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  1. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    Todays ref was Steve Bruce, he refs every game against us. FACT.
  2. Better players, full stop.
  3. George has been wrongly advised and if Doyen are his agent there lies the problem. Needs to ditch who ever gave him that advice,.
  4. Exactly but compo higher if he is fit!
  5. Hopefully get him fit and get decent money for him in the summer.
  6. Rate jos so far?

    Steadied the ship!! A bit premature the waters are extremely choppy and there is much navigating to do before we get to calm waters.
  7. Relegation battle

    If we go down from here then JL has messed us up big time. He has had half a season to keep us safe, however if he continues like last night then we are in serious trouble. Fingers crossed its a one off !
  8. How stupid. DC kept him on no one else. Good luck to the guy, he stayed on longer than he should and sadly that tarnished his record here. He gave us 2 decent years which ultimately ended in disappointment. Glad there was no vitriol yesterday shows we are bigger than that. BN uk
  9. Pat Nevin and Alan Green on radio 5, coulent understand why players "like Steven Fletcher and Gary Hooper" They had no idea we have injuries, contempt to do naff all research.
  10. R.I P Tragic puts football in perspective, sad news indeed.
  11. You really are obsessed with Carlos. Get over it, or perhaps try counseling
  12. I think its incredibly naive to think we cant get relegated particuarly given our injuries. League has to be priority , Swansea for the record are light yrs ahead. Todays game is a bonus , we win great, lose then move on.
  13. Sean Clare

    He has a long way to go yet but hopefully he will realise his potential. Good to see kids given a chance but we need to be patient and remember they are far from the finished "product".

    Yea like the nailed on Steven Fletcher pen at theirs, karma!