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  1. just use the carlos had a dream one replace joao in attack with fletch in attack simple
  2. I might be able to get them but you guys need to hurry up and decide.
  3. if any one wants these pm me asap as i need a decision by 8pm
  4. I have already got my playoff final tickets But asked a guy who knows chief exe at several premier league clubs and he can get me 2 top end tickets So.... Is anyone interested? Pm me.
  5. One is Niklas Alexandersson, rudi, Emerson Thome, Richard Cresswell, Des Walker, Ian Nolan,Jon Newsome, G Sedloski none is andy hinchcliffe
  6. yes but i wouldnt want to be reminded of them!
  7. Ola Tidman Peter Gilbert Guy Branston Chris Carr Craig Armstrong Jon Beswetherick Adam Proudlock Kenny Lunt Jimmy Smith David Graham Kim Olsen
  8. do you have any home shirts in stock or what?
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