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  1. We can pray a miracle for 3 champ clubs go into admin..... sadly on current form we would still not enough points!
  2. Been saying for ages that the club may go out of existence if we go down. Now that fate is not far off, i seriously feel unless DC has vast amounts of money available to further squander we are stuffed.
  3. He is in a relegation battle with a load of tosh, dont make any difference who he picks. As for his after match comments I would not expect him to say anything else publicly, berating players publicly after just arriving and 13 games to go would be madness.
  4. We signed a load of very poor players and none them are good enough for the championship or even league one. Massive clear out is needed this lot are not good enough for league one.
  5. Should get a refund, its the same performance, every time. We constantly get beat, cant they put on something more interesting.
  6. Looks very uninspiring but par for the course. Surprised Brown left out.
  7. Really shocked we are in a mess. What are his thoughts for getting out of it, does he want to make an offer to DC. He knows how to run a club that is true!
  8. Trust, just give supporters their money back! Words mean nothing as we know.
  9. He could say anything in the scheme of things really don't care. Moore himself could jump ship regardless. Bigger worries then length of contract.
  10. Who cares, contracts in football management mean sod all.
  11. No complaints well respected coach, hope he is here next season regardless of the outcome of this one. We need to see more black managers in the game.
  12. DC wont sell and even if he does its bound to be someone equally dodgy. Its a mess and future is really bleak.
  13. I support Sheffield Wednesday. I have never supported chairman from Stephen's to present incuntbent . It made me feel sick when people where singing Manderic's name and putting poster round the stadium. Look who he he sold to !! Stop being sycophantic to owners and recognise its the team we follow.
  14. Yea Rhodes will really.miss his goalscoring and blistering pace! Our front line is gash whoever plays, as for Brown he has been a huge disappointment, hope to he can step up against a former team.
  15. Do you realise all clubs have been ordered to cut this behaviour out. They encourage the captain to speak to the ref which he did, The players were acting as they have been directed Its about respecting officials.
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