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  1. Big Jack

    Must read

  2. Big Jack

    Todays training...

    Jos has a policy of if you do not train every day you wont be considered for selection, so who are the culprits!?
  3. Big Jack

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    Jos aint going nowhere at the moment so an endless list of managers names wont make any difference. He is here for the season, we will have to lump it for the time being.
  4. Big Jack

    From a player.......

    I have absolutely no problem with a manager being a strong disciplinarian, players should toe the line thats how it should be. However its his continual changing of line ups, formation and tactics which is the major concern.
  5. Big Jack

    Some analysis

    We dont need any graphs to realise our defence is like a colander.
  6. Conspiracy or not we cannot depend on Hutchinson and as for the rest they are finished . Move on those players are not the future and did very little in the past. JL is promoting youth and his assistant coach has a good CV in that area. Until we clear the decks this is the way it will be with Jos or any other manager.
  7. This is like the land of Trump make up any old garbage and people will just suck it up fake news can become reality if you keep repeating the same mantra.
  8. Big Jack

    That 'Penalty'

    Thats modern football , forwards get any contact they then do a Tom Daley.
  9. Reading between the lines he is peed off at being at a club who has no money to spend . Bitter & ugly . He is as classy as a sceptic tank, full of shi te.
  10. Big Jack

    From a player.......

    Before the season started it was going to be a difficult one, anticipate mid table or just below. Relegation no, there are worse teams than us. We are rebuilding after going close but spending reckless amounts on ageing players. The direction has to change and it is going to be a difficult season but it has to be endured in order to move forward.
  11. Big Jack

    From a player.......

    Well A) Cant see us getting relegated B) Abdi, Jones and Boyd our saviours get real, they have all contributed f all . I will stick with the kids for now at least they put a shift in.
  12. Big Jack

    From a player.......

    Yea we really have missed Abdi his contribution over the last two seasons has been the sum of f all ! These players are not the future of the club, so lets just move on.
  13. Big Jack

    Press Conference LIVE NOW

    Exactly talking about attendances which is correct.
  14. Big Jack


    Really looking forward to a good hiding and then constant boasting by the swine herds. Cant we appeal to the FA and get the match called off,
  15. Who the f is Liam Woodcock!!?