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  1. Hope he has enough money to sustain us through the season. Guess we can only hope.
  2. He is not bright and tbf neither is Mel Morris for even entertaining him. Derby in real danger of admin.
  3. We were relegated because our chairman is 100% incompetent, without the deduction we would obviously not have been relegated. I dont blame FFP , the fault lies with the chairman, rules are there for all clubs to adhere to. However FFP is not fit for purpose and its sanctions eg point reductions only hurt the fans and the players, furthermore it ensures the gap of attaining premier league status is far more difficult. The EFL need to look at other sanctions instead of points deductions, league status should not be done by deductions but playing football which is what everything is about. In my view EFL should look at longer transfer embargo's lasting 12 months or more, this surely would be fairer system, hitting the owners rather than punishing players or fans.
  4. Rotherham ran around a lot , played many long high balls but tbh I never felt they were going to score. You could clearly see they are a very poor side.
  5. We should all pray that we stay in the championship as we will certainly attract buyers. I think going down all though some people may think will be a good thing will put the club in danger of extinction, I really think that is where Derby are heading and no way wish to join them. So pray that the footballing gods are on our side and we survive. I think the future of the clubs existence rides on it.
  6. You can't blame a few numpties on social media for the demise of our club, club ownership is a lottery. Numpties however are just devoid of any reasonable insight, the cant help it!!
  7. Sadly not surprising IF true . Its what we have all come to expect.
  8. He owes us big time so winning goal at Derby to keep us up, would be a small financial repayment.
  9. The only person responsible for this seasons demise is DC. The players are poor that is undisputed however as poor as they are without the six point loss we would not be going down. The only person to blame is the DC and we should not forget this and neither should we let him forget it . Relegation will be down to Mr Chansiri and nobody else.
  10. I can't let go of despair. The hope strangled the living daylights out of me years ago.
  11. The best outcome is they both go down. Derby at the mo in free fall, Rotherham more games in short space could be too much. Coin throw at mo for either. Only certainty is us and Wycombe are down. Don't really care who joins us as will struggle next season ,we will be competing at the bottom of the league, more struggles ahead sadly.
  12. Was on celebrity mastermind a couple of years ago His specialist subject was Sheffield Wednesday. Top owl and very talented underated musician along with the other top owl musician Richard Hawley.
  13. See you at division one first game Frank.
  14. We are down so Derby game will mean diddly squat.
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