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  1. Probably because its obvious, something more insightful would be welcome. Guess he learns from that great investigative journalist. The Dom.
  2. This season has been positive

    Hutch needs to be moved on, cant afford to carry crocks, shame but playing for a 1/4 of season is not good enough.
  3. This season has been positive

    Sadly cant see a promotion push next season, the league has got stronger,however we havent. Hope I am wrong but we will need to do some good transfer business that will be difficult while DC signs the players.
  4. What about Thornley, sent to the fanzone creche!
  5. Kevin Austin

    Hope it goes well, good luck & best wishes.
  6. Best thing is this crappy season is nearly over.
  7. Well Done Jos

    Done a decent job in difficult circumstances, the real test is yet to come. Got to give him a chance and given our financial restraints makes logical sense. Good luck to him.
  8. Hull City 0 - 1 #SWFC - OMDT

    I know what you mean i was feeling cross last night.
  9. Sean Clare future in doubt

    Absolutely they will follow the money even if it takes them ultimately into non league football, short term thinking get the cash while you can.
  10. Its not the fitness and injuries thats part and parcel of the game. its about poor recruitment and many players just not good enough. Hopefully DC has learned his lesson and keep well away from future transfers.
  11. Tomorrow's referee

    Just to rub salt in the wounds, likely send off Fessi after he is blatantly fouled in the penalty area, thats the way our season has gone.
  12. Hutchinson. Keep or release

    Goodbye and thanks is the rational thing to do, sentiment dont win games.
  13. #SWFC - new Injury Update

    We have had all the bad luck in our 150th year, its insane the amount of injuries we are having.
  14. Dink

    The days when we played fantastic attacking football.