , after 58 years of following this lot, despair becomes the norm.
  4. Why should he be sacked , if I have to watch that every week why should he get Saturdays off!!!!!
  5. Bazza has been a spectator to be fair in the last few games.
  6. He choose it because of the weather, back to ho ball.
  7. You really are crazy, absolutely bizarre.
  8. WTF you on about. People make all sort of assumptions/
  9. These two seem to think they are bigger than the club. They are players at end of careers given too much status by some fans.
  10. Face facts the players are not good enough. No more excuses roll on clear out.
  11. Quiet I hate the sound of a barrel being scraped.
  12. Oh dear , I will start a fund for underpaid over worked footballers, bless them.
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